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Interview - Visionary Activist Caroline Casey on updating our stories of who we are and what we are doing 

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Caroline Casey shares with us how we can assume ‘cultural narrative lead’ in defining our story, the mythos ofourselves in how we are creating our experience of life at this time.  She is coming to our town this weekend and will be assisting our community in weaving our story and contribution to the greater whole of our species.  

As she says on her website, “Caroline W. Casey is willing to cahoot with all contributing to the emergent culture of reverent ingenuity and reciprocal blessing… Co-operators are standing by!”


Future News - Apple's Research Kit a big hit, Infrared Alien Hunting, Costa Rican Energy Renewables Record,A new Molecule-making Machine  

Listen Now to Future News 3.24.2014

One of Dr. Future’s favorite predictions, that the smart phone will become the center of our personal health world, is one step closer to reality as medical researchers world wide begin to embrace Apple’s new Research Kit. Soon millions of people will be enrolling in thousands of medical programs of all kinds, dramatically speeding up the evolution of our health system.  Googe’s Android will not be far behind, now that Apple has layed down the gauntlet of personal health squarely on the iPhone.  Come on Siri, you’ve got to play with this too!



Future News- St. Paddy's Day Unusual Facts and Dr. Eliot Handelman on Popular AI

Listen Now to Dr. Future Show 3.17.2014

Who would have guessed that our St. Paddy’s day show would stimulate so many calls about Four Leaf Clovers? We also bring on again Dr. Eliot Handelman in looking at popular conceptions and misconceptions of Artificial Intelligence, discussing films like “2001 a Space Odyssey,” “Her,” “AI,” and the new “Chappie,” currently bombing in the movie theaters.    Fascinating discussion bound to pique your interest in the rise of machine intelligence.


Update Report on Apple Watch by Barcroft and Musical Artificial Intelligence by Handelman and Sigler.

Listen Now to Dr. Future Show 3.10.2015

By now most of us have heard of the Apple Watch, but not from the perspective of our very own MacHeads the Movie star, Taylor Barcroft.  Very excited about the new wrist computer from Apple, Taylor gives us a more detailed look at the device, as well as the other announcements made during Apple’s presentation event this week.

We also catch up with Drs. Eliot Handelman and Andie Sigler and their work on creating a musical AI. With AI in the news of late as potentially dangerous, We ask them to step back a bit contexualize AI in relation to popular culture stories, like the HAL 9000 from 2001, HER, and most recently the South African flick, Chappie, about a police robot that becomes self-aware and trained by criminals.  Eliot and Andie communicate an openness about it all that is very inspired. We also take some great phone calls from the KSCO audience and end up feeling optimistic about the future of our robot overlords.

Most of our Dr. Future Show crew today - L-R Mrs. Future (Sun Lundell), John Monahan, Dr. Future (Al Lundell), Dr. Eliot Handelman, Soon to be Dr. Andie Sigler, Bruce Erickson


Future News - Dawn approaches Dwarf Planet Ceres Emitting Strange Lights,Killing Cancer with Virulent Viruses, Controlling Pain by Light, Body Transplants by 2017, Ask Dr. AI, Building a Memory Circuit from Stone Knives and Bearskins. 

Listen to Future News Now 3.3.15

By the time your read this, our NASA ion-propelled craft Dawn will be in orbit around the dwarf water planet Ceres, in our asteroid belt near Mars.  A frozen ice cube of water and rock 590 miles in diameter, it isn’t quite a planet, but it’s close.  It’s about a quarter as wide as the Moon, with a surface area 38 percent that of the continental US. And recently,  Dawn spotted a pair of strange, shiny dots on Ceres’ surface. No one has a clue what they are, and Dawn will help us unravel this deep mystery. 

Also exciting this week is Vice Video News Magazine’s exploration of research and clinical trials into reprogramming highly virulent viruses, like HIV and measles, so that they only attack cancer cells. Just wow, you’ve got to see it!

We also discuss the use of body cams in the LA homeless shooting this week, question whether we really want to wage war with Persians, share our favorite Spock quotes, and look the merits of a full body transplant.   Quite a far ranging show, based on topicsl stories of the week.