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Dr. Future News - Competition in Space, 23 Significant Twitter moments, GM takes on Tesla, Rendering a Skyscraper Invisible, 800 foot ocean waves, The Acoustic Levitation Waltz, No Fooling, Taking on Mr. Fingerprint from Cupertino. Estrogen, Estrogen, I smell Estrogen.  

Listen Now to Dr. Future News 9.17.13

A fun news week, hence our expanded edition coverage of what’s new, exciting, and adds to a brighter future!  

A couple of notes on this show…with the launch of the Cygnus supply ship to the International Space Station this week, we see the beginning of private enterprise competition in space, as the second private company. Orbital Sciences Corporation, enters the foray with SpaceX. This will be fun to watch, as more and more players play in space!

And speaking of competition in new spaces, we discuss GM’s latest  foray into electric vehicles, with plans for a car that challenges Tesla in terms of range (200 miles per charge), for half the cost. We do point out that Tesla is not standing still, with evidence showing that they will be adding autonomous driving to their vehicles in the near future!  But come on, you gotta try to keep up, GM!

And in the computer world, we discuss Apple’s new fingerprint sensor, and potential ways to fool it, like lobbing off someone’s finger to access their data, as we’ve seen in so many shows and movies. Apple has thought about this, and have a solution…

As Twitter prepares to enter the investment world with it’s upcoming IPO, we thought it to be a good time to look at some of the significant moments that Twitter has brought us since it’s inception.  If nothing else, it has proven to be a great breaking news and group organization tool, especially useful in this day and age.  Have you discovered the power of your Tweets yet?

And what’s this about Estrogen?  Turns out male aging processes, like belly fat and libido drop, can be directly attributed to this typically perceived female hormone.  Considered by many as a major scientific advance, we now realize that Estrogen is not just for the feminine anymore.  We now know that we need both the big E & T (testosterone) to feel whole..go figure..



Watson vs Humans, Vat Meat, Expats in Ecuador Saving Rain Forests, planetary Eco-activism, Stephanie Sutton, Keith Lampe, Brian O'Leary Astronaut

Dr. Future Feb 15th, 2011 Listen

 In the news hour, we discuss the use of social media for creating social change in the Middle East, including Twitter use by the U.S. State Department directed to Iranians. We also look at a new scheme for taking down the internet, the IBM Watson computer vs. Humans in playing Jeopardy, and a new way to peer into the human body using astronomy tech. We also briefly touch on a new game-changing technology that allows us to grow meat in a vat rather than killing animals.

In the second hour we have guests via Skype in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, an ex-pat community known for its exceptionally healthy environment.  Our host in South American is Agent Stephane Sutton, there to investigate the scene.  She intros us to Keith Lampe, aka Pondo, one of America’s original hippie activists, historian and change agent, now living in Vilcambamba.  He brings us up to date on his considerable activities there, which can be followed via his email missives.  You can reach him via his website: , where you can subscribe to his daily newsletter.  

We also chat with Dennis “Galen” Mitrzyk, a journalist and ex-Palo Altoan, who recently moved to this Shangri-La community.  He recently co-created and facilitated ~ 10.20 NutopiA 20.10 ~ an Aquarian Gathering of the Rainbow Warriors, a 13-day conference which was attended by people from around the world interested in co-creating a world where people are free to pursue life, liberty, and happiness

Our second call to Vilcabamba introduces you to scientist and ex-astronaut Dr. Brian O’Leary, who just finished a new book on energy, entitled “The Energy Solution Revolution.”  He speaks to us about alternative energy and a new documentary about oil and saving the Amazon rainforest  in which he is featured, entitled “Yasuni - two seconds of life.”



Intentions and Predictions for 2011

Dr. Future Dec. 28th, 2010  

This week we share our intentions and predictions for the coming year with you and our popular regular guest, Bruce Damer.  We share some fun thoughts and info on robot cars, finding earth’s twin, country startups, top new jobs, powerful tweets, the size of your amygdala, emotional computers, shrinking brains, most popular nerd jokes, and the mysterious cognitive function known as ‘chronesthesia.’

Happy New Year from us all!