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Future News - Tasting the Impossible Burger, Israeli Moon probe about to land, Starlink goes into mass production, Japan bombs asteroid for science, DNA shredder tool announced 

Listen Now to Future News 4.09.2019

We finally get to try an Impossible Burger, not bad!  Getting excited about Starlink, a new way to access the Internet, independent of ISPs and country control, we have new and improved of slicing and dicing DNA, and Japan bombs an asteroid for science, a good week!


Future News - The Fragrance of Space, Sniffing Martian Methane, A Second Galaxy is Certified DM Free (DarkMatter),The Impossible Burger makes its move to become King, Snipping Pain out of DNA code, Neptunian Storm Vortex is hypothesized Hideout for Alien Zookeepers

Listen Now to Future News 4.02.2019

Are we worried about border shut-downs or having our liberties curtailed, like most responsible timely talk show hosts these days? Not really.. Our minds this week are out elsewhere, mostly way out there, .  In the news this week  we look forward to a new perfume fragrance, coming from outer space, Eau de Space Vacuum Spray, “with a deep metallic base that is balanced by a subtle yet seductive fiery undertone, helping men, women and children everywhere enjoy their float through the cosmos.” And that’s just the first story, from a Lockheed Martin press release, dated April 1.. Enjoy the show!

Suspected Zookeeper’s Base