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Zuck Grilled in DC, TESS the Alien Planet Hunter, Ananda on Ovarian Stress Reduction, Nightfall Every 1K Years, Luxury Space Hotel, Don't Lick That Lander!

Listen Now to Future News 4.10.2018

Lots of space news this week, with TESS the planet hunter, and the unlickable Mars lander, INSIGHT, about to be launched,  plus the first space hotel in the works. Back on Earth, Ananda shares her organic tale of healing ovarian cancer with good nutrition and a stress reduced lifestyle. Meanwhile, stress levels are high for Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, as he faces grilling by the US Senate and Congress. Enjoy..



Future News - Fed Regs for Maps Apps, WildLeaks for Wildlife, Neuroscience Breakthrough on Love and Aggression, Facebook's App Ecosystem, Human Gecko Tech,  

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Can we truly learn to control our impulses of aggression or are these behaviors forever endemic to our species?  New insights into this issue from the world of neuroscience and optogenetics shed a bit more light on this profound topic.  

Love wildlife? Consider participating with WildLeaks, which seeks to protect endangered species through anonymous whistle blowing.   And Facebook, oh Facebook, what are you creating now for us?  

And let us not forget ZMan, the latest in Gecko tech from DARPA research!

Much to share this week in Future News!



Dr. Future News - Space X Dragon at ISS, Facebook IPO, Maker Faire, Eclipse, The Tyranny of Data caps, the latest in Augmented Reality

Listen Now to Dr. Future News, Maker Faire update,  and the latest on Augmented reality with guests Gregory Panos, Richard Cray, and young Ciaran Farley.  


Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin, sporting the lastest Augmented Reality prototype from Google’s Project Glass.