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Interview - Howard Bloom on Why the Rockets Blew Up

Listen Now to Howard Bloom

One of our favorite guests, Howard is on the show today to talk about a subject dear to his heart, the future of our space program.  He explains how we are facing a momentous challenge and battle of control over our space budget,  when it comes to supporting the David in a field of Goliaths, Elon Musk, and his plans to get the American space program back on track, with state-of-the art US made rockets taking us to the space station and beyond. 

And just what was the underlying cause of the Antares and Space Ship Two rockets blowing up so spectacularly last month?

A very insightful and engaging speaker, Howard will update you on what’s going on with our space plans and dollars.




Future News - Star Trek 50, Smart Luggage, Video Games Making You Smarter, Robot Walker, Big Drone Investments, Why VR Now

It’s been pretty crazy this week, with the Ferguson grand jury non-indictment of the police officer, which brings up for us the implementation of cop cams, so that we know what actually happened.  Yes, we see cameras perhaps built into badges, networked, so that citizens could simply type in the badge number or name of the officer and see the camera live.  How’s that for transparency of governing authority?
In entertainment it is the 50th anniversary of the TV series, Star Trek.. Not the official first episode, but the pilot, with a slightly different crew, including a smiling Spock, and no Captain Kirk.  Still…it’s the start of Star Trek!  And if you are heading out, consider getting some smart luggage, a suitcase that reports to you where it is at all times, and can provide extra charges for you phone and tablets in a pinch! And video games making you smarter?…well…Lots of fun and interesting stories this week, enjoy!
Jeffrey Hunter, left, and Majel Barrett in a scene from the rejected pilot for “Star Trek.” (Paramount Pictures)

Interview - Meg Blackburn Losey, author of Children of Now, Evolution

Listen Now to Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey

Dr. Meg is an international speaker and author of 9 books, including the popular “Children of Now,”about kids born into this world with innate wisdom and various gifts of knowing. Her latest book delves more deeply into the knowledge these children are disseminating to the adults of today. On our show, she shares some of these messages from the kids and how they have reached out to her to help disseminate their communications to us.  One group of the children are all about the planet and technology and inventing new things, while another are more focused on the intuitive arts, movement, and healing.  Meg is a great speaker, and we think you’ll enjoy hearing her and what she has to share.



Future News - Asteroid Update, Pluto in our Crosshairs, Printing Circuits, Bandwidth on the Rise

Listen Now to Future News 11.18.2014

It’s been really fun listening to the reports of Philae and the asteroid.  We bring you the latest news from ‘the rock,’ (as of our broadcast), and then take you out to Pluto, where are NASA probe, New Horizons, is waking up, being taken out of suspended animation and into the present, prepping for it’s Plutonion explorations.  

The evolution of printers takes another step into the future with the printing of working electronic circuits, further opening up the design and implementation of electronic gadgets for every conceivable use. Amazing breathrough!  

And lots of bandwidth for all seems to be the future, as Project Loon and new wireless technologies further increase our breadth and coverage of Planet Earth with Wifi. Lots of callers this week too, enjoy!



On the Dolphin Trail with Ed Ellsworth

Listen Now to Ed Ellsworth on Dr. Future Show

There are few peope I’ve known that have worked so extensively with dolphins, especially in the context of research and in introducing people to the species.

He was a Dolphin Researcher with Dr. John C. Lilly and the Human/Dolphin Foundation, in California. He was a Humpback Whale Naturalist with EarthTrust, narrating whale watching trips in Maui. He has led dolphin trips and workshops in the Bahamas for the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Ed founded The Dolphin Network, and published Dolphin Net, an educational newsletter, publicizing the plight of captive dolphins and campaigns about dolphins dying in tuna nets. He also led dolphin trips and workshops in the Florida Keys, Bahamas and Hawaii.  And today he leads us into their world..