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Future News - Star Trek 50, Smart Luggage, Video Games Making You Smarter, Robot Walker, Big Drone Investments, Why VR Now

It’s been pretty crazy this week, with the Ferguson grand jury non-indictment of the police officer, which brings up for us the implementation of cop cams, so that we know what actually happened.  Yes, we see cameras perhaps built into badges, networked, so that citizens could simply type in the badge number or name of the officer and see the camera live.  How’s that for transparency of governing authority?
In entertainment it is the 50th anniversary of the TV series, Star Trek.. Not the official first episode, but the pilot, with a slightly different crew, including a smiling Spock, and no Captain Kirk.  Still…it’s the start of Star Trek!  And if you are heading out, consider getting some smart luggage, a suitcase that reports to you where it is at all times, and can provide extra charges for you phone and tablets in a pinch! And video games making you smarter?…well…Lots of fun and interesting stories this week, enjoy!
Jeffrey Hunter, left, and Majel Barrett in a scene from the rejected pilot for “Star Trek.” (Paramount Pictures)