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Future News - Take a Ride in the Volocopter, Rare Alien Dust Found Near Saturn, Discover Your Brainprint, US Navy Drone Command, SpaceX vs United Space Alliance, ISS Astronaut runs Marathon, Fake Amazon Reviews, GMO Mosquitoes, Optogenetics and Light Therapy  

Listen Now to Future News 4.26.2016

Lots of interesting news this week, and we have a lot of fun sharing it. The first drone capable of flying humans has been developed in Germany, the Volocopter VC200. Want to take a ride?  Check out our links page for videos.  An International Space Station Astronaut participated in last weekend’s London Marathon, using gear aboard the space station, including an iPad for virtually being on the London running route.

And GMO Mosquitoes are in the news of late as the latest frontier for eradicating humanity’s greatest pest.  But at what cost? What could go wrong?  We also got a kick out of reporting about Brainprints, a new form of security. And of particular interest to our live audience is the field of light therapy and optogenetics, which promises breakthroughs in pain control and wound healing. Researcher Bobby Wilder calls in to gives us some DIY info on using lasers..Enjoy!



'Mythic- Voyage of the Kinship' new TV Series Launching. Getting Mythic in Santa Cruz! Meet the inspired creator, Kiah Dorius.

Listen Now to Kiah Dorius with AL & Sun (aka Dr. Mrs. Future)

Years, some say centuries in the planning, a new TV media series, sourced from a Santa Cruz based filmmaker and artist Kiah Dorius and her talented karass of mythic characters, is kicking off this week with an inspired Indie Go Go Campaign and soiree for cast, crew, family and early funders.

What is Mythic?

Kiah describes a show where the characters have a mythic version of themselves in another world, living larger than life adventures and in some way communicating with their normal selves the lessons learned in this world. Films like the Wizard of Oz have touched on this idea, but she intends to explore the mythic worlds and their attendant lessons of life further, with a cast of characters to which we can relate.

Will we be able to relate? Well, consider that  being normal in Santa Cruz is what passes for mythic in Kansas, and we have quite a range for engaging stories. While on the air with us, she describes some of the characters and plot lines.

Kiah while on The Dr. Future ShowWhat does it really mean to say ‘follow your dreams’ to others? With Kiah, it means discovering your mythic self.

We asked her for a little tour of these mythic realms she is birthing (crowing phase now). She was delightfully entertaining and profound.   Enjoy and if inspired, please help her birth this baby!






Future News - Adventures at the SC MiniMaker Faire, Kevlar space habitat inflated,The Light Flash Mystery of the Colliding Black Holes, Monarch Butterfly Navigation under scrutiny, Hawking's Mission to Alpha Centuri,The Navy's fleet of Mother drone subs, Mutants under study  

Listen Now to Future News 4.19.2016

The Santa Cruz MiniMaker Faire was indeed a fun experience for all who attended.  Not having to brave the traffic and long lines of the big Maker Faire was a relief, and it twas truly enjoyable.  And for those of you into space, the inflatable space habitat is almost ready for human inhabitation! From there you’ll be watching those black holes colliding and feeling the weightlessness of the experience! 

And back home, our Monarch butterflies are on the flutter march to Northern territories, and we’ve figured out how they do it!  Tune in..

The Mystery of the Monarch’s Navigation is almost solved.



Future News - Kepler Awakens, Chat Bots debut, Mini Maker Faire Happening,Peter Cushing Resurrected, Drone Ocean Rocket Lander details, North Pole heads East, Dark Side of Moon Plays well with new Star Wars flick, Exoplanet Biosignatures, MRIs on LSD, New data about illegal drugs,Newton's Alchemy Revealed 

Listen Now to Future News 4.12.2016

We had so many great stories this week, we skipped any guests and went to town with the news. Lots of fun repartee with Mrs. Future and our listeners.  How do  you detect biological life in other star systems? What’s happening with the North Pole?   How has the Dark Side of the Moon re-emerged with The Force Awakens?  What are the basic fictions of drug abuse? How do the SpaceX drone barges do their thing so well? What’s up with Newton and Alchemy? These and many other questions explored on this week’s Future News! Enjoy..

Depiction of a Dyson Sphere, an advanced way of harnessing the energy of a star.



Future News - More on Tesla 3, Blue Origin Launch and Landing Success, Facebook's Blind Engineer, Planet with Three Suns in Sky, DARPA's Drone Ship, Arousing Robots, First Synthetic Bacterium, Drug Replicator 

Listen Now to Future News 4.05.2016

A great week for exciting future news, including an affordable Tesla car, a successful rocket launch and landing, a drone ship, sensitive robots, a drug replicator, and a synthetic bacterium!  Yum Yum, enjoy!