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Future News- Review of Maker Faire with VR pundit Greg Panos, Richard Cray, and Drone Racer Zoe Stumbaugh

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The KSCO studio was full today with visitors, all of whom participated in adding valuable comments to our most interesting topics.  All our guests had been at last weekend’s epic Bay Area Maker Faire, from which we drew content for much of the show. We also delved a bit into politics, given that this is a major election year, and after all, we are on talk radio.  For that segment we even got a call from Republican Jerry Law, running for a U.S. Senate position this year in California. 

For the last segment of the show we bring on Zoe Stumbaugh, who is the first woman to make the Drone Nationals this year!  We talk about the latest amazing track design, debuted at the Maker Faire, and the future of drone racing as a career path.  A very dynamic and exciting show this week, enjoy!

Foreground-Richard Cray, rear L-R Greg Panos, Al Lundell, Sun Lundell (Dr. Mrs. Future)


Group Discussion - Future News and Artificial Intelligence with Dr. Eliot Handelman, Andie Zigler, and Casey X.

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With the advent of the White House’s efforts for “Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence,” and the arrrival in studio of Dr. Future’s top AI agents from the field, we present  you with our latest download on AI and related issues.  Straight shooters, you’ll appreciate the twist and turns of our conversation. Though watch out for the  ‘bucket of sludge that assembles itself into the next space explorer rocket’.  Enjoy..

Musical AI Agents relaxing at the Boardwalk Arcade.


Interview - Science Journalist Ken Heckenlively on his latest book, "Plague," about the link between human retroviruses and issues like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Autism.

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In many ways what Kent has been researching dovetails nicely with last week’s show on vaccines and autism.  In his book Plague, Kent tells of the trials and tribulations of Dr. Judy Mikovits, who went to hell and back for associating a newly discovered retrovirus with the human conditions of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, autism, prostate cancer, lymphoma, and neuro-developmental disorders in children.

Kent also shares a little of his personal story investigating autism (his daughter has a severe case) and what he has found regarding potential treatments. Very outspoken, Kent reports that our medical regulatory system is seriously broken and needs help. 

However, he is optimistic about the future, and is excited about the research of Robert K. Naviaux, MD, PhD, at UCSD that suggests autism is the consequence of abnormal cellular communications, and that a century old drug, originally prescribed for African Sleeping Sickness, improves cell communications and autism in the process. Enjoy!


Future News - Starfish Return, Ransomware More Rampant, Ghostbusters Times Square VR Theme Park, Siri Meet Viv, Dr. Bruce Damer on Luxembourg investing in Asteroid Mining

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Hey good news for our West Coast Pacific ecosystem, our Starfish have returned, after suffering a devastating viral attack that had taken out 95% of their population. Not so lucky are the receivers of Ransomware, a increasing form of cyber attack that destroys all your computer files, unless you pay ransom in Bitcoin, a not easily traceable form of currency.

And then there is the rise of an early Virtual Reality Theme park in Times Square around the Ghostbusters theme, a worthy and notable choice in our opinion.  What better concept to show off the multi-dimensional possibilities of VR than ghosts and goblins?

And the highlight of our news segment this week is a story on how Luxembourg, one of the world’s smallest richest countries is investing in Asteroid Mining, a very futuristic concept promolgated by edgey California-based companies. To take a closer look at this story we bring on Dr. Bruce Damer, who is pioneering a new approach towards asteroid capture, called Shepherd: A Concept for Gentle Asteroid Retrieval with a Gas-Filled Enclosure.  Enjoy!

Will Asteroids bring great wealth to our planet?


Interview - VAXXED Producer Del Bigtree and Director Dr. Andrew Wakefield with Vix and Vox

Listen Now to Interview with VAXXED creators Del Bigtree and Dr. Andrew Wakefield

In this show we are happy to bring you our interview with both the producer and the director of the controversal documentary film suggesting a link between vaccines and autism, VAXXED-From Coverup to Catastrophe.

Since the film was dropped from the Tribecca Film Festival lineup because of pressure placed on the organizers, this documentary has been picked up by dozens of theaters across the country as people wonder what all the fuss is about.  And some fuss it is, as we learn how our trusted Center for Disease Control has fudged data that suggests a vaccine-autism link. 

To help with the interview, we have our citizen scientist team, Vix and Vox, provide pertinent questions and context.  They also suggest checking out the website, A Voice for Choice, for further information on this controversial topic.  Enjoy!

L-R VAXXED Producer Del Bigtree and Director Dr. Andrew Wakefield