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Dr. Future News - New Apple iPhone 5C & 5S discussion with MacHead Taylor Barcroft, Oyster all you can read books, WikiTube, Free Chopin 

Dr. Future News 9.10.13

It was Apple’s big day, so we brought in the top MacHead, Taylor Barcroft, to help sort out what’s what with the new 5C and 5S iPhones.  

We also discuss some other new developments, like free well recorded classical music, Oyster, an all you can read ebook service, and cool plugin for the Chrome browser that combines Wikipedia with Youtube in a useful manner.  Enjoy!


The Future of the Surveillance State / WWDC and Mac iOS update with MacHead Taylor Barcroft


Listen Now to Dr. Future 6.11.13

With all the news about PRISM and other secret government activities recently revealed, we must give you our take on the situation, including some interesting info you may not have been tracking, such as the Amulet camera…

And as Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference is currently underway in San Francisco, we thought we’d bring you an update on what’s happening in that world, with the help of our very own star of MacHeads the Movie, Taylor Barcroft.  Can’t wait to get my hands on the new Mac Pro tube, a 12 core screaming machine that raises the standard of what a desktop computer means.


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