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Interview with Dr. Bruce Damer on Space Project Shepherd and Origins of Biological Life

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Dr. Bruce Damer, a Canadian-American multi-disciplinary scientist researching the question of origin of life, the incapsulation, capture, and analysis of icy asteroids along with other  solar system ‘planetesimals’, shares his latest projects, research, and speculations with us.

Did life originate on Earth?  Is Asteroid exploration more our future than colonizing Mars? Should we spread our seed, and not just our species, throughout our solar system? Can life be created from scratch?  

Dr. Bruce takes us from the inner realms of early life on Earth to the outer boundaries of spreading life of all kinds throughout the solar system. 

Enjoy the show!

Dr. Bruce Damer explores the ancient origins of biological life in Australia.


Future News - Blue Origin Entering Space Club, $100 Million E.T. Search, Hyperloop Gains Progress, Tanning Drug Leads to Pink Pill, Video Search Easily Confused 

Listen Now to Future News 8.25.2015

As the summer reaches it’s completion and Burning Man is well underway, we are back home in KSCO’s studio with the Future News! I particularly enjoyed  the Pink Pill discussion and looking for intelligent life in the Universe conversation! Though the Starship Enterprise being confused for a waffle iron was pretty hilarious.. Enjoy the show!



Interview - Dr. Stephen Sideroff on getting back into your Groove via The Path and the Nine Pillars of Resilience

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Do you know how musicans can get into a groove with each other when playing together? Well, according to Dr. Sideroff we can live the experience of life itself in a similar manner, once we master a few basic things, like becoming aware of the emotional ‘land-mines’ that can take us out of our center.  

Having worked with ‘peak perfomers,’ executives and athletes, as clients Dr. Sideroff recognized that one of the most important ingredients to success was earning the concept of flow and being in the zone.  The refer to a way of functioning in which everything is working together, in alignment.  When you are in your zone, you don’t need to think about what your doing and what you should be doing, you are just doing it.

So what takes us out of the zone?  Dr. Sideroff discusses this, introducing us to his model of the nine pillars that once mastered, take us back in the our natural flow.. After all, if we want a better future, we best start with creating a better present for ouselves!  

Enjoy our little chat with the good doctor, and if you like what you hear, consider getting his book, “The Path - Mastering the Nine Pillars of Resilience and Success.” 

Dr. Stephen Sideroff and his new book “The Path - Mastering the Nine Pillars of Resilience and Success



Future News - Coming to You From 'Mad Scientist Island', Quebec, Canada

Listen Now to Future News - 8.18.2015

Hey folks, for those listeners checking out our locale, check out our snazzy tent in the woods, on “Mad Scientist Island” in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec, Canada! Why the tent?  Because at our broadcast hour the mosquitos come out en masse, looking for dinner, and we look good to them!  The rest of the day is pretty much insect free, however.

Today’s news segment features a live call from our correspondent Greg Panos, who chaired a session at Siggraph last week on the pioneers of Virtual Reality.  He gives us an update on what unfolded at SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group Graphics) in relation to the art and science of VR. 

This week we also look at the trading routes of Ivory smugglers in Africa, thanks to hidden GPS transponders, why email is broken and new alternatives, the current state of xeno-transplantation for organs, self-evolving robots, and the coming wave of bionic hearing devices, all from our tent in the woods on an island with loons on the lake behind us.  Enjoy!!

Broadcasting from a little island in the Laurentian Mountains!


Future News - Google Alphabet Soup, Editas CRISPR Gene Editing Funded, Nuke News from Japan, Siggraph and Solar System Happenings, Drs. Eliot Handelman and Andie Sigler on Music, AI, Dreams & Autonomous Weapons, and Is the Universe a Fake? 

Listen Now to Dr. Future Show 8.11.2015

Broadcasting from Lac Noir in St. Adolphe d’Howard, in the Laurentian mountains of Quebec, Canada, we are joined by guests Dr. Eliot Handelman and soon-to-be Dr. Andie Sigler in the second hour.  

We cover the big Google news, Alphabet, and what it could possibly mean for the future of the mega corporation, we look at Editas, the CRISPR based gene editing company funded to the tune of $120 Million this week, the latest news from our many probes in the Solar System, and the nuclear power plant reboot in Japan.

With Eliot and Andie, we look at AI news, including the new Dreamify app from Google, er..Alphabet, field questions on the soul and brain uploading, autonomous weapons, and whether the universe is a simulation.  And did I mention we had a lot of fun in the process of making this show?  Enjoy!

Broadcasting the Dr. Future Show with guests Eliot Handelman and Andie Sigler from our remote Canadian Outpost