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Dr. Future News - Apps for Tracking Politics, Crowdsourcing Government in Finland,Cloud Atlas Reviewed, Krypton Location Sourced, Hot Air Power  

Listen now to Dr. Future News 11.06.12

Mr. Past aka MC Hagar joins us for a scintillating discussion of Future News this election week. I’m digging some of the political apps, like Politico, which we used for keeping track of the elections from our favorite happy hour bistro.  Try’em, most are free!

2012 Elections skewed for population density.


Phiometry with Solagritect Dr. Mohsen Hourmanesh

Dr. Future Show March 22, 2011 Guest- Dr. Mohsen Hourmanesh

 In the first hour, Dr. Future, and Agents Nada and Sun delve into Earthquake info, including new apps (see Links page), the impact of nuclear radiation, cruise missles, and Libya.

In the second hour, we meet the renaissance scientist, Dr. Mohsen Hourmanesh, who introduces us to the world of geometry in nature.

Dr. Mohsen Hourmanesh is an interdisciplinary research scientist with interesting synergetic and omnimorphic experimental applications expertise in the fields of sustainable environmental design and alternative health modalities. Mohsen received his B.S. in electrical engineering from Utah State University in 1972,  Master of Arch. in Passive Solar Design from the University of Texas at Austin in 1977, and went on to receive his Doctorate of Environmental Design (OmniMorphic Architecture and Health) from Texas A & M University in 1979. 

For past three decades Dr. Mohsen Hourmanesh has served as a Solagritect and/or consultant on numerous environmentally sustainable design projects including passive solar buildings design, sick building syndrome, conversion of municipal solid waste to methane, environmental ordinance development on CFC, IAQ, Methane and photovoltaic systems integration for municipal facilities.  Mohsen has written numerous articles about passive solar design and effective utilization of biomass as a clean sustainable energy sources. 

Born into a fourth generation of herb farmers, Mohsen also founded and operates theAvicenna, Studio for Health Design in Santa Cruz, California.  In his pursuit of optimal health design, Mohsen has investigated Avicennian Medicine, Bio-Gas, anaerobic digestion, bio-geometry, Phiometry and Phiologics of optimum health, naturopathic health research, nutropathic health research, naturopathic architecture, nutropathic architecture, the role of pH in bio magnetic and electrical pulse research, radisthesia, enesthisia, and synesthesia. 

He can be reached at


Cool Day at the Beach with KSCO Cohorts

Show Archive July 13, 2010

The KSCO audience was invited to our Elixer mixer last Saturday, July 10, 2010.. We recorded some of the conversations to share on the show today. Ben Fuchs was in fine form, and we enjoyed Pollen Burst cocktails as we all got acquainted. Sunny helped Agent Sun to prepare tropical fruit salad, and we all enjoyed the healthy Kale salad and other potluck yummies. Local herbalist Paul Gaylonshared some of his private blend amazing international fermented beverages. Stan Weitzman gave everyone present a special deal on his patent-pending “WristOffice” for iPhones and other such devices, a pivoting platform to strap to your wrist.