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Future News - Drones save lives carrying AED's, Breakthrough in How the Brain does Facial Recognition, Mrs. Future's Assessment of Current Cryptocurrency Trends, Dr. Future's Metal Detecting Robot, Wendy's Submersible.

Listen Now to Future News 06-13-2017

In these days where drones are getting a bad rap for being instruments of death, we must remember that the technology has many useful and even life-saving roles to play.  The latest positive use, from Sweden, has drones delivering AEDs, Automated External Defibrillators, quickly to people who have suffered a cardiac arrest.  This could be a life saver for many..

And researchers at the California Institute of Technology have discovered how the human brain identifies faces, and it’s way simpler than we thought, requiring only 205 neurons per face!  Also great this week is Mrs. Future’s summary of the state of cryptocurrency at this time, definitely worth a listen, especially if you are thinking of such currencies as an investment. 

And we have a doozy of an invention idea for you from Dr. Future this week, combining robotics with a metal detector to find, well, stuff…    Enjoy!