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Outline and Links for Today's Exploration of the latest controversy on Vaccines

  1. Intro: We are Vix and Vox, the Click and Clack of Vaccines
    1. Why we are using pseudonyms
    2. Our brief stories to show kids AND adults can be injured
      1. Vox: attorney with a vaccine-injured child
      2. Vix: MBA who was vaccine-injured mid-career
  2. Cost-Benefit: Every vaccine is a cost-benefit analysis decided by the ACIP, e.g. Chicken Pox developed for small market of kids with leukemia; later approved for all, not based on how deadly chicken pox is, but because the ACIP added a “lost days from work” productivity factor to the costs
    1. Vaccine efficacy
      1. MMR example - one shot of each when they were separate. Now, two vaccinations before 6
    2. Vaccine safety
      1. Gardasil example - is it safe? More injury and death reports than any other vaccine on the market. Given to 11 year old girls. No tests show it prevents cervical cancer. Immunity wanes in 5 - 8 years, the average age of cervical cancer diagnosis is 48. 
    3. How the Immune system works - vaccine-induced autoimmunity etc., Shoenfeld
  3. Choice, Hypocrisy and Shaming
    1. Choice: 
      1. If vaccines work, why shouldn’t we all have a choice? Why fear the unvaccinated?
      2. If we need vaccines to protect the kids whose immunity is wiped out by cancer treatments, why can’t we be more protective of kids with other medical conditions like those with genetics revealing a very high chance of getting an autoimmune or neurological disease due to vaccination?
    2. Shaming: A public health campaign run by the media (majority of revenues paid by Big Pharma, media cannot bite the hand that feeds them.); and the CDC; and your doctor; and your friends and neighbors. 
      1. Why all the pressure?
      2. Why will 95% of adults try to shame people for even questioning vaccine safety, yet only 30-35% of the population get the flu shot?
    3. Hypocrisy: 
      1. Anergics & Waning Immunity means that most adults who are doing the shaming are no longer immune themselves. If they are so worried, why aren’t they getting titers to check their and their kids’ immunity status? Why don’t they all rush out to get the flu shot the first day it’s available? Why shame someone into vaccines for non-contagious diseases? Why don’t they get all vaccines like rabies, anthrax, smallpox, if they are so worried about “unvaccinated vectors?”
  4. Legal
    1. William Thompson CDC Whistleblower on MMR causing autism in black boys
    2. Merck in court for spiking mumps vaccine with rabbit antibodies to fake efficacy
    3. SB277 in CA
    4. The facts about Andrew Wakefield and his 12-subject case study
    5. “Vaccine Hesitancy” - a new “condition” the WHO wants to diagnose in people
  5. Solutions
    1. Injury - keeping records and recognizing the signs
    2. Prevention - Nutrition, probiotics, Vitamin D, no Tylenol, etc
    3. Treatment - see a Functional Medicine MD or Naturopathic Doctor 
  6. Resources:
    1. VAERS - Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System
        2. Easier Interface to search VAERS:
    2. VICP - Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund (aka “Vaccine Court”)-
    3. Vaccine Injury Attorneys - - Allan Phillips for Religious and Medical Exemptions; Marvin Firestone, Northern CA vaccine injury attorney for Vaccine Court
    4. A Voice for Choice -
    5. NVIC - National Vaccine Information Center -
    6. Vaccine Package Inserts -
    7. CDC -
    8. ACIP - Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices -
    9. PubMed -
    10. 10 Signs of Vaccine Injury -
    11. Recent Books/Film: 
      1. Vaccines and Autoimmunity: Shoenfeld. MD
      2. Vaccine Data Safety Manual: Neil Z. Miller
      3. Dissolving Illusions: Suzanne Humphries, MD
      4. Vaxxed: - just CENSORED from TRIBECA Film Festival
Video Link to ABC Interview with producer of VAXXED:

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