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The Futures Interview - Catherine Miller on the Art and Science of Passionate Living Now

Listen Now to Catherine Miller on Passionate Living

Catherine “Cat” Miller is a nationally acclaimed publisher, spokesperson and consultant in the field of wellness and was the publisher of the Holistic Health Journal.  She is the founder of Passionate Livinga media company that inspires viewers to “fall in love with their lives.”

In our interview we look back on a few of her life’s adventures and explore just what she means by passionate living and how we may apply what she has gleaned on the topic to our lives.  

We had first met her about 15 years ago when she moved from New York to LA, in the transition from publishing a print publication, the Holistic Health Journal, to her Passionate Living multimedia career. After being out of contact since then, we finally catch up with her and see what’s up! 

Of immediate interest is her co-faciliation of an online workshop on the “Power of Sensuality,” about cultivating ‘sensual intelligence’ as a means of generating more passion, intimacy, and creativity in you life. Knowing her, believe it! Enjoy..

Catherine Miller with the timber wolf North, at Future Peak. photo-Reno DeCaro



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