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Interview - Pooran Desai on Sustainable Healthy Eco Village Living Abroad and in America

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Most of us have heard how Americans consume way more than their fair share of planetary resources, with some estimates showing that it would take five earth planets to sustain the typical US lifestyle for all 7 billion members of our species.  But fret not for Pooran Desai has a solution to this resource dilemma that will insure a good lifestyle without sacrificing our quality of life. 

After studying at Oxford and Cambridge Universities, and as Co-Founder of Bioregional and International Director of One Planet Communities, he has pioneered the One Planet Living principles, which are now being applied in eco-villages and communities around the planet. 

He is now in California with plans to create 10 eco-villages in our bioregion!  If living well and sustainably is of interest to you, I think you’ll enjoy our interview with Pooran.




Future News - Sweden's Six hour workday, 3D Printing Plastic with Metal Breakthrough, Nobel Prize for Neurtrino Insights, Drone drops leaflets on NSA, Battle of the Tablets 

Listen Now to Future News 10.06.2015

Wow, turns out a six-hour work day makes sense for many jobs, especially in office environments. Fewer meetings less social media while on the job, and there you have it, six instead of eight hours of work for the same pay and productivity. Fascinating story.. And new mult-material print heads have been developed for 3D printers that make it possible to create objects that contain metals as well as plastic, another great breakthrough! 

And as a sign of our times, it’s fascinating to see that the NSA, mother of all spy agencies on this planet, is being leafleted by a radical group called IntelExit, who are dropping leaflets over and driving giant billboards by NSA fascilities, appealing to the hearts and conscience of the NSA employees to quit their jobs of spying on fellow citizens.   

We also begin our discussion of the battle of tablets as they reach a new level of functionality.  Enjoy!



Interview - A group discussion on a new documentary film, "From Shock to Awe," about veterans with PTSD and their healing journeys with ayahuasca, MDMA and cannabis.  

Listen Now to discussion with a filmmaker, veteran, and researcher involved with “From Shock to Awe.”

After interviewing the folks involved with this topic, we feel this is an important film that needs to be made.  Initial results of MDMA research with PTSD, for example, suggest an improvement from an average of 23% to 84% successful treatment of processing serious war trauma over the current use of prescription drugs to vets.  

In this show, we speak with Janine Sagert, Ph.D., content producer for the documentary, Ryan LeCompte, a United States Marine Corps Infantry Veteran and founder of Veterans for Entheogenic Therapies (VETS), an organization whose mission is to spread awareness about alternative medicines for the treatment of PTSD. And also MDMA researher Saj Razvi, MA, LPC,  founder of the Love and Trauma Center in Denver, CO which educates clinicians nationally in the skills of trauma resolution. 

One of our best shows yet, we think you’ll appreciate the work these folks are doing and will continue to do as they evolve these dramatically succesful strategies for healing serious emotional trauma and related stressors via psychedelic therapies.   Click here for the Indie Go Go Campaign.

From Shock to Awe - How psychedelics bring relief to veterans suffering from PTSD.


Future News - Blood Moon, Tesla Range Increase, Black Holes Clash, Snowden's First Tweet, Panos VR Update, Taylor on Apple Watch, TV, and iPad Pro  

Listen Now to Future News 9.29.15

Did you see the last blood moon lunar eclipse this past Sunday?  Very special, and a little challenging for those in our bioregion.  Though we did finally see the last bit of it peaking out of mostly cloudy skies, we had a pristine perspective via NASA TV on our iPad..Very sweet!

Did you ever wonder what happens when two black holes collide?  Astronomers have discovered what appears to be a pair of supermassive black holes circling toward a collision so powerful it would send a burst of gravitational waves surging through the fabric of space-time itself. The smash-up is expected to happen in 100,000 years or so, a blink of the eye in cosmic time!

We have two live reports this week, the first from VR pioneer Greg Panos, who chaired a session on early VR at Siggraph 2015 and just attended an Occulus Rift convention.  in a nutshell, VR is coning on like a freight train, arriving in stores by this time next year.  Meanwhile, Apple’s shiny new products are out this fall and we have our Apple pundit Taylor Barcroft present his second segment on them, with a focus on Apple Watch, the new Apple TV and the new iPad Pro.  If you’ve been thinking about  these gadgets, you’ll appreciate what Taylor has to say.  Enjoy!



Interview - Sally Armstrong, Canadian journalist, documentary filmmaker, and woman's rights activist.

Listen Now to Sally Armstrong

From Africa to Asia to the Americas, women are the key to progress on ending poverty, violence, and conflict. Award-winning humanitarian and journalist Sally Armstrong tells us why empowering women and girls is the way forward, and in her new book, Uprising, she introduces us to the leading females who are making change happen, from Nobel Prize winners to little girls suing from justice.

In Uprising she documents the very real progress currently underway toward female empowerment in cultures where women must traditionally endure sexual violence, forced childhood marriage and rape, impoverishment from polygamy and related inheritance laws, plus lack of access to education or jobs. On our show we mix it up a little with questions from both Mrs. Future and I, as well as a host of KSCO callers.  A very dynamic show, and will trigger many neurons in your brain.

 Napa Valley Performing Arts Center at Lincoln Theater in conjunction with the Cameo Cinema, will be hosting a talk and book signing by author Sally Armstrong on Friday, September 25th, 2015. More details are here.