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Future News - Space Accidents Update, Running Robots, Portable Nuke Fusion Reactor Revealed, Electromagnetics for Autism, Captain Crunch Calls in 

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Last week was quite hard for two private space companies, Orbital Sciences Corporation, with the loss of their Antares rocket, and the crash of Virgin Galactic’s Space Ship Two.  Unfortunately, one of the pilots on Space Ship Two lost his life, a local son, Michael Alsbury, from Scott’s Valley, California.  Very sad.  

It’s looks like we are learning lots about teaching our robots how to run from studying running birds, especially turkeys.. As long as I’m not being chased by a velociraptor!  You’ll enjoy this segment, based on research found in this article.

Nuclear fusion had entered the headlines this week, because of an announcement from Lockheed’s famous Skunkworks, promising a working prototype within five years. We’ll see…

Meanwhile, Captain Crunch (aka John Draper) called in and gave us an update about what went on at Defcon, a major hacker gathering in Las Vegas.  He confirmed that fake cell phone towers are out there and working, cast doubt about electronic voting, and asked you all for help.  He is recovering from a serious back operation, an attempt to repair damage done by the mafia to him for refusing to give them the correct codes of his magical blue box, a 70’s device that allowed free long distance phone calls.  He’s been suffering a long time, and finally he is finding some relief.  Click here to read about his effort to raise the money for his operation and recovery expenses.