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Future News - Hyperloop Contest, 1st Dr. Future FB Live show, Special Guest Dr. Bruce Damer on his birthday, Immigration Discussion with Ali Mohammed in Silicon Valley

Listen Now to Dr. Future Show 1.31.2017

This week we have Dr. Bruce Damer in the studio, on his birthday, discussing his latest projects regarding the Dr. Bruce Damer on The Dr. Future Show at KSCO Santa Cruz, CAnext Mars Lander and origin of life locations.  Also joining us for commentary on Future News and discussion of Silicon Valley immigration issues is Ali Mohammed, a high tech professional working on a visa. What can be done, how can this whole situation be upgraded for us all?  Our guests share some great ideas, and are looking for your feedback..Ali can be reached at

And thanks to the technical team at KSCO, you can actually watch this week’s show at




Future News - Ground Hog Day Accuracies, Drones taken down by trained Eagles, Why Cats Hate being Wet, Hyperloop Transportation Expo, Alpha Go AI beats top human player, Species Memory 10x more than Previously Thought, Saturn Best Planet 

Listen Now to Future News 2.02.2016

Lots of animals in Future News this week, rodents predicting the end of winter, drones captured by Eagles, why cats hate water.  We have a new AI too, Alpha GO, Google’s Go playing AI that has successfully beaten the top Go player of Europe.  But all is not lost for humans this week - Apparently we have 10x more memory than previously thought, enough connections in our brains to be at about the same level of complexity as the entire World Wide Web! Wowie zowie, all we have to do now is figure out how to access all that memory, and just maybe we can get some respect from our evolving AI’s..

And beyond Earth, what’s your favorite planet? With a little help from The Atlantic, we make the case for Saturn!



Future News- Hyperloop, NSA Fallout, Alt Internets, NBC and Citizen Journalism, New Glass uses 

Dr. Future News 8.13.13 Listen Now

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop got a lot of attention this week, and why not?  It’s an invention that is far-reaching, useful, elegant, and could actually work for less than current mass transpo plans.  We take a closer look at it on this week’s news.  

More seriously, we take a deeper look at the fallout of the NSA’s massive spy campaign, it’s effect on secure email businesses, and alternative networks and technologies rising to continue our freedom of privacy, despite NSA’s campaigns otherwise.