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Interview - Bruce Erickson on the UN Paris COP21 Climate Change Conference

Listen Now to Bruce Erickson

We are pleased to present you with a fresh perspective on the recent UN conference on climate change from our pragmatic friend, writer, speaker, and correspondent on the topic, Bruce L. Erickson.

Having gone to Paris, Bruce gives us a first hand report on what came down there from what he saw, and fields many calls from our oh so curious audience.  Enjoy!



Future News and Nick Herbert on Thinking about Climate Change

Listen to Dr. Future Show 8.05.14 with Nick Herbert

For our 200th show we have friend and physicist Nick Herbert help us understand in the complex topic of climate change.  He has been fascinated with the topic since reading a book by John Muir discussing Alaskan Glacial melting in the 1800’s, before our current carbon dioxide increase driven by the Industrial Revolution.  With a history of interpreting Science for the layman, he does a good, if not controversial job for us! Plus, there is his poetry..

But first Nick joins us in a rousing discussin of Future News, including the Rosetta Probe, a fuel less space drive, potato bag spying, testosterone civilization, crystalline recorders and metallic alloy 3D printing. 



Father's Day Story, the Science & Spirituality of Civilization Ending Events


Listen Now Dr. Future Show 6.14.11

In the first hour Mrs. Future, Agent Nada and Dr. Future discuss highlights from TEDx Santa Cruz, and the Harmony Festival, both big events of the weekend.  News includes Apple’s new toroid shaped campus proposal to the Cupertino City Council, designer lingerie from a 3D printer, and whether biological evolution can even hope to outpace climate change.

Then Santa Cruz’s own Debra Artura shares a magical tale with her estranged dad, a true Father’s Day story.

In the second hour we bring in our guests geologist Richard Ely and Julia Bystrova for a scintillating discussion on  The Science and Spirtuality of civilization ending events and what we can do about them..