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Future News - Microwave Space Plane, Consumer Drone Weaponized, New Pain Drugs from Genetic Mutants, Newly Discovered 'Goldilocks Planet,' Metal Foam to the Rescue, Space Artist Don Davis and the New Horizons Pluto Mission, Update on the God Helmet.  

Listen Now to Dr. Future Show 7.29.2015

We broadcast to you this week from a remote lake in the mountains of Quebec, Canada.  Lots of cool stories and Don Davis, Space Artistnews to share, including a report from Don Davis, a great space artist who shares with us his adventures at the New Horizons Mission Control Center, where history was made earlier this month, as we received the first closeup images of the dwarf planet, Pluto.  

Somewhat disturbing this week is the story on the weaponization of a consumer drone by a teenager, a sure sign of how we need to evolve our consciousness more quickly, to keep up with our technological evolution.  To help with that, we also bring you the latest research on the God Helmet, which brings a higher presence into your sphere of awareness by stimulating the temporal lobes of the brain.




Guest Host Luigi Oppido of Pleasure Point Computers

Listen Now to Luigi Oppido, guest host of The Dr. Future Show 7.21.2015

As Mrs. Future and I head to a remote lake in the wilds of Quebec, Canada, Luigi takes the helm of our Future Ship, taking us in the direction of all things computing. Being of service to the community, he brings up some very pragmatic issues, like upgrading to Windows 10, dealing with FLASH crashes, encryption protocols, slow OSX speeds, etc..  He also chats about new lab download speeds of 1 Terrabyte/sec, programming Arduino based computers to do whatever you want and the One Wheel, an invention that comes as close to a hoverboard as possible in this time.

He also takes a call about a secret space program and the Sphere Being Alliance.. Something for everybody in show, with special thanks to Luigi for being such a great guest host!

Outta Time with guest host Luigi Oppido and his DeLorean



Interview - "Into the Mythica" with Peter Fae and Dakota Channel

Listen Now to Peter and Dakota

Remember our interview with Rowan Gabrielle a few weeks ago, where we mostly spoke with her about Sacred Commerce and her upcoming festival event, “Union of the Kingdoms?” Well, we ended up going to the festival, and met this couple in love, now only three weeks young, working together on a project called “Into the Mythica,” a social media adventure in discovering one’s personal mythical magical self.  

To quote from their website, 

“Within You lie the seeds of greatness.  The potential to be more than you ever realized.  Such is your Heroic Journey; the quest to become who you are meant to be”

It’s a fun and enlightening interview, attracting one of our favorite talk show hosts into the studio, the incomparable Billy Sunshine!  Enjoy our chat with these two very magical beings, as they set the stage for a very bright future indeed.

L-R The Futures (Al & Sun Lundell), Peter Fae, Dakota Channel


Future News- Pluto's Hearty Flyby, Ultrasonic Healing, Saudi Supercomputer, Trashcan Wifi, Microdosing LSD, Safeguarding AI Evolution

Listen Now to Future News 7.14.2015

An epic week for NASA with our first closeups of Pluto via the New Horizons Probe!  Gee, that schmaltzy heart on the surface of Pluto looks pretty cool!   Also, it appears that those machines used in hospitals for looking on your soon to be born baby may have some other uses, like healing chronic wounds. Go figure.. And the Saudi’s have now entered the computer Super Olympics with their very own supercomputer! These stories, and microdosing while creating safeguards for our AI friends..It’s a fun show, enjoy!


Future News - Uber Illegal in France, CA Internet Cable Cutting, SpaceX Explosion Mystery, Hawaii's 'Sacred' Telescope, James Cameron's Solar Flowers, Electro Skin Rejuvenation, Chimps Now Officially Endangered Species, Laser Pointers and Planes, Walking in Nature Research, Joseph Campbell on Why Perfectionism Kills Love, Microswimmer Robots, Humans TV series on 'Synths' (Android AI's) 

Listen Now to Dr. Future Show 7.07.2015

Another fun summer show exploring the latest news our favorite Future focused topics.  We even delve into some emotional content, with Joseph Campbell, a brave but possibly dangerous arena for us to explore. We check out some good mysteries in this show, and look at how Hawaii’s new telescope needs to embrace the values of the ancient ones..  Enjoy!

James Cameron has created giant solar flowers that track the Sun