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Future News - Wild Flowers Now, Psychedelic Science 2017 Review, Free Autocar rides with Waymo, Uber's Flying Car Conference, Plastic Munching Catepillar, Puzzling Neg Mass Liquid, Boeing's Starliner, VR for Head Transplantees 

Listen Now to Future News 4.25.2017

If you are in NorCal, it’s a great time to get out and smell the flowers, as spring as sprung in these green hills! And if you live in Phoenix, AZ, you can now get free rides to the flower zones via Google’s Waymo autonomous car fleet of over 500 robot minivans. They are now in a beta test program, for those of you who feel brave!  Closer to home, we five our report of the MAPS conference, “Pychedelic Science 2017,” an amazing event, as such research comes out of the dark ages and into the light of scientific scrutiny.

We found a plastic munching catepillar most fascinating, and may solve one of our planet’s big problems, plastic pollution. And on the edge of reality itself, you’ll enjoy our discussion of the ‘silly putty’ nature of the aging process, and a new substance that comes towards you as it is pushed..just weird..enjoy!

Waymo begins free beta test taxi rides in Phoenix, AZ