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Our NAB Report, 360 Vision, Higher Brain Living Interview, Download from Agent Nada on upcoming TEDx Santa Cruz

Listen Now to Dr. Future Show 4.21.2015

We got back from NAB with our minds full of amazing new tech and hearts enriched with all the cool folks we met.  Today we share a few stories with you from that trip.  For our interview, we chat  with Zach Polsfuss, Director of Expansion for Higher Brain Living, a new training program for activating higher brain function involving a form of theurapeutic touch and what some might think of as a kundalini awakening.  Zach construes it more as activating higher consciousness by sending energy into the neocortex part of the brain. They are coming to the Bay Area next week Check out one of their demo videos and decide for yourself.  

Also, we talk to Nada Miljkavic, who is producing TEDx Santa Cruz this year with an fantastic lineup of speakers and art performances this coming Friday.  It is a reunion for us, as she used to play “Agent Nada” during the first year of The Dr. Future Show.  Today she shares with us some of the highlights of this Friday’s sold out event at the Rio Theater. The theme this year is Radical Collaboration, and from we have heard so far, they are not kidding!



iCloud Plans, Inside TEDx Santa Cruz, Harmony Festival Highlights

Listen Now Dr. Future Show 6.07.11

The summer has begun and blockbuster actvities are underway!  This week we explore the implications of Apple’s new iCloud plans, which promises us new capabilities, and less hassle in accessing and organizing our lives..but what’s the cautionary tale here?  Is the Cloud hackable, or what?

Not be outdone, Sony is offering us some new Augmented Reality technology called SmartAR, and an entrepreneurial company in Hawaii is selling their super cleaning blue goo to Japan for mopping up the nuclear mess.  We discuss these stories and several others in the first hour, and you can find more info on our links page.

TEDx Santa Cruz is happening this weekend, and we’ll be there to ferret out our local geniuses that could potentially change the world with their innnovative ideas.  For this show, we have in the studio Watsonville’s own Gina Castaneda, who has a very innovative solution for gang warfare.. If you just want to hear her segment of the show, click here.

And the Harmony Festival is happening this weekend in Santa Rosa, a Bay Area favorite, featuring many new and exciting exhibits and demos of alternative energy, eco village tech, cool music, and a place to simply be with your friends and family.  We get the download (and a riddle for two free tickets) from Shawn Ahern, director of the festival.


Guest is Dave Warren, organizer of upcoming TEDx Santa Cruz! 

Dr.Future Show 3.29.11  Click here to Listen

This week we are still concerned about Japanese radiation, but have robots to the rescue.. we find new value in old pottery shards, and explore towards the center of the earth. Also, will better batteries help you find your future you, and will that be enough of a scare to save money?

 Deep questions, but for even deeper ones, consider coming to TEDx Santa Cruz, this summer, June 11.  Retired prof and organizer of TEDx, Dave Warren, visits us in studio and gives us an understanding of just what TEDx is and what to expect from this most auspicious, if not futurely historic gathering about to unfold in our midst..