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Future News - The Drones of Half-Time, Robots Need Only 60 people for New Phone Factory - 650 Humans Freed From Factory Work, Cracks Crack up Elon, AI's Master Poker - "C'mon 'Guys', Leave us a Bone!", A Modest Proposal to US from Canada, Locked-in Syndrome Penetrated, Captain Pike Elated, Scientists Think About Protesting, Uber Takes Flight, What Steve Bannon Thinks He Thinks

Listen Now to The Dr. Future Show 2.07.2017

This show is especially unique in that we broadcasted from our home at Future Peak in the Santa Cruz Mountains . A tree across our road kept us from KSCO studios this week, and just as well, for the commute during the storm was long and slow. They drove bumper-to-bumper on slick roads while we enjoyed dinner, sharing the news of the day, relaxing by the fire, all that good stuff. Well, there was also one of Dr. Future’s brothers, who joined us for a rare dinner..and in the end that worked out well too..

Did you seen the half time show of the Superbowl? Lady Ga Ga’s performance was just, wow! Of particular interest to our inner geek was the lightshow performed by Intel drone pilots that enhanced part Lady Gaga’s epic show!

There were also lots of phone calls sprinkled throughtout this week’s thoughtful and entertaining dialog on the topics listed.  One caller, ‘Daddy’, spoke of German experiments to turn Hydrogen, the most abundant gas in the Universe, into a metal!  And Sam, our host at the station this week, was ready to attend clown school, as we update our human skills for the growing robot revolution.  If you can’t beat’em, make’em laugh! 

Remember The Menagerie, the Star Trek story where we are introduced to Captain Pike, who was captain of the Enterprise before Kirk? We finally have the techology that allows a ‘locked in’ person like Pike to communicate with the rest of us! The good news is that the locked in people interviewed  say that they are happy to be alive (and can’t wait for the alien telempathic VR that Captain Pike so enjoys)

And why should we care about what Steve Bannon thinks? Largely because of his relationship with the President, he’s helping to steer the ship known as America, and we’d like to see his navigational charts and where we are on them! Enjoy..