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The Dragon Flies Again, India Flexes Orbital Muscle, Immune Boosting Works, AI's try to find their way home, Taylor reports on Apple and WWDC, and later shocked by MZ

Listen Now to Dr. Future Show 6.062017

We had a lot of fun making this show, not the least of which were the surprises that spontaneously came up in discussion.  My favorite was when our Apple expert, Taylor Barcroft, was speechless when our KSCO station owner and friend Michael Zwerling called in and avowed to the world that he loved Trump! 

But you listen for the articles we discuss, not political opinion, right? This week we’ve got recycled rockets, lots of AIs, food printing, new antibiotics and immune boosting..Not to mention a major report from Taylor on Apple’s big announcements at WWDC this week. Enjoy!




Future News - New Drone Rules, Autonomous Bus Debuts, China Builds New Supercomputer without US chips Wearable Dialysis Unit, Taylor Barcroft reports on What's new from Apple's WWDC, and Gregory Panos reports on E3 in LA

Listen Now to Future News 6.21.2016

Happy Summer to you!  We begin the new season with two reports from our trusted agents in the field, the first by Taylor Barcroft on the latest from Apple Computer at their World Wide Developer’s Conference in San Francisco.  Get ready to update your thinking about texting!  Our second report is from our VR expert, Gregory Panos, who just attended the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in LA.  Keep an eye on Sony and their new VR system, to be debuted by Q4 2016..

We also have new rules for drones, a very cool new use for IBM’s Watson AI, a Chinese supercomputer with all processors made in China, a wearable portable kidney dialysis machine, a study on the neural density of birds brains, a floating Tesla, and more to keep you informed and entertained by the likes of us. Enjoy!

An Electric Autonomous Bus driven by Watson, IBM’s AI