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Interview - Dr. Bruce Damer on the latest in Asteroid Capture, Mining, and Origin of Life.

Listen Now to Dr. Bruce Damer 5.14.2019

One of our regular contributors to the show, Dr. Bruce Damer shares with us some of his latest explorations regarding Asteroids, especially regarding capture, analysis, mining, and origin of biological life as we know it. We also discuss Blue Origin and their interests in exploring the moon, how space mining will affect planetary economics, manufacturing materials in space, future protection from asteroids, and Bruce’s views of the rumored secret space program




Future News - Facebook's Banned List, Net Neutrality Update, Cop AI's, New Space-X Factory in LA, Earth Now Live Eye Network, Goldman Sachs and Asteroid Mining, Robot Bees on Mars, One more Uranus Joke 

Future News 4.24.2018

Finally we get explicit info from Facebook on what is banned from the service, and it’s pretty much what you might think. And most of the enforcement is done by AI’s..the same goes for the millions of videos taken down by Youtube..Cop AI’s..and Bill Gates has embraced a new video camera network in orbit, giving us realtime views anywhere, anytime..

Goldman Sachs has begun to embrace the world of asteroid mining, one more step towards a solar system economy,  a shift that will change everything..And we do love NASA’s idea of robot bees on Mars, along with a final story on finding hydrogen sulfide gas on Uranus, with it’s attendent jokes..Enjoy!


Future News - Starfish Return, Ransomware More Rampant, Ghostbusters Times Square VR Theme Park, Siri Meet Viv, Dr. Bruce Damer on Luxembourg investing in Asteroid Mining

Listen Now to Future News 5.10.2016

Hey good news for our West Coast Pacific ecosystem, our Starfish have returned, after suffering a devastating viral attack that had taken out 95% of their population. Not so lucky are the receivers of Ransomware, a increasing form of cyber attack that destroys all your computer files, unless you pay ransom in Bitcoin, a not easily traceable form of currency.

And then there is the rise of an early Virtual Reality Theme park in Times Square around the Ghostbusters theme, a worthy and notable choice in our opinion.  What better concept to show off the multi-dimensional possibilities of VR than ghosts and goblins?

And the highlight of our news segment this week is a story on how Luxembourg, one of the world’s smallest richest countries is investing in Asteroid Mining, a very futuristic concept promolgated by edgey California-based companies. To take a closer look at this story we bring on Dr. Bruce Damer, who is pioneering a new approach towards asteroid capture, called Shepherd: A Concept for Gentle Asteroid Retrieval with a Gas-Filled Enclosure.  Enjoy!

Will Asteroids bring great wealth to our planet?


Dr. Future News - Tesla Museum, Print your own gun, California Free College Textbooks, $99 Supercomputer, Earth's personal transponder sound, Facebook Spying, Celebrating Banned Book Week 

Dr. Future News 10.02.12


This show marks the first one recorded in the offical KOMY studio, a fully functioning radio/podcast studio now located inside the classic control room of KSCO radio in Santa Cruz!. A studio within a control room…it was also the first time KSCO and KOMY were broadcasting two live shows simultaneously, in studios right next to each other!  Each with their own mics, board, phone lines, call-ins, and next week, Skype lines!

As KOMY does not yet have the advertiser base of it’s big sister, KSCO, we had way more time to discuss our stories this week, each with it’s own length, allowing us (your storyteller newsfolks) to set the pace more organically… yes, all stories are now organic on this radio show/podcast/transmission, or whatever you want to call it.  As Santa Cruzians, we like that, but don’t worry, we didn’t try to stretch a classic 3-minute short news piece into a feature length documentary, as  ‘there’s a universe in every moment’ kind of thing :-) 

A quite pleasant surprise was a call-in from none other than our favorite partial cyborg, Dave Blackburn in sunny Santa Monica, where we discussed some of today’s stories (i.e. Tesla museum, 3D printing of guns) and explored his latest cyborgian adventure, looking at what bionic feet are now available. Knowing Dave, he’d like to try all the new options, including a new Icelandic model with proprioception balancing..kind of like the Segway of bionic feet.  

We had a lot of fun making today’s show and we hope you enjoy it too!

-Dr. Mrs. Future (aka Al & Sun Lundell)






Space X ship ready for ISS, The Solar System Economy begins, Tsunami Debris Research, The Titanic II being built, Confetti Space Ships, Magic Love Bus in Santa Cruz

Listen Now to Dr. Future News 5.01.12

A lively news segment today with MC Hager, Sun & Al!  We go deeper into asteroid mining, looking at the beginning of a solar system rather than simply global economy.  There is also news about the Japanese tsunami debris approaching our shores, a full sized functional copy of the Titantic being built, printable space ships the size of confetti, and we have a live report from the Magic Love Bus, at a big demonstration at UCSC campus.