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Future News - Stunning Falcon 9 Rocket Launch, New Googley Products including phone and better maps, Another Bouncey Robot on Ryugu, SC Voter Participation Festival, Hubble in Trouble, Cannabis in Space, Voyager 2 Leaves Solar System, Hologram Concerts, New Ag Bioweapon 

Listen Now to Future News 10.09.2018

Lots of Space News this week, auch as a stunning Falcon 9 Vandenberg launch, seen up and down the West Coas of California! There is now another robot on the asteroid Ryugu, now two robots bouncing around that space rock.  And our venerable Voyager 2 spacecraft is leaving the solar system, a 41 year journey that has taken it past all the outer planets.

Back on Earth, it’s election time in America, and to help get folks to the polls, we have a local party, the Voter Participation Festival, with speakers, musicians, and artists  dedicated to encouraging voter participation and turnout in a fun way. On the show today we have a producer and musician stop by (Linda Kimmel and Melaku), to give us a taste of the festival. Open to all parties, there are also chefs providing free food, so no excuse not to vote this year!  Enjoy.

Falcon 9 Launch seen on Rio Beach, 172 miles from launch site photo- Al Lundell