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Interview - Drs. HelenĂ© Wahbeh and Arnaud Delorme on their PSI research at the Institute of Noetic Sciences

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Can mediums and channelers bring in valuable information? Can the mind directly affect matter? Are we truly Helané Wahbeh, ND, MCR Director of Researchconnected to everything?  These are some of the topics we broach today with Institute of Noetic Sciences  scientists, on the eve of their semi-annual convention this year in Santa Clara, CA. Helané Wahbeh is the Director of Research at IONS and Arnaud Delorme is a neuroscientist, currently studying the communications of mediums and channelers. 

An infomative and fun conversation, and if you want to knowArnaud Delorme, PhD research scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences more the IONS 18th International Conference is open to the public. Bonus- if you put in the code “FUTURE” when you register, you get a $75 discount! Hope to see you there!


Future News - CA Quake triggering Volcanoes? First Lightsail 2 photos, Indian Moon launch Imminent, Virgin Galactic going public, Israeli Lunar Lander Lives! PBS's "Chasing the Moon", AI and Facial Recognition with the DMV and Casinos 

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We were sure lucky not to have those latest CA quakes in our neigborhood, but should we be concerned that they did happen in the Coso Volcanic Field, and activate volcanic activity. We’ll be keeping an eye on that..

Meanwhile, citizen scientists have launched the Lightsail 2, demonstrating how spacecraft, including satellites, can navigate solely with light (using a lightsail), the Indian spacecraft Chandrayaan-2 will blast off July 15 with a lunar lander and rover for the moon’s South pole region, already populated with the Chinese lander, Chang’e 3.  It looks like there might be lots of water there.. It looks like you’ll soon be able to invest in Virgin Galactic, which will offer passenger rides to space later this year!

And watch out for the combo of AI with Facial recognition tech, which is affecting the way government agencies are looking for criminals and casinos are targeting suckers! Enjoy..

Chandrayaan-2 has three modules, an Orbiter, a Lander called Vikram, and a Rover called Pragyan, which means ‘wisdom’ in Sanskrit.


Asteroid Spotter Works!, Today's Total Solar Eclipse, Psyche 16 could create 7 Billion Billionaries, SpinLaunch instead of Rockets, MiniBrains rise, MRI for Atoms, Celebrating World UFO Day with amazing stories from our listeners

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The summer is here and we in Santa Cruz are loving it! Meanwhile in South America a total eclipse of the Sun has happened, and our new super sophisticated Hawaiian-based asteroid spotted succesfully predicted the path of an asteroid air bursting near Puerto Rico, yay! It looks like NASA will be sending a probe to the asteroid belt in 2022 to investigate Psyche 16, rumored to be made of solid metal, including valuable ones like platinum and gold, enough to make us all billionaires! Asteroids are not something simply to be feared..

And to celebrate World UFO day we have several ufo stories from our audience and Bear, an in studio guest today. Enjoy!

Solar eclipse as seen from La Silla Observatory in La Higuera, Coquimbo Region, Chile, on July 02, 2019.


Falcon Heavy Success, 'Biggest Little Farm' Film Review, Carrington Event discussion,Fred McPherson memorial, The 'Late Heavy Bombardment' may not have happened, Vast Reservoir of Fresh Water Found off of East Coast, Updates on Libra, the new Facebook Crypto and on Disclosure Fest in LA.

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Big news this week with Space X and the Falcon Heavy launch. Very successful in launching all 24 payloads, and Giant aquifer seen in yellow hatched areas, with triangles representing survey expeditions.capturing 3 out 4 recoverable components! Mrs. Future raves about the indy film Biggest Little Farm, about an urban couple that moves to the country and creates a diversified organic farm outside of LA. Bobby Wilder calls in to comment on several stories, including the massive fresh water aquifer off the US east coast and we chat about the significance of the new Facebook cryptocurrency, Libra.  Ed Ellsworth checks in about Disclosure Fest, a summer festival this last weekend in LA. Enjoy!

Falcon Heavy Launch with 24 payloads, launched 6.24.2019


Stunning New Martian Crater, Star Fleet Chevron on Mars, Super Snail Glue, Green Rocket Fuel, Harvesting Drinking Water from Air, Greg Panos on Manipulated Media and 'Deep Fake' Technology. 

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Lots of great space news this week, such as a new stunningly beautiful Martian crater from a recent impact, and the Star Fleet symbol, also found on the red planet. Our guest this week is our very own Gregory Panos, a VR/AR/XR cyber pioneer from the beginnning.. This week he reports on the latest in technologies that allow easy manipulation of media, such as audio and video impersonations. Looking at Deep Fakes is very timely as last week, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence did their first public hearing on such issues that may pose national security challenges.  Enjoy!

Evidence of fictional aliens messing with Mars?