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Entries in Emerald Cup (2)


Martian Gas Flume, Pirate Bay Cloned, Robot given Worm Brain, Report on Emerald Cup 2014

Listen Now to Dr. Future News 12.16.2014

Fun show this week, with tantalizing clues of Martian microbes, how information wants to be free, a new form of biomimicry, plus a focus in the second hour on the Emerald Cup, and the fast emerging Cannabis business culture, as we hurtle to full legality in 2016.  

Dr. Future checks out a display of the organic entries for Emerald Cup 2014


Future News - Ants to the Cleanup, Spray On Solar, Orion Success, Cannabis Emerald Cup 

Listen Now to Future News 12.09.14

Harnessing ants for city garbage disposal?  New York City has a proposal along those lines with new research to back up the idea.  But will they unionize? Solar power goes spraycan in the near future, turning just about any surface to a power generation location.  Highly distributed power, here we come! And the Emerald Cup is happening this weekend, one of the premiere showplaces in California for outdoor strains of cannabis and products.  We speak with the founder of the Cup, Tim Blake, touching on the Cup’s origins and the current issues in the California Cannabis community.