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New Mars Mission, Hawking's ET Experiment, Greg Pano's VR Update, and How to Change the World with Evolutionary Agents Bruce Erickson, Substance TGI, and Elina St. Onge

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Mars and Aliens and VR, oh my!  And that’s just the beginning this week.. Also in the studio we Elina St. Ongehave several Dr. Future regulars and special guest Elina St. Onge in Montreal, discussing how we can actually change the world for the better, starting with ourselves and our own psychology of empowerment.  Substance also gives us a report from her recent eco-village tour around Southern California and Elina delves a bit inton her latest endeavors, such as WeCo, a social network for collaborative projects.  Throughout, Bruce Erickson keeps us all amused with stories from his illustrious checkered past. Enjoy!

L-R Al Lundell (Dr. F) Substance, Bruce Erickson, Sun Lundell (Mrs. F)




Political Commentary - Pundit Dave Spencer, founder of Practically Republican and member of the Rockefeller Family

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In this election year we need voices that can lead us to a better future, more than ever. Dave Spencer founded Practically Republican to create a forum where pragmatic, levelheaded GOP supporters can make their voices heard at a time when divisiveness, anger and rhetoric dominate the party platform. 

Dave’s Journey towards practical politics was partially shaped by his background.  Born in New Your as a member of the Rockefeller family, he grew up around a culture of political interest and involvement by being in a family that is considered to be one of the most powerful families in the history of the United States.

On Dr. Future he discusses the latest Presidential debate, the current balance of control in the Senate and House, whether a business man should run the government, solutions to the national debt, immigration, and terroisism issues, Supreme Court nominees, cutting taxes for the middle class, social security solutions, and government-owned cryptocurrency.  Enjoy!



Future News - Mostly presidential politics and call-ins as the elections near

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Though we are mostly science and spirituality geeks, we sometimes delve into the world of politics, especially as we approach the presidential elections.  And being on a conservative station gets us into a very different paradigm than what we personally embrace. Good for us though, and creates some interesting conversation. Enjoy! 


Future News - Google Pixel VR Ecosystem, Space Battles on Capitol Hill, Nobel Prize Announcements, Microbiome Mysteries Revealed

Listen Now to Future News 10.05.2016

The big news this week of Google’s new smartphone home entertainment ecosystem promises to bring VR to the masses.  We cover this in detail, with some feedback from our chief engineer at KSCO, Bill Graff. The space battles in the Capitol and possible sabotage of the Space X rocket last month is also under our scrutiny. 

Towards the end of the show we hear from Bobby Wilder regarding a story of on the microbiome we were discussing.  Bobby gives us some fascinating info on our internal microbiomes, well worth checking out.  Enjoy!


The Futures explore the Trump/Hillary debate with pundit Dave Spencer of Practically Republican,and lots of callers, including a Swiss and Texan POV.

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It was the day after the first Trump Hillary debate and naturally the populace wanted to talk about it.  But first we simply had to cover the NASA press conference on the water plumes of Jupiter’s moon, Europa, and Elon Musk’s big plan for Martian colonization. And naturally, we had an interesting conspiracy call about the secret government space and time travel programs to consider in our understanding of what’s really going on.

On a more pragmatic note, Dave Spencer, founder of Practically Republican shares his analysis of the Trump/Hillary debate, giving the’ bout’ to Hillary.  Dave, a fifth generation Rockefeller, founded Practically Republican to create a forum where “level-headed GOP supporters could make their voices heard at a time when divisiveness, anger and rhetoric dominate the party platform.” He believes the best way to save the GOP at this point is for Hillary to win the election.

In the second hour a Swiss caller, Fabian, gave us a Eurocentric perspective of our U.S. elections, and some insight into the gun control issue. In Switzerland, all able-bodied men are trained in a national militia, where they are issued automatic weapons to every household, after proper training.    In the gun issue we also have the Texan perspective expressed by “Joachin,” who speaks of guns as tools around the house and the Texas “needed a killing” law. Never a dull moment around here, enjoy!