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Future Views - SF Drone Racing, Luigi Oppido on Net Neutrality, Taylor Barcroft on $1 Virgin Mobile iPhone deal, Water on Moon, Glass Revival, AI Creativity, Rise of the Super-Sapiens, Esalen is Back  

Listen Now to Future Views 2017-07-25

It’s the middel of summer and our last show before we head out to destinations North and East.  Mrs. Future won a drone at the SF Xfinity drone speed challenge!  And meet Luigi Oppido, founder/proprieter of Pleasure Point Computers, who will be our guest host for the month of August, when Mrs. Future and I are away.  We discuss the importance of Net Neutrality, and why we should pay attention to this issue now.    Taylor Barcroft stops by to discuss Virgin Mobile’s seemingly amazing $1 iPhone/unlimited Inner Circle deal, and on the rest of the show we discuss with each other and callers the topics mentioned in our header.  Happy Summer, Enjoy!


Dr.Mrs. Future on Vacation - Luigi Oppido from Pleasure Point Computers Guest Host

Listen Now to Luigi Oppido

We are off to Canada for the rest of the month, and we have one of our favoritie tech support people on this planet, hosting for us while we are gone.  Luigi helps you with any device that has an ON button, and he is very good at it.  Have a listen and learn about everything from Windows 10 issues to iPhone updates. Enjoy!


Future News - Robo Pets, Vat meat update, NASA Challenge for 3D Printed Martian Habitats, Guest Futurist Luigi Oppido 

Listen Now to Dr. Future Show 5.26.2015

A very enjoyable show today, especially with Luigi Oppido in the studio, a practical Santa Cruz techno-visionary who is owner and operator of the innovative Pleasure Point computers.  We have many callers, bringing to our attention the amazing works of Nikola Tesla, Eric Dollard and Mehran Keshe of the Space Ship Institute. 

Luigi Oppido of Pleasure Point Computers with his “Outta Time” machine.