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Future News - Starfish Return, Ransomware More Rampant, Ghostbusters Times Square VR Theme Park, Siri Meet Viv, Dr. Bruce Damer on Luxembourg investing in Asteroid Mining

Listen Now to Future News 5.10.2016

Hey good news for our West Coast Pacific ecosystem, our Starfish have returned, after suffering a devastating viral attack that had taken out 95% of their population. Not so lucky are the receivers of Ransomware, a increasing form of cyber attack that destroys all your computer files, unless you pay ransom in Bitcoin, a not easily traceable form of currency.

And then there is the rise of an early Virtual Reality Theme park in Times Square around the Ghostbusters theme, a worthy and notable choice in our opinion.  What better concept to show off the multi-dimensional possibilities of VR than ghosts and goblins?

And the highlight of our news segment this week is a story on how Luxembourg, one of the world’s smallest richest countries is investing in Asteroid Mining, a very futuristic concept promolgated by edgey California-based companies. To take a closer look at this story we bring on Dr. Bruce Damer, who is pioneering a new approach towards asteroid capture, called Shepherd: A Concept for Gentle Asteroid Retrieval with a Gas-Filled Enclosure.  Enjoy!

Will Asteroids bring great wealth to our planet?