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Future News - Google co-founders to reveal many thoughts, Bioprinting Vascualar Networks, Red Blood Cell 'Fedex', Cheap Organic Flow Battery Breakthrough, Yeti DNA Analyzed, New Foxconn Robots, Shower Bus on the Road

Listen Now to Future  News 7.08.14

Lots of great news this week, as we do the show live from Montreal, Quebec, Canada!

Bioprinting is reaching new heights, with methods of creating viable vascular networks, red blood cells can soon carry more molecules than oxygen, Flow Batteries for big electrical utilities make a lot of sense, Foxconn brings online thousands of new robots for making the new iPhone 6, Mercedes-Benz demos their protoype autonomous truck, Star Wars takes over a German airport, and more.. Enjoy!


Future News - 100 Million Livable Worlds , Turing Test breakthrough, Apple Protects Privacy, Affordable Precision Printing, Gold in Garbage, Dronies, Consciousness After Death? 

Listen Now to Future News 6.10.14

!00 million world capable of support life in the Milky Way galaxy alone…amazing.  We talk about the new estimate on today’s show. And back at home on our comfy Type M planet, we are discovering that there is way more gold in our E-Waste than in gold ore from the ground, 40 to 200 times more!  This and other eye opening stories today on the show!


Dr. Future News - Maker Faire is here, Real world Beaming, Breakthrough in Splitting the H20 molecule, Dolphin Speaker,Saving Lives with Self Driving Cars, Modern day Pirate Island, Getting Sirius about UFOs  

Listen Now to Dr. Future News 5.15.12

We have quite an interesting slate of stories today for you, including a report from MC Hager at a high end graphics event in Silicon Valley and a call from Sherry Huss, the Maker-in-Chief at Make Magazine and the Maker Faire.

And let us now forget Wavy Gravy at the Rio this Sunday Eve,  May 20, right after the annular eclipse of the Sun! Enjoy the show

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