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Future News - Report and Recommendations from Cinequest VR Festival, Blue Origin's New Glenn Heavy Lifter, Billionaire Investing in Singularity, Breakthrough in Revivication, VR pioneer Jean Yves Chainon on Social VR, A Closer Look at the WikiLeaks CIA Release

Listen Now to Future News 3.07.2017

We had a lot of fun this weekend attending the Cinequest Film and VR Festival in Silicon Valley.  Actually, we just attended the VR Fest..not that we don’t like films, its just that there was so much cool stuff with VR that we just didn’t have time for anything else!  So, the first part of today’s show is all about what we saw at the festival, with our recommendations.  At the 45 min mark, we ask VR creator Jean Yves Chainon about the future of social VR and who is in that world.

We also spent a considerable amount of time exploring the Vault 7 Wikileaks releases on the CIA and their Year Zero exploits this week. What a treasure trove with lots of implications! Listener Col Terry called in to remind us how serious this breach is..What do you think?  Enjoy..


Dr. Future News - iPad 3 Coming, Billions of Rogue Nomad Planets, Bucky Balls in Deep Space, new apps store for all, a Private CIA in our midst, Free GPS Nav

Listen Now Dr. Future News 1.28. 12

Lots of exciting news today to share with you.  I particularly love the billions of rogue planets out there.. It turns out only a small percentage of planets in the galaxy are actually associated with star systems…go figure..kind of fits the stories of Planet X or Nibiru..I’m just story..

The deeper depths of the power elite become clearer as we learn through a Wikileaks leak that there is a very powerful global intelligence network in our midst..with thousands of high level businessmen, government officials from many countries, diplomats, military and industrial ties around the globe.  

And to help you to navigate freely through all this we have NavFree to assist.  Quite cool!