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Future News - Sweden's Six hour workday, 3D Printing Plastic with Metal Breakthrough, Nobel Prize for Neurtrino Insights, Drone drops leaflets on NSA, Battle of the Tablets 

Listen Now to Future News 10.06.2015

Wow, turns out a six-hour work day makes sense for many jobs, especially in office environments. Fewer meetings less social media while on the job, and there you have it, six instead of eight hours of work for the same pay and productivity. Fascinating story.. And new mult-material print heads have been developed for 3D printers that make it possible to create objects that contain metals as well as plastic, another great breakthrough! 

And as a sign of our times, it’s fascinating to see that the NSA, mother of all spy agencies on this planet, is being leafleted by a radical group called IntelExit, who are dropping leaflets over and driving giant billboards by NSA fascilities, appealing to the hearts and conscience of the NSA employees to quit their jobs of spying on fellow citizens.   

We also begin our discussion of the battle of tablets as they reach a new level of functionality.  Enjoy!



Dr. Future News - The New iPad, Lab Burgers for all, Waste Water Power, Smithsonian Replicates, Team Time Emerges

This week is iPad release week, and all the features were speculated about are true, except for the actual name..Not iPad 3, just the new iPad..go figure.. Apple will continue to sell the iPad 2 for $399 as well, but the new one will just be the iPad..
Meanwhile two more scientific groups are pioneering the field of growing/printing meat in the lab, and ending, once and for all, the factory farming of animals.  They have a long way to go, but we bring the latest info.  Also quite innovative is a new way generating power from waste water using micro-organisms and salt water, and a cool 3D printing approach for the Smithsonian to share it’s way cool exhibits with others..
MC Hager checks in from the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, in his new personna, “Mr. Past.”  When he’s about to reveal some new info about Google, our connection to him mysteriously disintegrates into indecipherable static..