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Future News - 64 Sats orbited by one Falcon 9, Mars InSight Powered Up, CRISPR Baby Scandal Grows, AI's for Predictive Policing, Lab Grown Meat Quietly Approved by FDA & USDA, Duncan McCollum on Camp Fire Animal Rescue Operations  

Listen Now to Future News 12.04.2018

As the holidays approach, there’s big trouble in China, as the main scientist behind the genetically-modified babies mysteriously disappears.  This week we look at some of the hot water Dr. He Jiankui has created for himself. Meanwhile, good news in outer space, as Space X launches 64 sats on one rocket, and our InSight Lander on Mars powers up perfectly, with solar panels now fully deployed.

Closer to home, Dr. Duncan McCollum visits us in the KSCO studios to tell us about the animal rescue operations of the Camp Fire, California’s biggest and most deadly wildfire so far.  For those who want to go directly to how they can help the critters, check out the website of the North Valley Animal Disaster Group and/or text to the number 474747 then put ‘campfirepets’ in the text message box.


Future News including guest commentator Todd Stock (Dr. Paradise) - What's Next for the new Martian Lander, Deep Discussion on the Implications of Gene-edited Humans, Reaching Symbiosis with AI's, Robotic animal training, the Mysteries of Wombat and Whale poo, Lego Passages 

Listen Now to Future News 11.27.2018

It’s an exciting week, with the InSight lander safely on Mars and the announcement of the first gene-edited human babies in China!  To help elucidate the topics this week, we have Todd Stock (aka Dr. Paradise) in the studio, a renaissance mind with a background in programming, AI, CGI, media, and enlightenment.  And believe me, these topics need some serious discussion by us all, especially gene-editing and AI. Enjoy!

L-R Al Lundell (Dr. F), Todd Stock, Sun Lundell (Mrs. F)







Future News - Update on the huge Camp Fire with Frank Schwartz, Air filtration with Bobby Wilder, Negative Ion and Ozone Generator Air purification with Master Now, Update on BFR and Martian Landers

Listen Now to Future News 11.20.2018

As the Camp Fire that consumed the town of Paradise continues to burn, it has created an unbelievable amount of smoke that has blanketed the Bay Area. Now dangerous is it, and what should we do?  To help with these issues, Frank gives us an update on the fire, including the coming toxic rains, Bobby gives us some good info on filtration for our homes, and Master Now extolls the air cleaning virtues of Negative Ion and Ozone generators.

Meanwhile, we have a new lander descending to Mars this coming Monday, we have picked the landing spot for the 2020 Martian lander, and Elon Musk has updated his design for the BFR, which will take colonists to Mars in the next decade.   Enjoy!

RealTime Purple Air Sensor Map November 21, 2018


Future News - Digital Immortality, Nano Membrane Toliets, Martian Sunrise Sonata, Wildfire tracker Frank Schwartz on the California Wildfires

Listen Now to Future News 11.13.2018

As we evolve, new forms of self-expression and represenations of us is evolving too. We discuss some of the newest forms of these digital representations of us and our creative process. And speaking of creative, we have some artist scientists turning a Martian sunrise into music!

Back on our planet, Frank Schwartz gives us a detailed update on the progress of the biggest wildfires currently active in California, using the latest tools for tracking and evaluating these burning infernos. He also discusses the particulate fallout of these fires and best masks for protecting our lungs from these toxic airborne compounds. Franks comes on at 44:30 in the podcast.

A couple of callers shared with us more emergency websites for tracking fires and first responders. These resources are listed in our links page. Thanks for listening!

Frank Schwartz - Wildfire Tracker


Future News - Cray Cray Voting Booths Through Time, Homage to the Kepler and Dawn Missions as Starman Shoots Past Mars, LarvalBot reseeds Coral Reefs shortly after Tokamok Takes Leap Towards Total Fusion Power while GM explores the EBike business (but needs a name), and last in today's improbable headlines, (probably should have been first) The Internet of Smells Makes its first Whiff! www.drfutur

Listen Now to Future News 11.06.2018

Fun show today as folks head to the polls.  We share a little of the arcane history of polling booths and how they have evolved from the 19th century. We give a nod to a couple of space missions that have reached their end of life, honoring what they have contributed to us all, look at the future of energy and transportation, and most hilariously, the imminent arrival of the Internet of Smells! Enjoy..