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Future News - Governor Brown and Climate Change, 3D Volumetric Party Scanning, Buzzing Near Earth Asteroids, Pluto could be Promoted, Musk Weed, New First Responder Tech, ISS Leak Suspicious, Disneyland's Galaxy's Edge, Personal 911 Stories  

Listen Now to Future News 9.11.2018

We had a studio full of guests this week to comment on all things future, from new ways to ‘photograph’ events to Elon smoking weed, to Disneyland’s new Galaxy’s Edge, to singing “The Galaxy Song” by our very own Richard Cray! It’s also the 17th anniversary of the falling of the Twin Towers, and we have personal stories and perspectives to share, as well as looking at new tech and ways of thinking for first responders. It’s also the last show before our trip to Europe. Much thanks to our in studio contributors Greg Panos, Richard Cray, and Norm Lundell.  Enjoy!

Gov Jerry Brown Signs Historic Climate Bill