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Interview - Bruce Erickson on Tesla Tech and Electromagnetic Healing

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Bruce Erickson has been tracking electromagnetics and healing technologies for over 50 years and gives us a report on the his latest explorations, including what he saw at the Tesla Tech 2019 Conference on ExtraOrdinary Technology in New Mexico, earlier this month. I think you’ll enjoy what he has to say.


Firmware Spies, Electromagnetic Healing, Kathy Scogna on her new book, "Junk DNA-Unlocking the Hidden Secrets of DNA."

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Our guest Kathy Scogna came early this week, so we included her on our news commentary team for the first hour. She has some insightful things to say, especially about electromagnetics and healing.  Her husband, Joe Scogna, had been a brilliant scientist, with a unique and holistic approach to human health, many years ahead of his time.

After his unfortunate demise, Kathy took up the challenge of presenting his work in a comprehensive manner, more understandable by the lay person.  Nonetheless, this model of human health will turn you on your head. Her latest book is called, “Junk DNA - Unlocking the Hidden Secrets of DNA”

5 senses? How about 128 Sensory Channels; perceptions that helped Stone Age man survive, and could enhance our world today.  Auras, electromagnetic fields, radiational and gravitational forces, sounds, colors, energy centers, endocrine senses, magnetic reference for people and place, mathematics, spirits, God, solar system, sun, and beyond.  

Should you be interested in exploring this topic further after hearing her inteview with us, you can buy her book with a 20% discount by using the Discount Code, TPD838TB   from her website, (put in the code after you place the order).



Future News and Report - Solar Plant Smoking Streamers, Drone Carrier Landings, Saving Net Neutrality, Having Coregasms, and Bruce Erickson on Electro Magnetic Healing 

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 Did you know that a single fiber-optic strand the diameter of a human hair can carry 101.7 terabits of data per second, enough to support nearly every Netflix subscriber watching content in HD at the same time?  That’s the kind of future we are moving towards, and with the threat of losing net neutrality, we could be severely limited in our bandwidth capacities, thanks to the big carriers wanting to install ‘toll roads’ on our bandwidth usage.   CEO of Netflix Reed Hastings addresses this issue in our links section and we discuss it on the air.

Bruce Erickson, a regular contributor to the show, gives us a report on Electronmagnetic Healing this week, as he explores a Schumann Resonater, a device that puts out frequencies that keep us aligned with the planet itself. We won’t say you can listen and be healed but we can say you’ll probably enjoy the show!