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Future News - Our Art Bell Homage, That Asteroid Buzz, Sniffing Gas Orbiting Mars, Heavy Metal and Psyche, The Silurian Hypothesis, California Leads Nation in Net Neutrality, Alibaba invests in Robot Car Fleets, Reading and Writing to your Memory System

Listen Now to Future News 4.17.2018

Sadly, pioneering talk radio host Art Bell went to ‘the other side’ last Friday the 13th of April, leaving behind a legacy of exploring edgey topics late into the night.  Our show was originally started with the premise that we would cover Art’s (and later George Noory) type of topics, but in the daytime, under the bright light and scrutiny of an awake audiene. However for us, it’s not so much things that go bump in the night, but events that propel our civilization forward to a better now.  In honor of Art, consider our story this week on “The Silurian Hypothesis,” as scientists investigate the possibility of an advanced reptilian race that lived far in our past.. Enjoy!



Interview - Scientist Entrepreneur John Furber on Asteroid Impacts, Tsunami Prevention, and the latest in Longevity Research

Listen Now to John Furber

John D. Furber is the CEO and founder of Legendary Pharmaceuticals. He is an entrepreneur and scientist who has been studying the biology of aging and regeneration for more than 20 years. In our interview he brings us up to date on some of the more promising approaches to senescence of late, including studies suggesting that the blood plasma serum of younger individuals can improve the health of older persons.  

Scientist Entrepreneur John FurberJohn also discusses with us his interest with asteroids and looks at the various ways in which we could avert a potential disaster. Nukes in space? An interesting thought.  We also discuss a tsunami prevention scheme that could save the East coast of North America  from potential disaster.  John is a very articulate and stimulating guest. 


Interview with Dr. Bruce Damer on Space Project Shepherd and Origins of Biological Life

Listen Now to Dr. Bruce Damer

Dr. Bruce Damer, a Canadian-American multi-disciplinary scientist researching the question of origin of life, the incapsulation, capture, and analysis of icy asteroids along with other  solar system ‘planetesimals’, shares his latest projects, research, and speculations with us.

Did life originate on Earth?  Is Asteroid exploration more our future than colonizing Mars? Should we spread our seed, and not just our species, throughout our solar system? Can life be created from scratch?  

Dr. Bruce takes us from the inner realms of early life on Earth to the outer boundaries of spreading life of all kinds throughout the solar system. 

Enjoy the show!

Dr. Bruce Damer explores the ancient origins of biological life in Australia.


We are Back! Meteoric Airburst, 3D Printer acceleration, What is Erotic? update

Listen Now to Dr.Future Show Feb 19, 2013

 After a couple of months pursuing other projects, such as our ground-breaking iPad app (to be discussed on today’s show), we are back at KSCO to share with you the future of sex, politics, religion, arts and science!  Lots to cover on today’s show and we look forward to hearing from you, our dear fans!

This week, Mr. Past calls in regarding the meteor events of late, we play the live sound of the Russian meteor airburst, MZ weighs in on Obama issues, 3D printer update, Dr. Joe shares in excitement about new medical breakthroughs, we chat about the future of AI, and Laura Bishop shares “What is Erotic?”.  At the very end of the show, we play a tune from this year’s WIE show, “Polyamory.”