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Future News - Finding India's Lunar Lander, China's Rover finds Lunar Gel, Moon Conspiracies, Taylor Barcroft on the new iPhone 11 and Watch Series 5.

Listen Now to Future News 9.10.2019

Things looked bright for the Indian Lunar Chandrayaan 2 mission, until the final mile, when all contact was lost with the lander. It did land, however, but it appears to be on its side, a hard landing. Fortunately, most of the science of this mission lays with the instruments aboard the Chandrayaan 2 lunar orbiter.  So the mission continues despite the lander loss. Meanwhile, the Chinese lunar rover, the Yutu-2, has discovered what has been described as a gel-like substance near the South Pole. 

And to discuss the latest greatest iOS devices announced today by Apple, we have Taylor Barcroft in the studio, our Apple correspondent with the inside scoop. Should you get a new iPhone this year? There are many compelling reasons if you are still an iPhone 6,7,8 or X user.  (I do like the stunning new 3 lens camera on the iPhone 11 Pro). And if you like games, here’s comes Apple Arcade, where you can play dozens of compelling titles for $4.99/month. If you don’t like games, there is Apple’s Neflix competition, Apple TV plus, also for $4.99. Taylor will explain all. Enjoy!




Lunar Rocks under study, Google's Mars on Earth Streetview, Taylor Barcroft on Apple's latest announcements, Canine empathy with owners, Geoengineering a cooler Earth 

Listen now to the Dr.Mrs. Future Show 3.26.2019

Our Bay area scientists will literally have a field day this summer as they get their hands on some moon rocks, cyrogenically stored from the Apollo 17 mission of 1972 to the moon. And now the most Mars-like environment on Earth, Canada’s remote Devon Island, can be explored on Street View, thanks to Google.

The big news this week are all the announcements from Apple, especially their foray into entertainment and finance, with their very own credit system. With the help of our Apple analyst Taylor Barcroft, we take a closer look at what’s up in the Apple universe. Mrs. Future gives a little background on digital money and where it might be going, we look at some research in canine empathy, and a geoengineering proposal for cooling the planet.  Lots to think about this week, enjoy!


Future News - Bit Coin Basics, Taylor Barcroft on Apple's powerful new low cost iPad, Demise of the Chinese Space Station and the Humanity Star, Artificial Meteor Showers, Cambridge Analytica Facebook Debacle Analysis and Update, China’s yuan-denominated crude oil futures impact

Listen Now to Future News 3.27.2018

Looks like a good week to look up, with the Chinese space station coming down, as well as the glittery Humanity Star, and soon artificial meteors to entertain us all.  Meanwhile our rights of privacy take another hit with the Cambridge Analytica Facebook debacle, as we attempt to sort out the latest in this developing story of manipulation, control, and hopefully liberation from limiting uses of our most valuable personal data.  And now you can read and comment on all this from a new powerful inexpensive iPad, just announced! Enjoy..


Future News - Huge Solar Flares, After 8 Months Mars Crew Emerges from Hawaiian Volcano Habitat, Exploring the Dark Side of Venus, Taylor Barcroft on the latest Apple Offerings 

Listen Now to Future News 9.19.2017

Imagine being stuck in a small dome with 5 other people for 8 months, broken only by the occasional walk outside in your spacesuit.  A group of aspiring Martian explorers just finished such an adventure in Hawaii and will be sharing what they learned. Even with it’s lack of air and cold temperatures, Mars looks a lot more inviting than Venus, given the latest reports from the dark side of our sister planet via the Venus Express spacecraft from the European Space Agency.

And besides having avoided a big brush with disaster from massive solar flares, this last week hearalded the latest in Apple gadgets for us, more shiny machines on which to spend our hard earned currency.  Our Apple expert Taylor  Barcroft takes us into this Apple world of gleaming tech, celebrating 10 years of iPhones with the  iPhone X, their hot new flagship product! Stand by for facial recognition of all parts body.. Enjoy..




Future Views - SF Drone Racing, Luigi Oppido on Net Neutrality, Taylor Barcroft on $1 Virgin Mobile iPhone deal, Water on Moon, Glass Revival, AI Creativity, Rise of the Super-Sapiens, Esalen is Back  

Listen Now to Future Views 2017-07-25

It’s the middel of summer and our last show before we head out to destinations North and East.  Mrs. Future won a drone at the SF Xfinity drone speed challenge!  And meet Luigi Oppido, founder/proprieter of Pleasure Point Computers, who will be our guest host for the month of August, when Mrs. Future and I are away.  We discuss the importance of Net Neutrality, and why we should pay attention to this issue now.    Taylor Barcroft stops by to discuss Virgin Mobile’s seemingly amazing $1 iPhone/unlimited Inner Circle deal, and on the rest of the show we discuss with each other and callers the topics mentioned in our header.  Happy Summer, Enjoy!