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Future News - Take a Ride in the Volocopter, Rare Alien Dust Found Near Saturn, Discover Your Brainprint, US Navy Drone Command, SpaceX vs United Space Alliance, ISS Astronaut runs Marathon, Fake Amazon Reviews, GMO Mosquitoes, Optogenetics and Light Therapy  

Listen Now to Future News 4.26.2016

Lots of interesting news this week, and we have a lot of fun sharing it. The first drone capable of flying humans has been developed in Germany, the Volocopter VC200. Want to take a ride?  Check out our links page for videos.  An International Space Station Astronaut participated in last weekend’s London Marathon, using gear aboard the space station, including an iPad for virtually being on the London running route.

And GMO Mosquitoes are in the news of late as the latest frontier for eradicating humanity’s greatest pest.  But at what cost? What could go wrong?  We also got a kick out of reporting about Brainprints, a new form of security. And of particular interest to our live audience is the field of light therapy and optogenetics, which promises breakthroughs in pain control and wound healing. Researcher Bobby Wilder calls in to gives us some DIY info on using lasers..Enjoy!



Future News - Exploring Pyramids without Digging, More Energy through GMO Viruses, The Universe is a Child, Harvesting Heat as Electricity, Robot Swims and Flies Like Puffin, Foam Batteries, Cometary Extinctions, Bill Gates invests $2 Billion in Green Tech. 

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The tools for exploring Egyptian Pyramids have just gotten more sophisticated and non-invasive, MIT researchers have created a virus that gives us more energy, our universe is still very young, making us all Using computer-generated light patterns, researchers were able to control the direction of spiraling electrical waves in heart cells. (credit: Eana Park)early players at the party of life, optogenetics allow us to control the heart beat via light, a new robot both flies and swims like a Puffin, Gates makes the case for Green Tech investment by both private enterprise and government R & D. Lots of great news this week, enjoy!



Future News - Fed Regs for Maps Apps, WildLeaks for Wildlife, Neuroscience Breakthrough on Love and Aggression, Facebook's App Ecosystem, Human Gecko Tech,  

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Can we truly learn to control our impulses of aggression or are these behaviors forever endemic to our species?  New insights into this issue from the world of neuroscience and optogenetics shed a bit more light on this profound topic.  

Love wildlife? Consider participating with WildLeaks, which seeks to protect endangered species through anonymous whistle blowing.   And Facebook, oh Facebook, what are you creating now for us?  

And let us not forget ZMan, the latest in Gecko tech from DARPA research!

Much to share this week in Future News!