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Guest - Dr. Bruce Damer with live music by Jim Matus and Galen Brandt

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Dr. Bruce Damer shares with us some of his experiences of late, including a major ‘schmooze cruize’ in the Carribean, Summit at Sea, with thousands of notable ‘influencers’, such as tech entrepreneur Uber CEO TravisDr. Bruce Damer photo- Reno DeCaro Kalanick and Google chairman Eric Schmidt to Martha Stewart. We also explore the highlights of an innovative tech conference we all visited in Silicon Valley recently,, and discuss this week’s New Tech Meetup in Santa Cruz, where Bruce will be speaking on his asteroid capture project. 

To bring some holiday cheer to this broadcast, we have Jim Matus and Galen Brandt in studio to end the show with some beautiful music, an original composition with Jim’s unique stringed instrument, the Laoutar. 


Galen Brandt and Jim Matus photo - Reno DeCaro


Interview with Dr. Bruce Damer on Space Project Shepherd and Origins of Biological Life

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Dr. Bruce Damer, a Canadian-American multi-disciplinary scientist researching the question of origin of life, the incapsulation, capture, and analysis of icy asteroids along with other  solar system ‘planetesimals’, shares his latest projects, research, and speculations with us.

Did life originate on Earth?  Is Asteroid exploration more our future than colonizing Mars? Should we spread our seed, and not just our species, throughout our solar system? Can life be created from scratch?  

Dr. Bruce takes us from the inner realms of early life on Earth to the outer boundaries of spreading life of all kinds throughout the solar system. 

Enjoy the show!

Dr. Bruce Damer explores the ancient origins of biological life in Australia.


Dr. Bruce Damer - Update on Origin of Life and Asteroid Space Dust 

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This week we get an update from our local scientist Bruce Damer on his research in the Origin of Life and his latest proposal to NASA on a means for harnessing the energy of asteroids for fueling further space exploration.


Mars Lander Mashup Video, Digibarn exhibit at the MAH, SciFi version of Shakespeare's Pericles, Durian Sex Cult

We combined the animation of the Martian Lander, Curiosity, with actual footage from the craft, as it lands on Mars:

Starting this Friday, the illustrious Digibarn will present the history of the Macintosh computer, with an exhibit at the MAH (Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History).  Dr. Bruce Damer gives us a preview..

Listen to Dr. Damer now..

Also of interest this week is the Shady Shakespeare’s performance of Pericles, a brilliantly original, funny, yet gripping performance of the master’s classic play.  Check it out by all means and though we were not allowed to film the play itself, we do have a video preview of the preshow, the Shady Shakespeare cast doing the Time Warp!   

Shady Shakespeare Company does the Time Warp!


We have also just finished at edit of a performance at Heart Kiss 2012 of the Durian Sex Cult, a new dance troupe in Santa Cruz.  In the following piece, 

 “The supreme Shiva is seduced by the divine Shakti with a little help from the magical powers of  the Durian fruit..”

Shiva is played by Santa Cruz’s own Corey Pooley



Bruce Damer on Terence McKenna

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This weekend Dr. Bruce Damer will be co-hosting a workshop on the life and ideas of a bard of our times, Terence McKenna, at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA.

Terence was quite a color character, as is Bruce, so we think you’ll enjoy this little interview..