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Interview - Rev. Deborah Johnson of the Inner Light Ministries

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The Futures on the Beach with Rev Deb

We met Rev Deb on, of all places, the beach in front of our family beach house, making giant multi-colored bubbles! Yes,  the founding minister and president of Inner Light Ministries, an Omnifaith outreach ministry dedicated to teaching the practical application of Universal Spiritual Principles to ALL of life’s circumstances, was generating some pretty massive bubbles! So naturally we joined in, had a great connection and invited her onto the show, to look at how all encompassing spirituality including everyone can take us to a fantastic future! Hearing that she was leaving the current building of the ministries, we got her download on what’s next for Inner Light and the upcoming Rally Your Spirit Fest with Michael Bernard Beckwith.. Enjoy!


Future News - Future of Good News Shows, Mrs. Future enrolls at Hogwarts Mystery School, Viral Meme Propagation, anti-idiot protections, New Dolphin Communications project, Ed Snowden's new book, secrets and the early Internet, Redwood Grove Saved, and guest commentator Bruce Erickson

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With all the crazy headlines these days of potential war with Iran, we’ve taken a decidedly different tack, focusing on our creation of a true renaissance and the consciousness that comes with it.  This week we look back at the early days of the internet, the open sources dreams we shared, the good news show we helped create, and where we are going today, given the current paradigm of media.  Mrs. Future tells about her new obsession, an iPad gamified Hogwarts Academy where she is recognized as a top student in the Hufflepuff House. (It is very consuming, I might see her for dinner, but probably not this eve, as she has ‘finals’. :-)) 

We also talk about a new dolphin communications project, finding the lost lunar lander, Ed Snowden and his new book, Permanent Record, and share the conversation with our visiting commentator and friend, Bruce Erickson. Enjoy!

Mrs. Future has enrolled at Hogwarts Academy


Illustrated Radio - See and Hear us in 360 video interact with guest Amara Angelica 

This is my latest media experiment with 360 video, and I must say I really like it!  While on the air at  KSCO this week I recorded our studio interview with futurist Amara D. Angelica​ in 360 video, and then added into the interview illustrations and videos of what we were discussing, along with a music sub track by Miss Monique! Remember to SCROLL the video, this is 360!
 This is a 13-minute out-take where  we were chatting  about: the Singularity, Neuralink, The Oneness, the latest in brain/mind connections, The Matrix, visionaries Ray Kurzweil and Elon Musk, mini-brains, super intelligences, and other ‘sundry’ topics.   
It should play on a standard smartphone, tablet or laptop, and will look fantastic in VR googles! Enjoy, and let me know what you think..Dr. F


Interview - Amara Angelica on the Brain/Computer Interface - Heads in the Cloud

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As our computers get smarter and the fabled Singularity approaches. machine intelligence may far exceed the capacities and awareness of our species. Many fear that we may become our machine’s housecats or even worse, end up in  the dust bin of history.  But perhaps we have a more noble future. If, for example, we could connect our collective intelligence as a species more directly with our AI’s, we would symbiotically explore the universe together. High bandwidth connectivity with our super smart machines, creating a hybrid superbrain, could save the day for us! And then there is pursuing a more direct connection with Nature.. We explore some of these ideas this week with Amara Angelica, who worked closely with Ray Kurzweil and authored the KurzweilAI newsletter for many years, tracking the latest in brain/mind/computer advances, including Elon Musk’s highly advanced Neurolink company.  We also explore some of these ideas via SciFi, such as the Matrix films (soon there will a fourth). Enjoy!



Future News - Finding India's Lunar Lander, China's Rover finds Lunar Gel, Moon Conspiracies, Taylor Barcroft on the new iPhone 11 and Watch Series 5.

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Things looked bright for the Indian Lunar Chandrayaan 2 mission, until the final mile, when all contact was lost with the lander. It did land, however, but it appears to be on its side, a hard landing. Fortunately, most of the science of this mission lays with the instruments aboard the Chandrayaan 2 lunar orbiter.  So the mission continues despite the lander loss. Meanwhile, the Chinese lunar rover, the Yutu-2, has discovered what has been described as a gel-like substance near the South Pole. 

And to discuss the latest greatest iOS devices announced today by Apple, we have Taylor Barcroft in the studio, our Apple correspondent with the inside scoop. Should you get a new iPhone this year? There are many compelling reasons if you are still an iPhone 6,7,8 or X user.  (I do like the stunning new 3 lens camera on the iPhone 11 Pro). And if you like games, here’s comes Apple Arcade, where you can play dozens of compelling titles for $4.99/month. If you don’t like games, there is Apple’s Neflix competition, Apple TV plus, also for $4.99. Taylor will explain all. Enjoy!