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Interview - David Blume on how local Alcohol Production will get us off of Oil.

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Local entreprenuer, author and farmer David Blume shares with us how fuel grade alcohol can be produced locally and provide fuel for heating, cooking, and our vehicles.  Its a big topic, but Dave is great in introducing how this transition to a cleaner fuel can be made.

David Blume with the Futures


Future News - Lyft Claims Autonomous Fleet in 5 Years, DARPA Surveillence Drone Plans, Ancient Skeleton from Antikythera Mechanism's Greek Ship Wreck, Taylor Barcroft on Latest Apple Watch iPhone 7.

Listen Now to Future News 9.20.2016

Autonomous vehicles take another leap forward with Lyft’s embrace the technnology, following in the footsteps of Uber and Google. Meanwhile DARPA plans better drone surveillance technologies..and an ancient skeleton was found in the Greek ship wreck that was the home of the fabled Antikythera mechanism, the most ancient computer type mechanism ever built.

Our all things Apple guy, Taylor Barcroft makes an appearance this week to update us on the new iPhone 7 and the newest Apple Watch, both sporting some significant advances.  Enjoy..


an X-Ray of the ancient Antikythera Mechanism


Want to Explore some New Worlds? Hop on the Eco-Bus for an 11-Day Exploration of Eco-Communities and Centers in SoCal. 

Listen Now to Bryan Arturo and Shayna Gladstone of Earth Journeys

Curious about current alternative living situations and new approaches in creating sustainable communitites? This week we speak with Bryan Arturo and Shayna Gladstone about their 11-day rolling retreat visiting eco oriented communities and education centers across Southern California. 

Shayna Gladstone, co-founder of Earth JoThere is a renaissance in thinking about community and sustainable living. Bryan and Shayna are offering an opportunity to experience this revolution first hand.  We talk with them about what one might see on this tour, exploring such topics as aquaculture, reversing draught, aquaculture, community collaboration, deep ecology, personal empowermentBryan Arturo of Earth Journeys processes, and a whole systems design approach to building.

We trust you will enjoy their perspectives on this most unique  Earth Journey experience.


Future News - Space X Mystery Deepens, New Jupiter Pics, Uber and Tesla Autonomous Updates, iPhone 7 Considerations

Listen Now to Future News 09-13-2016

What is going on with the Space X Falcon 9 Explosion?  What was the heat source for the ignition? Musk is reaching out to the public to see if there is any more information about that disastrous event..Meanwhile new pics of Jupiter have ermerged, and Uber has autonomous cars out in the wild! Enjoy..


Dr. Bruce Damer - An update on his work in Asteroid Capture and Origin of Life Research

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We catch up with  Dr. Bruce, just back from a trip deep into the Outback of Australia, researching the oldest forms of life on this planet, stromatolites, and how they originated in the froth of ancient hotsprings in the late Haedian Age when much of the planet was flowing with hot lava and steaming water, over 4 billion years ago.

Dr. Bruce Damer photo- Reno DeCaroIn a characteristic verbal style that allows us to readily visualize what he is saying, he takes us into the tightly squeezed bubbles that were the home to the first bootstrap code of life itself, a perturbation in the froth of an ancient hotsprings on Earth’s young land.

Our conversation also takes us out into the depths of outer space, looking deep in the past, at the origins of the moon, and later what the next steps for our species might be in creating a true solar system economy.  How about a rdie in a Damer Disc? 

Mixing in some of her delightful magic, Dr. Bruce’s wife Galen completes the show with an appropriate classic Sinatra tune.  Enjoy!