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Interview - What is Erotic? with Laura Bishop and the Choreographer known as Ellice

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For our interview this week we have two of the creators of 2016’s What is Erotic? show, where our community discovers what is erotic this year.  Laura Bishop shares with us some highlights of past shows and with Ellice, lap dance choreographer this year, we delve a bit into the latest performances and the stories behind them.  Keep in mind that the eroticism performed in the show is not by actors, but by real people who wish to express themselves erotically, many for the first time.  Of particular note is that this year the show will be performed outside of Santa Cruz in our large neighboring community of San Jose, near Silicon Valley.  It is an experiment to see if our unique Santa Cruz culture can be exported succesfully.  Enjoy!

Dr. Mrs. Future with Laura and Ellice from “What is Erotic?”



Guests- "What Is Erotic?" creators Laura Bishop and John Regal

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Guess what’s up in this hood this time of year? Yep, it’s time for “What is Erotic?’” an annual fundraiser for the ever popular 418 Project in Santa Cruz, CA.  For the last nine years “What is Erotic?” has taken the form of a variety show, featuring self-revealing witty whimsical portraits of erotic thought and deed by local Santa Cruz citizens.  Now, this rather engaging and fun social act of self reflection is expanding  to other towns as well (Portland, Oakland, San Francisco).  

And now, not only is WIE replicating, but it is has also given birth to a new format this year, debuting  for its home show in Santa Cruz this month.  Rather than a variety show, it is more like a play, with a full  story arc, with plot, complications, actors, music and everything that makes a good tale.  

To explain this  new twist of erotica to us we bring you Laura Bishop, who has been sheparding this annual community experience of WIE for ten years now.  We also have  the show’s music producer, John Ragell, to share with us his creative process in producing the live soundtrack of WIE.  

After this interview, we can’t wait to hear the fruits of their collaboration.!

(L-R) AL (Dr. Future), Laura Bishop, John Ragel, Sun Lundell (Mrs. Future), John Monahan (waving)


We are Back! Meteoric Airburst, 3D Printer acceleration, What is Erotic? update

Listen Now to Dr.Future Show Feb 19, 2013

 After a couple of months pursuing other projects, such as our ground-breaking iPad app (to be discussed on today’s show), we are back at KSCO to share with you the future of sex, politics, religion, arts and science!  Lots to cover on today’s show and we look forward to hearing from you, our dear fans!

This week, Mr. Past calls in regarding the meteor events of late, we play the live sound of the Russian meteor airburst, MZ weighs in on Obama issues, 3D printer update, Dr. Joe shares in excitement about new medical breakthroughs, we chat about the future of AI, and Laura Bishop shares “What is Erotic?”.  At the very end of the show, we play a tune from this year’s WIE show, “Polyamory.”


The Futures Interview with 'What is Erotic?' producers, Laura Bishop and Misha Bonaventura

Listen Now to Laura and Misha

Every Valentines Day for the last 7 years, a highly sensual and popular variety show has been presented to the Santa Cruz community at large, with it’s content derived from members in the community.  This very personal self-reflective highly creative process is guided by Laura Bishop and Misha Bonaventura, who help each participant be their most authentic erotic self for the show, and usually for their lives after that.

Could such an approach be a key to evolving the emotional and sensual literacy of communities world-wide? Also, Dr. Future runs a couple of his ideas on intimacy at a distance by our local experts..


Laura Bishop and Misha Bonaventura on The Dr. Future Show at KOMY.