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Future News - Facetime Under Fire, Assange Says Ruskies Didn't Do it, Space X Returns, Flops of 2016, Tesla Autopilot New Years Upgrade, Space 2017 Events, CES 2017 Preview 

Listen Now to Future News 1.04.2017

Lots of great things to look forward to in 2017 and a few things to which we must say goodbye..2016 was tough for many and we are hoping that this new year, with it’s new president, will be as great as we can imagine, plus some great gadgets for us to play with!  Enjoy!


Interview - Healer Julia Bystrova on her Experiences at Standing Rock and the Future of Community

Listen Now to Julia Bystrova

For our final interview of the year, we bring you healer Julia Bystrova, who just spent a month at Standing Rock in North Dakota, helping to heal the wounds and traumas of the rebel camp members, as the forces of the Empire and the Winter close in on them. Its a story of the coming together of the human family under extreme conditions and the challenges that must be faced in such circumstances.  And in the process of healing, true visions of the future of community begin to emerge. Julia is going back there in January, we’ll be keeping in touch.  Enjoy!



Future News - Sad about Carrie Fisher, Solar and Wind Reach Grid Parity, Stoned in Space, A.I. Hacker, Solar Roadway 

Listen Now to Future News 12.27.2016

Indeed, it’s a sad day when we lose a princess, especially one we grew up with, who has been an inspiration to many across the galaxy. Carrie Fisher we miss you, not for just the great roles you have played, but also bringing awareness to big issues like mental health and drug abuse in our current culture.

First Solar Roadway in Normandy, FranceIt’s also a time when Solar and Wind are finally reaching a price point where they can compete directly with oil as an energy source as the cost of these renewables continues to precipitously drop. So not only will we see solar roof tiles, as espoused by Solar City and Elon Musk, but we’ll see innovations like solar roadways that generate their own power for lighting.  The first prototype is now operational in Normandy, France and is a kilometer long!

And sadly, it appears that space radiation may interfere with our endo cannabinoid system, affecting our ability to experience being high in space. <sigh>

And then there are the Google A.I.’s that are sending encrypted messages to each other that we cannot crack.  So naturally Google has tasked another A.I. to crack the messages of the two communicating, so far unsuccessfully. What does it all mean? Join us as we explore these profound issues..

Have a very healthy happy New Year! 




Future News- Autonomous Vehicle Update, MaraPharm Futures, Making Space Great Again

Listen Now to Future News 12.20.2016

It’s been a big week in the autonomous car world, with Uber testing in SF, Chevy’s Bolt being readied for an autonomous future on the assembly line, Fiat/Chrysler prepping 100 minivans for Google’s auto car tech, and Blackberry committing to embedded self-driving vehicle software development.  This world is moving fast!

Not to be outdone, the cannabis entrepreneurs are busy too, notably MaraPharm in Las Vegas, as they explore not just the US but Canadian markets.. Exciting times ahead!

And then there is outer space, and how to present the excitement of space to our president elect. A tall order, but a good one!  Happy Holidays, and enjoy the show!

Dr. and Mrs. Future with station engineer Billy Graf wishing you a great holiday season!



Future News - Tech Trump Summit, Waymo Google Cars, Chevy Bolts Delivered, AI that Searches the Web, Out of the Body Odyssey of Colonel Terry

Listen Now to Future News 12.13.2016

Lots of interest from our listeners today on electric vs hydrogen cars, after Chevy’s first deliveries of their The new all electric 2017 Chevy Boltall electric Bolt to the Bay Area.  Fascinating topic with one listener sending us a link on a relatively obscure video on Hydrogen powered cars (Thanks Shawn!). 

In the second hour we play a statement from Elon Musk about electric vs hydrogen cars, and discuss a new AI that learns by surfing the web. This triggers a conversation on the nature consciousness itself with caller Colonel Terry, who shares a profound near death experience and why he chose to come back.