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Dr. Future News - Back from Italy, NASA's 3D Food Printing, Facial Recognition Glass Ban, Mars Colonist Interviewee, Lensless Camera, 10x Lithium Ion battery

Listen Now to Dr. Future News 6.04.13

Boy, was Italy a great place to visit, but when it comes to using GPS apps, and having bandwidth, not so good.  We share a couple of our experiences along these realms.   With thousands upon thousands of applicants applying for the Martian colonists slots for the upcoming 2023 Dutch space mission, we are getting some interesting 1 minute video you will hear..and the innovations this week are amazing, especially the lensless camera coming from Bell Labs.  Enjoy..


Dr. Future News - Dragon rules, selling your MP3's, the Astrocyte/Memory connection, Google's Billion Dollar Innovation giveaway, Steve Job Stories after One Year, Future of Movie Theaters, Dyson Spheres now be sought.

Dr. Future Show News 10.09.12

This week in the KOMY studio we discuss the Space X trip to the ISS, the legality of selling your MP3’s, Google’s Billion Dollar funding of Innovative Startups, untold stories of Steve Jobs on the first anniversary of his passing, the amazing Astrocytes in your brain,  the rise of Video on Demand, especially for Indie filmmmakers, current cryonic options for immortality, our extraterrestrial search for Dysan spheres, plus and sundry off hand topics and comments that muck with your belief system in a good way.  

The Dragon Capsule from Space-X docks with the International Space Station


Birds confused by Human Power, Exploring GMOs, Gates Makes Fertilizer Obsolete, Designer Payloads for Mosquitos, Futurist Charles Ostman.

Dr.Future News 7.17.12

A rather engaging news hour today, if I don’t say so myself, with special guest, futurist Charles Ostman,  who gives us his take on the evolving worlds of DARPA, autonomous vehicles, the neural nature of the Internet, China, the Singularity, and the essential need for us to be part of today’s technological infrastructure.

Charles Ostman


Dr. Future News - Self-replicating Code, Future Sewing, MC Hager Space Station Report, Mercury's core is possibly Venus, 2012 End of World Euro Vacation, Tumors be gone, Taser Healing 

With Bruce Erickson in the studio for the news, we have hit some new high points in reporting unusual stories for you.  Who would think that self replicating code and the new sewing machines would have any association?  MC Hager has reached new heights in his remote reporting skills and will hopefully be bringing back a sample of 0 Grav 3D printing from his latest adventures.  And who knew that Mercury’s core may at one time have belonged to Venus?  


Looking for a 2012 End of the World Adventure?  We have a good one for you!  Plus the latest in tumor research at Stanford, and Taser snakebite and electromagnetic healing from Russia.. A fun info packed show!


Dr. Future News - The New iPad, Lab Burgers for all, Waste Water Power, Smithsonian Replicates, Team Time Emerges

This week is iPad release week, and all the features were speculated about are true, except for the actual name..Not iPad 3, just the new iPad..go figure.. Apple will continue to sell the iPad 2 for $399 as well, but the new one will just be the iPad..
Meanwhile two more scientific groups are pioneering the field of growing/printing meat in the lab, and ending, once and for all, the factory farming of animals.  They have a long way to go, but we bring the latest info.  Also quite innovative is a new way generating power from waste water using micro-organisms and salt water, and a cool 3D printing approach for the Smithsonian to share it’s way cool exhibits with others..
MC Hager checks in from the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, in his new personna, “Mr. Past.”  When he’s about to reveal some new info about Google, our connection to him mysteriously disintegrates into indecipherable static..