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Future News- Sky Show, Space-X Explosion, Uber Trouble in France, Amazon in Mexico, Saving Ancient Sites from ISIS, Building with Drones, Bionic Eye Proves Useful, Humans AMC Show, Battery Breakthrough, How the 3D Printer Revolution Will Change Everything

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Though we are in the heat of the summer, it is not a slow news day for us!  Lots to explore today, starting with looking West at sunset to view the spectacular Venus/Jupiter encounter.  We were sad to hear of the SpaceX rocket failure Sunday, and Dr. Joe, one of our callers, wondered sabotage.  Probably not, but we’ll find out as SpaceX analyzes what went so horribly wrong.  

Saving ancient archeological dig sites in war zones has always been an issue, but there is a plan to digitize in 3D some threatened digs in Iraq and Syria.  The Argus II system for helping those with Retinitis Pigmentosa eye issues seems to be working, good news for those with RP.  And this week we take a closer look at the 3D printer revolution and how it will seriously impact the industrial revolution as we know it!  Enjoy the show..



Future News - Big Solar Flares, First Commercial Drone Deliveries, Advances in Machine Learning, De-Extinction and the Real Jurassic World, Body part recognition, When Machines Dream, Generating photos out of Nothing. 

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In the heat of the summer from the shores of Lake Union in the town of Seattle, we have much news to share. After years of delay, the first commecial drones will soon be delivering cargo in the US, thanks to a process known as ‘de-extinction,’ long dead species like wooly mammoths and saber-toothed tigers will soon be resurrected, advances in machine learning will identify us in many different poses, with good shots of our face, and artificial neural networks can now ‘dream.’  A fun show full of sci fi becoming real!

Through a process called ‘inceptionism’ this image was dreamed up by a computer.


E3 Begins, Fully Autonomous Car Fleet for US by 2025, AR VR Report by pundit Agent Greg Panos.

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It is the summer, we are on the road, but the show continues, as there are many new amazing things to report.  We were quite impressed with a paper by Zack Kanter entitled “How Uber’s Autonomous Cars will Destroy 10 Million Jobs and Reshape the Exonomy by 2025,” and spend some time discussing it.  

This is a big week for Virtual and Augmented Reality fans, with the AWE 2015 and E3 events unfolding.  To bring us up to speed here we have our favorite pundit Greg Panos on deck, to help us make sense of it all! Enjoy!

Oculus’s forthcoming consumer virtual-reality headset, Rift, with new 3D controllers


Darpa Robotics Challenge Winners, Underwater Street Views, The SuperYogi Scenario, and Rowan Gabrielle on Sacred Commerce.

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On Future News this week we report on the DARPA sponsored Robotics Challenge, Google’s new underwter street views, and a new test for determining all the viral infection you’ve ever had from one drop of blood.

We are excited to present you with a report about Apple’s upcoming World Wide Developers Conference from Future Agent Taylor Barcroft, We aslo have a live interview with James Conner, on his new fiction book, The SuperYogi Scenario, about a different breed of superheros and villains that get their powers from yogic practices. And we have an in studio interview with the beautiful and brilliant Rowan Gabrielle, who shares with us her insights from living in the Middle East and being a practicioner and co-author of a book on the ancient art of Sacred Commerce.  Enjoy!


Future News - French Facebook AI lab, Smart hand-held robotic tools, Beyond perfect vision with Bionic Lens, Google Gestures, Biodegradable chips,Neurophone update with Ken Sheetz, guest tech pundit Shane Saxon 

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Lots going on this week, from a new AI lab in Europe to thinking beyond the paradigm of war.  Our regular irregular tech pundit this week is Shane Saxon,  an expert in augmented and virtual reality, coding new software for navigating in the upcoming virtual worlds.  In the second part of the show, we speak with Ken Sheetz on the new NEO Neurophone project, which so far has raised more than 1.1 million dollars on IndieGoGo.  He explains how they were able to be so successful with their crowd-sourcing campaign.  Enjoy the show!A new kind of computer chip that is 99% biodegradable