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Future News and Interview with Steveanne Auerbach aka Dr. Toy

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To more appreciate the breadth and depth of Dr. Steveanne Auerbach’s  profound wisdom on Toys, we dedicated all but the first segment of the show for our interview with her.  

Dr. Toy, Stevanne Auerbach, PhD, has been for many years one of the nation’s and world’s leading experts on play, toys, and children’s products. 

She has come to our KSCO studios to chat about all things toy.  We had a lot of fun!



Future News - Japanese Drone Fleet, Full-sized Electric Plane, The Drone Solution to MH17, New Hacker Movie, Jaguar's Ultra Fun Augmented Driving, and our almost famous John Monahan and callers on Rock and Religion

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We are back from Canada, in the KSCO studios with lots tales to regale you with, including an innovative solution to the unfortunate Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 debacle.  Algorhythm, a cool Bay Area film on hacking where you shouldn’t is in our links session, and in our second hour we continue our ongoing conversation on the evolution of music, this time, with a little help from local artist John Monahan, a look at the 60’s, with themes of love and musicians rose to the status of Rock Gods.  

Jaguar’s Augmented Reality Windscreen


Future News and Discussion of Music and AI with Dr. Eliot Handelman and Andie Sigler

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For this show we have broken with tradition and combined our news segment with the interview, by inviting the guests to be part of the news commentary.  Both Andie Sigler and Eliot Handelman are experienced with radio and we thought we’d take advanatage of that and their intelligence to create an interesting and dynamic show. 

We explore news items like an on/off switch for consciousness, a smart cam for fingers, and new radio bursts from beyond our galaxy. As far as the MIT vs McGill shananigans Eliot mentions…well…you decide..

For the second half, we focus on Eliot and Andie’s ongoing work with music and computers, especially the intersection of music and AI. A verfy dynamic conversation we where explore what is possible and what is pragmatically possible.  

The show was recorded live at Casey James Basichis’s sunny loft in Montreal, Quebec, a music composer for the Cartoon Network working with Eliot and Andie on an AI music composer software project.




Looking at North American History through a More Real Refreshing Lens


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According to award-winning journalist and historian Colin Woodard, North America is made up of eleven distinct nations, each with its own unique historical roots. With the help of Dr. Future’s mother, Irene Lambert, we use this lens of our collective past to gain a deeper insight into our real roots, beyond the simplistic national story of “One Nation Under God” into something more real, as we hurtle through the corridors of time, towards a future worth living.


Future News - Google co-founders to reveal many thoughts, Bioprinting Vascualar Networks, Red Blood Cell 'Fedex', Cheap Organic Flow Battery Breakthrough, Yeti DNA Analyzed, New Foxconn Robots, Shower Bus on the Road

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Lots of great news this week, as we do the show live from Montreal, Quebec, Canada!

Bioprinting is reaching new heights, with methods of creating viable vascular networks, red blood cells can soon carry more molecules than oxygen, Flow Batteries for big electrical utilities make a lot of sense, Foxconn brings online thousands of new robots for making the new iPhone 6, Mercedes-Benz demos their protoype autonomous truck, Star Wars takes over a German airport, and more.. Enjoy!