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Interview - Accessing the 'Cosmic Google'...We speak with Kaia Ra about her Transmissions of the Divine

Listen Now to Kaia Ra

Last month we attended what was known as Bliss Camp 2014, a camping festival gathering amongst the beautiful redwoods of Camp Navarro.  To kick off the weekend’s festivities, Kaia Ra performed an opening ceremony performance, honoring the earth, the elements, and each other in a sacred yet fun and engaging way. You can watch her Bliss Camp performance here.  

We were so impressed and taken by her performance that Mrs. Future and I thought she would make a good guest on the show, where we would explore the future of spirituality, wlhich she so well embodied. In this show we ask Kaia Ra how she connects with the divine mother matrix of all life, what it means to be a sovereign being, whether there is a kind of Cosmic Google, and how we might access it.  She also fields questions from the audience, including her understanding of evil and what her Sophia teachings have to offer us all.  I think you’ll enjoy our interview with this inspired being..


Gimme that New Time Religion!  

Listen Now to Zen Merlyn

Today’s show explores the mysterious spirituality that has arisen in California, especially on the slopes of Mt. Shasta.   With an occult history whose lineage includes Godfrey Ray King aka Guy Ballard mystic Pearl Dorris, and visionary Rowena Kryder, Mt. Shasta continues to be a spirtual center in the world.  

On this show we chat with Zen Merlyn, a modern mystic Brit who has lived for 25 years in the Mt. Shasta environs.  A map maker of the internal seas,  Zen gives us a very articulate perspective on the evolution of our species spirtuality.