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Interview with Laura Bishop and Jaime Joy about this year's "What is Erotic?" Cabaret Variety Show. 

Listen Now to Laura and Jamie on “What is Erotic?”

Back to it’s variety show format, this year’s “What is Erotic?” Santa Cruz-based  variety show promises to be more diverse, edgey and funnier than ever.  We speak with founder Laura Bishop and Diversity Director Jaime Joy about the show and how eroticism in the community has evolved over the many years the show has been created. We also delve into discussing the #metoo movement, moving it more towards what might be called #wetoo. Enjoy!

The Futures with Laura Bishop and Jaime Joy



The Futures Interview with 'What is Erotic?' producers, Laura Bishop and Misha Bonaventura

Listen Now to Laura and Misha

Every Valentines Day for the last 7 years, a highly sensual and popular variety show has been presented to the Santa Cruz community at large, with it’s content derived from members in the community.  This very personal self-reflective highly creative process is guided by Laura Bishop and Misha Bonaventura, who help each participant be their most authentic erotic self for the show, and usually for their lives after that.

Could such an approach be a key to evolving the emotional and sensual literacy of communities world-wide? Also, Dr. Future runs a couple of his ideas on intimacy at a distance by our local experts..


Laura Bishop and Misha Bonaventura on The Dr. Future Show at KOMY.