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Future News - Conversation with Col Terry on Terrorism after Brussels, Taylor Barcroft on the latest from Apple, including the iPhone SE and the smaller iPad Pro.

Listen Now to Future News 3.22.2016

It’s a sad day when more innocents are maimed and killed by senseless violence.  As we broadcast on a talk radio station, KSCO, it is our responsibility to discuss what is on the public’s mind today, so this is it..Hopefully we have added something meaningful to the evolving dialogue on this core issue of Islamic terrorism we are facing today.

Meanwhile, life goes on, and Apple has announced some juicy new tech worth lusting after.  Even here, however, Apple CEO Tim Cook began their new product announcements with his thoughts on Apple vs FBI terrorism case we have often discussed of late. For our Apple segment we bring on Taylor Barcroft, our correspondent on all things Apple..hmmm..maybe we’ll be able to record, edit, and post this show all on the latest iPad Pro..could be good!

Apple CEO Tim Cook, announcing the latest products, with their new campus as background.


Future News - Blood Moon, Tesla Range Increase, Black Holes Clash, Snowden's First Tweet, Panos VR Update, Taylor on Apple Watch, TV, and iPad Pro  

Listen Now to Future News 9.29.15

Did you see the last blood moon lunar eclipse this past Sunday?  Very special, and a little challenging for those in our bioregion.  Though we did finally see the last bit of it peaking out of mostly cloudy skies, we had a pristine perspective via NASA TV on our iPad..Very sweet!

Did you ever wonder what happens when two black holes collide?  Astronomers have discovered what appears to be a pair of supermassive black holes circling toward a collision so powerful it would send a burst of gravitational waves surging through the fabric of space-time itself. The smash-up is expected to happen in 100,000 years or so, a blink of the eye in cosmic time!

We have two live reports this week, the first from VR pioneer Greg Panos, who chaired a session on early VR at Siggraph 2015 and just attended an Occulus Rift convention.  in a nutshell, VR is coning on like a freight train, arriving in stores by this time next year.  Meanwhile, Apple’s shiny new products are out this fall and we have our Apple pundit Taylor Barcroft present his second segment on them, with a focus on Apple Watch, the new Apple TV and the new iPad Pro.  If you’ve been thinking about  these gadgets, you’ll appreciate what Taylor has to say.  Enjoy!



Future News - Mercedes Enters Home Power Market, Global Life Expectancy Climbs, Report on Toyota's Mirai Hydrogen Car, Taylor Barcroft updates us on the latest and greatest from Apple Computer.  

Listen Now to Future News 9.15.2015

We’ll soon have more options other than selling power back to the grid as first Tesla, now Mercedes-Benz, offer Mercedes-Benz’s Lithium battery-based home power systemus advanced battery storage options for our solar panel arrays.  These Lithium-Ion battery packs will also give us power when the electrical grid is down, during storms and other emergencies, and are a welcome replacement to anyone who has had to deal with the old-fashioned lead acid batteries. 

In case you’ve been wondering about new fuel options for cars, we have a call-in report of a listener who recently test drove the new Toyota Mirai hydrogen car.  One of the cool features of this vehicle is that it provides 110/220V electrical output as a powerful emergency backup generator, should you need it. Oh, I and did I mention the only exhaust from the car is water? 

We think you’ll also appreciate Taylor Barcroft’s report on Apple’s latest new gadgets, an upgraded iPhone 6s and 6s Plus,Apple pundit Taylor Barcroft watch software and fashion updates, and the iPad Pro, a bigger, more powerful tablet with an optional smart stylus, the Apple Pencil.  Enjoy!


Update Report on Apple Watch by Barcroft and Musical Artificial Intelligence by Handelman and Sigler.

Listen Now to Dr. Future Show 3.10.2015

By now most of us have heard of the Apple Watch, but not from the perspective of our very own MacHeads the Movie star, Taylor Barcroft.  Very excited about the new wrist computer from Apple, Taylor gives us a more detailed look at the device, as well as the other announcements made during Apple’s presentation event this week.

We also catch up with Drs. Eliot Handelman and Andie Sigler and their work on creating a musical AI. With AI in the news of late as potentially dangerous, We ask them to step back a bit contexualize AI in relation to popular culture stories, like the HAL 9000 from 2001, HER, and most recently the South African flick, Chappie, about a police robot that becomes self-aware and trained by criminals.  Eliot and Andie communicate an openness about it all that is very inspired. We also take some great phone calls from the KSCO audience and end up feeling optimistic about the future of our robot overlords.

Most of our Dr. Future Show crew today - L-R Mrs. Future (Sun Lundell), John Monahan, Dr. Future (Al Lundell), Dr. Eliot Handelman, Soon to be Dr. Andie Sigler, Bruce Erickson


Future News - Magic Leap Foward, Dark Matter Clues, Apple update with Taylor Barcroft, Electric Airplane,Enlightened Business Summit, Beyond LED Lighting, Ipad Ultrasound, Unpublished Asimov, The Hummingbird Effect  

Listen Now to Future News 10.21.14

What? LEDs already on the way out? Noooo…..but close.. check out the new options.  Ever wanted to fly?A new Chinese two seater airplane runs only on electricity..Looks good, and adds a whole new twist to ‘range anxiety’ with only 45 minutes of flight time..Still..  only $1 of electricity for the ride!

Apple had their latest announcements this week, and we have our very own Apple tracker, Taylor Barcroft to update us on the latest and greatest from Cupertino.  Also KSCO station manager Michael Olsen shares his experience of test driving a Tesla Model S (Sweeet!) and KSCO’s Michael Zwerling tells us about the  brand spanking new transmitter being installed, and the new party deck with a stunning view of the KSCO Lagoon and ocean!

Oh yes, and there’s the latest from the startup world in entertainment, a product ecosystem called Magic Leap that will take us beyond our screens!  Lots to share this week..