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Future News- Hyperloop, NSA Fallout, Alt Internets, NBC and Citizen Journalism, New Glass uses 

Dr. Future News 8.13.13 Listen Now

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop got a lot of attention this week, and why not?  It’s an invention that is far-reaching, useful, elegant, and could actually work for less than current mass transpo plans.  We take a closer look at it on this week’s news.  

More seriously, we take a deeper look at the fallout of the NSA’s massive spy campaign, it’s effect on secure email businesses, and alternative networks and technologies rising to continue our freedom of privacy, despite NSA’s campaigns otherwise.



SETI Falls, NSA Rises to the Alien Question, Captain Crunch shares classic stories, new interests

Dr. Future Show The Alien Question and John Draper

We had a lot of stories for you this show, check our links section.  But, the KSCO audience was really interested in the alien question in this show, so we focused on that, particularly the latest defunding of SETI (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) for the Allen Array and the recent NSA (National Security Agency) decoding of a purported alien transmission of the Periodic Table of Elements!

The second hour features the granddaddy of hackerdom, John Draper, aka Captain Crunch, who shares with us some classic stories from his past with phones, pirate radio, and computers. He has lately been very interested in alternative energy, with stories of new revolutionary battery tech and such…