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Media pioneer Sherrie Rabinowitz passes, Hear the Big Bang, Wikileak's Searchable Repository, Big Hack Attacks Besiege Banks, Suzanne Taylor Interview on TEDx Censorship Controversy  

Listen Now Dr. Future Show 4.09.13

We were sad to hear that Sherrie Rabinowitz had passed this week after a long battle with MS, a true pioneer in the world of media.  We share a few of our adventures with her in this show.  The Big Bang has been re-created, at least in audio, which you will hear.  Wikileak’s has major data from the 1970’s now perusable via a sophisticated search engine, making it more accessible.  Banks have been under a sustained cyber attack of late, which we discuss.

In the second half of the show we talk with organizer Suzanne Taylor of what was formerly called TEDx West Hollywood, now exTEDx West Hollywood, about why her conference, a year in the making, had it’s license from TEDx pulled at the last minute.  It seems like the TED science advisors believe she is promolgating ideas not worth spreading, mostly in the realms of PSI and Spirituality.


Verizon iPhone, Egypt Revolution, Open Leaks, Future of Santa Cruz Libraries

Dr. Future Feb 8th, 2011  Listen

In the first hour, we delve more into the Egyptian Revolution, with some behind-the-scenes analysis, with special thanks to call-in, Michael S.  In the first hour we also explore the the new Open Leaks site, started by Wikileaks employees, and Verizon vs AT&T iPhone results, now in.

In the second hour we focus on the future of libraries, with particular focus on our local Santa Cruz Library system, currently being redefined by the community and city council.  We have a several callers cogniscant of the current situation and update our listeners to what’s what with our libraries. We also check out the newly updated Reagan Presidential Library with 250 iPads, Google’s great art tour you can do from home, and a revolutionary fractal broswer.  Thank you Julia, for that set!


Future of Radio Experiment #1...Today we take a WILD WEB RIDE with CynoCast!

For the web pioneers in radio, like us, there is a new invention to make surfing the web a crowd sport. Tune in today while we test drive some very innovative group mind software… CynoCast!    This show’s topics include, wikileaks disclosures, TSA scanner stories, organs made from scratch, ultrasound on your smartphone, cybertherapy, DIY hackerspaces, and a camera in your head!