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Dr. Future News - Emergency Google Tools for Phillipines, Electric Grid Test, FAA Drone Rules, 3D Printed Metal Gun, Wearable Tech, Captain Crunch on Homebrew Reunion, Teens Deserting Facebook, Top 100 Trending Links 

Dr Future News 11.12.13

The emergency in the Phillipines, caused by the largest storm in history, certainly got our attention this week. We’d thought we pass on the some links that would help, should you have relatives or friends embroiled in this disaster.

As 3D printing matures, more and more complex things are being made, including object of metal, such as hand guns. We have an update (and an info-laden phone call) on this topic. 

We also hear from John Draper (aka Captain Crunch) on the Hombrew Computer Club reunion at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View this week.  It sounded like quite the gala geek event!

Curious about top trending stories? We plug you into bizzare facts that show you how reality is stranger than fiction…

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