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Entries in cross pollination of #VR and #FinTech #Telepathy in #SiliconValley." (1)


Conversation with Startup Psychotherapist and Neuroeconomist Liza Lictinger "Evolution of Human Consciousness, Meta Networking, cross pollination of #VR and #FinTech #Telepathy in #SiliconValley." 

Listen Now to Dr. Future (Al Lundell) and Liza Lichtinger

Last Wednesday I had lunch with Liza Lichtinger at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. She is a vibrant young psychotherapist and Neuroeconomist with a special interest in helping startups in the Bay Area. We had a very stimulating conversation ranging from Ram Dass, the SF Human and later, Digital Be-in, imbuing empathy into Virtual and Augmented Realities, plant medicine, longevity research, telepathy and the Singularity, social tech experiments, UN and NGO politics, crypto currency, abundance, and Fintech. For those of you into such thinking, I present you with a tightly edited version of our luncheon conversation