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Future News and Constitutional Lawyer Daniel Sheehan on a Call for Action

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Some interesting news this week, such as SpaceX getting $1 Billion from Google and Fidelity, and iRobot starting a venture capital company.  Most of our time this week, however, is dedicated to our guest, Constitutional and public interest lawyer, Daniel Sheehan, who brings to our attention a serious threat to our constitutional rights and what we can do about it, here and now. 

In response to constitutional violations of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, the Romero Institute is working to create a Constitution Protection Zone in Santa Cruz.  This would require all Santa Cruz City and County law enforcement officers to actively stop outside agencies from enforcing the unconstitutional  sections of the act.

Federal agents being stopped by local police?  It’s getting interesting now..



New Earth Type Planet Discoverered, Musk donates $10 Million to keep AI Safe, Pop Up Nanoassembly, Methuselah Fly Created, CES Update from Greg Panos, SpicePharma with Kitty Wells 

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Wow, a new earth type planet discovered, Kepler 438-b, a mere 500 light years away! Perhaps we can harness our evolving AI intelligences to create a breakthrough in Faster Than Life drives, so we can get there in a reasonable amount of time.  Well, maybe the AI’s don’t care so much about time, after all, circuit boards can survive deep space for thousands if not millions of years!   With the Future of Life Institute supported to the tune of $10 million to make sure AI’s grow up right, we might just see such inventions.

Meanwhile, Greg Panos gives us a more in-depth download of his adventures at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, from VR goggles to drones to autonomous vehicles.  And this week we also chat with Kitty Wells, about her hot (literally) SpicePharm creations that take chai and hot chocolate to the next level of yumminess and healthiness (while you listen to Dr. Future).  Enjoy!

 Forumlator Kitty Wells mixing up some Spice Elixers


Meditation evolves Grey Matter, Breaking the Photon Barrier, Smartphone Separation Anxiety, Creating a Microtopian Society

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Apparently meditation can actually modify the grey matter of the brain, suggesting more mind/matter connections are going on than we realize.  This fascinating study, done at Harvard University, proves that meditation can literally rebuild the brain’s grey matter in as few as 8 weeks.  Our conversation on this topic brought in a caller who literally pulled over on to the shoulder of Hwy 1 to share with us his meditation practices!  

And in the second hour we first talk with Gregory Panos about his adventures at the Consumer Electronics Show (more next week), and spend most of our remaining time talking with Etheric Networks CEO, Alexander Hagen, about his ideas of what he calls “Microtopia,” a new  model for our global economy. He touches on how we could really create a renaissance planet, given the tools and awareness we now have available…We have barely begun this discussion.. Enjoy!

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Future News - CES Update, The Mercedes-Benz Autonomous 'Livingroom', Dawn Spacecraft Awakens as it Approaches dwarf water planet Ceres, Are your cats cheating on you?, U2 UFOs, New Truth About AI, Reality Hacker Show?

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Lots of stories to share this week, with our radio active crew of John Monahan and Marian Sun McNamee, aka Mrs. Future. For starters, the Consumer Electronics Show is in full swing right now, with a whole pavilion dedicated to Drones,  another to 3D printers, another to cars,  personal transporters, etc.   Mercedes-Benz made a big splash by  debuted their new autonomous concept car at CES, bascially  a vision of the traveling living room, not unlike a luxurious train cabin. In their protoype car, driving is an option, and all seats are fully 360 degree rotatable. As Charlie pointed out to me at the beginning of today’s show, “in the early days of automobiles, the driver was on the outside of the cab.”  And stage coaches before that.  And flying carpets before that. Well, maybe not, but you know what I mean. So, a mobile social space? Sounds good!

The recent release of the heavily redacted CIA  report on the U2 and SR-71 spyplane is also quite fascinating, delving deeply into the top secret  world of the Cold War,   the scintillating history of aerial surveillance,  the creation of our  amazing  spy planes and a compelling expanation for  many UFO sitings by pilots. (Blue book officials were not allowed to divulge info of U2 and SR-71 flight paths).

We also discuss a different way to view  Artificial Intelligence, as suggested by Ray Kurzweil in a recent article in Time.   Fear the machine?.   Good luck with that..

Mercedes-Benz F 015: An Autonomous “Living Room On Wheels”



Future News - Favorite Stories of the Year, NSA Christmas revelations, Comparing Plane Crashes, Hedy Lamarr and Spread Spectrum, 2015 is Back to the Future II!

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Our last show of the year, commenting on what we thought was hot about 2014, as well as newly revealed info of the week.  We have a bit of fun looking at the 2015 future as predicted by the film Back to the Future II in 1989.  Enjoy and Happy New Year!!

Store Window from 2015 in “Back to the Future Part II”