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SETI and Alien Technosignatures, Penrose on Life after Death, Orbiting Lunar Platform, FBI Uses Face ID, Report on Oculus 5, Special FX wizard Ethan Summers on the Opening of HubX, an immersive media center in Santa Cruz. 

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After our Future News we our corresponents Greg Panos and Richard Cray report on Oculus 5, a major conference on VR (Virtual Reality) last week in San Jose, with a focus on the Oculus platform. The biggest news there was the announcement of Oculus Quest, a stand-alone headset with no longer any need for a computer or wires, slated for a Spring 2019 release.

We then have Ethan Summers in the studio, an Emmy award-winning visual special effects wizard, now focused on opening a center in Santa Cruz dedicated to Immersive Media, known as HubX.  It’ll be a place where visitors can have hands-on experiences with Virtual Reality and related immersive arts, and in the Makerspace tradition, learn to create one’s own stories in the new media.  Enjoy!

L-R Greg Panos, Ethan Summers, Mrs. Future, Dr. Future, Richard Cray