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Future News - Holiday Lights Train, Trump's Moon Base, New Space Launch Pad Ready, Exploring the Earth's Mysterious Hum, Chess and the Alien Moves of the AlphaZero AI, Is Aging a Disease? 

Listen Now to Future News 12.12.2017

If you are in Santa Cruz, especially as a tourist or with visiting friends, consider taking the Holiday Light Train. It’s a great way to connect with the town’s folks and see the sights of this beautiful seaside community. And if you are in Cocoa Beach, Florida, check out the recently rebuilt Launch Complex 40, which has been seriously upgraded! All the easier to fly to the moon, as Trump dumps Obama’s Asteroid projects for a moon base.. Though you can’t hear it, the Earth’s hum is an interesting mystery, at least partially created by the echo of waves around the planet cascaded into each other..  More news on the AI front with Alpha Zero aceing the game of chess in 24 hours, starting from scratch, with no previous knowledge of the revered game.  And is aging actually a disease, perhaps cured by the latest insights into how biological organisms actually work?  Enjoy the show!