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News - Government 2.0 update, Heartbleed Virus, Personal Satellites, Mystery Guests

Listen Now to Dr. Future News 4.15.14

Today we consider what the Founding Fathers of America would do with modern telecommunications in the design of our government..A fun thought exercise that leads to many exciting possibilities for our government by the people. A couple of callers also point out that our country was founded as a republic as opposed to a democracy, and all that that means in terms of updates..

In other news, we look at what to do about the Heartbleed Virus, tiny satellites you can control, a new report on psychedelics and the Navy’s latest super-weapon.  

We also interview two amazing KSCO listeners who just happened by the studio, offering us some personal insights into famous characters like Mel Gibson and Salvador Dali.






Interview - August O'Connor on Spring Gardens, Water, and Critters, oh my!

Listen Now to August O’Connor

August is our goto person for creating amazing spring gardens, using the most advanced low tech imaginable.  A contradiction of terms you say? Well, maybe, but I think you will appreciate her sage advice on how to get things rolling for a great garden, how to use water most consciously.  I also greatly enjoyed her wild animal stories, the critters that live in our  neighborhoods, like racoons, possums, birds, rodents, and skunks. Good to know who lives in your back yard and how to relate to them!


Future News- Facebook Drones vs Google Balloons, Mammalian Brain Map, Carbon Nanontube solar cells, Electromagnetic Railgun 

Listen Now to Dr. Future News 4.08.14

A lively show today with some very amazing breakthroughs, like the Mammalian Mouse Brain Map and Carbon Nanotubes for solar, over 100 million times more efficient than silicon wafers..There is also a breakthrough in battery tech this week, where you will soon be able to charge your smart phone in under a minute. Oh yes, and there is a new super fast delivery system by General Atomics that the Navy is very excited about, and maybe one day, Fedex..




Future News - Macworld Download, Station owner MZ shares what's next with our broadcast station,  KSCO.

Listen Now to Dr. Future Show 4.1.14

We had a blast at MacWorld last week, seeing many interesting products and services on display.  We share with you our highlights, including the amazing FLIR device, finally coming out this year! Of course we have our obligatory April Fools story and a surprise visit to the studio of KSCO owner Michael Zwerling, who brings us up-to-date on all the big changes happening to our radio station! We also do a little radio experiment where we secretly fade in our sister station, KOMY, and comment on their live feed..

The Infrared FLIR attachment to the iPhone shows the heat signature of that curious couple..


Interview with Dr. Bruce Damer on The Contact Conference, Outer Space explorations, and Origin of Life research

Listen Now to Dr. Bruce Damer

This week  Contact held their yearly gathering in Silicon Valley and Dr. Damer was there to both listen and participate in the presentations and discussions.  Contact is an annual interdisciplinary conference that brings together renowned social and space scientists, science fiction writers and artists to exchange ideas, stimulate new perspectives and encourage serious, creative speculation about humanity’s future. 

Always fun and engaging, we think you’ll enjoy Bruce’s report!

Dr. Bruce Damer at the 2014 Contact Conference