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Martian Gas Flume, Pirate Bay Cloned, Robot given Worm Brain, Report on Emerald Cup 2014

Listen Now to Dr. Future News 12.16.2014

Fun show this week, with tantalizing clues of Martian microbes, how information wants to be free, a new form of biomimicry, plus a focus in the second hour on the Emerald Cup, and the fast emerging Cannabis business culture, as we hurtle to full legality in 2016.  

Dr. Future checks out a display of the organic entries for Emerald Cup 2014


Interview -Graphic Artist and Game Designer Gary Winnick

Listen Now to Gary Winnick

This week we interview Gary Winnick about his new collaboration with veteran game designer Ron Gilbert on their new project, Thimbleweed Park.  It is an interactive game, in the tradition of 1980’s click and play adventure style computer gaming, something both Gary and Ron excelled in creating at LucasArts back in the 1980’s (i.e. Maniac Mansion).

These guys have funded their new retro game via Kickstarter, and have exceeded their $375, 000 goal by $150,000, with another week to go on their campaign.  We talk with Gary about their success in raising the funds for their point and click retro adventure, whether there is a retro gaming wave happening, and how Thimbleweed will change the world, or at least his..


Future News - Ants to the Cleanup, Spray On Solar, Orion Success, Cannabis Emerald Cup 

Listen Now to Future News 12.09.14

Harnessing ants for city garbage disposal?  New York City has a proposal along those lines with new research to back up the idea.  But will they unionize? Solar power goes spraycan in the near future, turning just about any surface to a power generation location.  Highly distributed power, here we come! And the Emerald Cup is happening this weekend, one of the premiere showplaces in California for outdoor strains of cannabis and products.  We speak with the founder of the Cup, Tim Blake, touching on the Cup’s origins and the current issues in the California Cannabis community.


Future News - Heard of the Outernet? The Return of Vinyl Records, 3D Made in Space, Better Living Through DIY ElectroStimulation.

Listen Now to Future News 12.02.14

A very interactive show this week, with many callers weighing in on the return of vinyl story.  Do records literally sound better to you?  You aren’t the only one!  But who wants to turn over a record every 23 minutes?  Caller Bobby shares us how we can get richer sound with tube preamps, and then takes us into the world of DIY Electrostimulation, a promising new way of using electromagnetic brain stimulation for learning and creativity.  Caller Michael continues the conversation while plugged live into a Brain Stimulator tDCS Device.  A very fun show!


Interview - Howard Bloom on Why the Rockets Blew Up

Listen Now to Howard Bloom

One of our favorite guests, Howard is on the show today to talk about a subject dear to his heart, the future of our space program.  He explains how we are facing a momentous challenge and battle of control over our space budget,  when it comes to supporting the David in a field of Goliaths, Elon Musk, and his plans to get the American space program back on track, with state-of-the art US made rockets taking us to the space station and beyond. 

And just what was the underlying cause of the Antares and Space Ship Two rockets blowing up so spectacularly last month?

A very insightful and engaging speaker, Howard will update you on what’s going on with our space plans and dollars.