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Dr. Future News - Space X Dragon at ISS, Facebook IPO, Maker Faire, Eclipse, The Tyranny of Data caps, the latest in Augmented Reality

Listen Now to Dr. Future News, Maker Faire update,  and the latest on Augmented reality with guests Gregory Panos, Richard Cray, and young Ciaran Farley.  


Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin, sporting the lastest Augmented Reality prototype from Google’s Project Glass.


Natural Gas update, new UDACITY courses, Ejecta life, and Guest Dr. Bruce Damer, visionary technologist and independent scientist.

Listen Now to the Dr. Future Show 4.17.12

This week we have not divided the show into News and Interview segments, as Dr. Bruce Damer joined Mrs. Future and Mr. Past for most of the the news.  So, we have one show for you, covering a few thoughts on energy and natural gas, the new UDacity courses, and when Bruce enters, we go warp speed, covering his new theory of the Big Bang, Interstellar Ejecta, speculations on alien contact, Drake’s Equation, augmented reality, Avatars, the Digibarn project,  2012, Terence McKenna, and other thoughts about Life, the Universe, and everything in it.  We had a lot of fun making this show and may you enjoy listening to it!


Makerfaire share, Power by Microbes, Terrabytes per second, Augmented Reality, Greg Panos

LISTEN NOW Dr. Future Show 5.24.11

A fun tete-a-tete show, with Mrs. Future, Agent Nada, Dr. Future and guest Greg Panos sharing  their Maker Faire adventures, discussing the latest Fukushima coverups, generating power with Microbes, marvel at the new record-setting data rate over a laser.

Our guest Greg Panos lives at the intersection of high tech and the entertainment world of LA, and shares with us the latest in Augmented Reality, where computer-generated worlds are blended with everyday reality.  A fast-growing field, AR promises to deliver what Virtual Reality started, back in the 90’s.  

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