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Interview - Dr. Bruce Damer on the latest in Asteroid Capture, Mining, and Origin of Life.

Listen Now to Dr. Bruce Damer 5.14.2019

One of our regular contributors to the show, Dr. Bruce Damer shares with us some of his latest explorations regarding Asteroids, especially regarding capture, analysis, mining, and origin of biological life as we know it. We also discuss Blue Origin and their interests in exploring the moon, how space mining will affect planetary economics, manufacturing materials in space, future protection from asteroids, and Bruce’s views of the rumored secret space program




Future News - Blue Origin Gets into Space, ID TechEx explored, New qTeleportation Record Set, Cannabis bio-plastic created, MIT Time Capsule uncovered, Picture Phone almost changed everything, Particle Accelerator in a Shoebox, Biolab in a Breadbox

Listen Now to Future News 11.24.2015

Thanksgiving week is full of amazing future news, congrats to Jeff Bezos and the Blue Origin team for getting into space with their new craft!  We had a great tour of the high tech trade show IDTechEx and share our findings in a report this week.  

And least we forget the MIT time capsule from 1957 that was accidently found with a note in it, saying “Please Don’t Open til 2957.”  It had some very interesting contents, including an early invention that challenged the transistor itself..

Plus I can’t wait for my Amino kitchen BioLab, and soon, a particle accelerator in a shoebox from Stanford! It’s getting fun now, enjoy the show, and Happy Thanksgiving!



Future News - Blue Origin Entering Space Club, $100 Million E.T. Search, Hyperloop Gains Progress, Tanning Drug Leads to Pink Pill, Video Search Easily Confused 

Listen Now to Future News 8.25.2015

As the summer reaches it’s completion and Burning Man is well underway, we are back home in KSCO’s studio with the Future News! I particularly enjoyed  the Pink Pill discussion and looking for intelligent life in the Universe conversation! Though the Starship Enterprise being confused for a waffle iron was pretty hilarious.. Enjoy the show!