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Waze vs Apple vs Google Maps, AI Lawyer more accurate and 200X faster, Sweden runs out of Garbage, Renewables now on par with Fossil Fuels, Promixa B's oceans vaporized by Solar Belch, Earth Microcrobes could live on Enceladas, Transparent solar cells, Moon water may be abundant 

Listen Now to Future News 2.27.2018

Can you imagine running out of garbage?  Maybe only if you ran out of resources, but no..Sweden has such an efficient recycling system that they need to import their rubbish to keep their system functional.. And now that lawyers are being supplanted by AI’s, perhaps it’s time for AI Lawyer jokes?  We need them, there is a derth of AI jokes.  The only one I’ve heard that is remotely funny isn’t even about AI or lawyers: What do you call a blonde who has died her hair brown? Answer: artificial intelligence. <groan>

Enceladus, Saturn’s watery moon and home for microbial colonistsMicrobes may be on Enceladus, the watery moon of least we’ve found microbes on Earth that just maybe could live there..Hey, forget about human migration into the solar system, let’s get our microbes out there! At least biology would survive for a few more billion years..but wait, water on the moon too? Maybe life is already there… and with our new handy dandy Stratolaunch cruizer, we could investigate.Enjoy!


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