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Future News - NASA Orbits Jupiter! Exploring the Fatal Autonomous Tesla Accident, Millions of Android User Infected, The Mystery Spots of Ceres Revealed, China's massive Alien Hunter Radio Telescope, Man Marries iPhone, Others Grow Drones, Ultimate Bed From Chimp Minds,  

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One of the big issues of today’s show was the fatal Tesla accident in Florida that happened in May.  How does this incident, and it was bound to happen sooner or later, affect the adoption of autonomous vehcicles?  Mrs. Future (Sun) shares what happened with the first automobile accidents 150 years ago, and I point out that software upgrades will not simply improve the faulty car but all of the other cars using the Autopilot software.  If we could all learn so well from the mistakes of others..We got lots of calls discussing this topic.

And this week is a milestone for NASA, with successfully getting the Juno probe in the perfect orbit for studying Jupiter, which turns out to be not a gaseous giant, but a metal giant planet!  Enjoy..