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DrFuture has an eye to the upcoming world of tech, culture, media. With my wife, Sun Lundell (Mrs. Future) we welcome the live audience of listeners to our weekly show for a hosted conversation on talk radio, KSCO AM 1080 in Santa Cruz, CA. Since 2009, in more than 200 shows, the world of robots, 3D printers, nanotech, and crowdsourced culture shocks have changed reality, and we have been on board spotlighting the inventions, disruptions, and trends.


In the early 90’s I was a pioneering writer with Digital Video Magazine, Mondo 2000,  Wired, and the secret identity behind the industry snoop, ‘Max Bloodhound’. And now, as you have discovered, I am the cool character known as DrFuture, reporting on all things future on the KSCO talk radio station, AM1080, the only remaining locally owned and lovingly operated Talk Radio station in the USA today. It is located in Santa Cruz, California, with a signal that reaches from just north of Fresno to just south of Saccramento, the biggest footprint of any station in the Bay Area. Plus, lots of our audience is listening live online, tweeting and “Cynocasting” with us during the show, or catching us from iTunes or this website, with our entire archives available free to our audience.

I now am a journalist, and creative media partner in with my wife, Sun Lundell. We love evolving the cinematic language and experimenting with new media.

As a tech journalist, I began covering the world of microcomputers in the Pre-Cambrian age of these machines, circa 1980 AD. In the 80’s and early 90’s, I tracked tech inventors and trends, first as a writer at Infoworld in Palo Alto, as managing editor of Corporate Times, then as West Coast editor of Byte Magazine. Then I started USING the pro-sumer video and digital editing gear in my own production company, Virtual World Studio, and donating my old stuff plus video interviews to the Digibarn Computer History Museum in Boulder Creek.

I’ve been shooting video practically every day since 1987, starting with 8mm, Hi8 beginning 1989, DV in 1996, HDV in 2005. Started VJing in 1989, and pioneered many techniques in that world, including early music vids with Billy Idol and Peter Gabriel working with Brett Leonard and Digital Media Barn from Santa Cruz. For many of you Bay Area and Maui folks, you may remember the amazing visuals added by my visuals band with our “BLENDO FUSION STATION” to many parties and shows starring the likes of Lost At Last, Terrence McKenna, Fantuzzi, and CyberVixen. I’ve performed at many parties and shows with my wife Sun and our video artist bandmates Kelly Durkin, John Zielinski, Peter Booth Lee, and John Graham. We even wow’d the crowd at Burning Man as early as 1997 at the Community Dance with the Peyote song for Lost At Last, and in subsequent years on mainstage at Emerald City, and during New Year’s Eve Tribal Celebrations in Maui (Synergy Y2K), Santa Cruz (ClockTower 2001), San Francisco (Sea of Dreams 2008). In short, we have led a colorful life on the cutting edge of Bay Area CyberTribal Cultural Creatives, and we have a lot to share with a changing world.

Enjoy the Show every Tuesday at 2:00PM. See you on Future Tuesdays. And, check out the blog and archives if you want a taste of the living, unfolding Future Culture of the new Millenium.  

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