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Future News - Governor Brown and Climate Change, 3D Volumetric Party Scanning, Buzzing Near Earth Asteroids, Pluto could be Promoted, Musk Weed, New First Responder Tech, ISS Leak Suspicious, Disneyland's Galaxy's Edge, Personal 911 Stories  

Listen Now to Future News 9.11.2018

We had a studio full of guests this week to comment on all things future, from new ways to ‘photograph’ events to Elon smoking weed, to Disneyland’s new Galaxy’s Edge, to singing “The Galaxy Song” by our very own Richard Cray! It’s also the 17th anniversary of the falling of the Twin Towers, and we have personal stories and perspectives to share, as well as looking at new tech and ways of thinking for first responders. It’s also the last show before our trip to Europe. Much thanks to our in studio contributors Greg Panos, Richard Cray, and Norm Lundell.  Enjoy!

Gov Jerry Brown Signs Historic Climate Bill


Interview - Mark Hastings, D.C. on The Power of Thought

Listen Now to Dr. Mark Hastings

A long time chiroparactor and practitioner of wholistic health, Dr. Mark Hastings discusses with us his new book, The Well of Truth, about how our thoughts create our experiences in life.  Drawn from his experiences with thousands of patients and personal practice of mind training exercises, he outlines in less than 70 pages the essential processes of reprogramming your brain to create a better life.  You may not agree with everything he says, but Mark does claim that if you apply the lessons outlined, the results speak for themselves.  I think you’ll enjoy our explorations of the mind with the good doctor..Enjoy!


Future News - Burningman Sphere, ISS's Mystery Depressurization, Robots on Asteroid, Killer Robots ban blocked by US and Russia, Massive amounts of water in Jupiter Red Spot, Synthetic Photosynthesis, Robot in the Kitchen, Fireballs in the Air

Listen Now to Future News 9.04.2018

Lots of robots this week! We loved the giant orb at Burningman, celebrating robots this year as it’s theme. And we are looking forward to Japan’s Hayabusa-2 spacecraft sending a lander to Ryugu, a near earth object, an asteroid orbiting our planet, later this month.  Once it lands, it will be deploying to two spring-powered robots to investigate the giant space rock, bouncing around until they find something interesting to report. There is also a new commercial kitchen robot, “Flippy,” and an international UN conference to try to ban Killer Robots (they failed). Meanwhile, other robots have discovered massive amounts of water on Jupiter, suggesting that the giant red spot may be powered by the life-giving substance and perhaps might support life on the gas giant.  Could life actually exist on Jupiter..maybe… Enjoy!

This year’s Burning Man festival theme was “I, Robot,” and two Danish designers caught people’s attention with a 100-foot-tall orb on a mast.


Space X BFR for First Martian Habitat, Phantom Universe Discovered or Ghosts of Black Holes? Tiny Spacecraft to Alpha Centauri, The Milky Way Reboot, Missions for the Space Force? Dr. Bruce Comments on Space Stories, Interview with Musician Little Panda GPS for Your Body, Magic Leap One Under Fire with commentary by Greg Panos 

Listen Now to Dr Future Show 8.28.2018

We tried a new experiment this week, where we have one of regular guests, Dr. Bruce Damer, comment on many of this week’s stories from a session we held the night before the show in our Future Peak hot tub.  Let us know what you think, as there was lots to comment on, from ghost black holes to frozen troves of water on the moon.

We also chat with and have a musical guest artist, Little Panda,  sing a couple of fresh tunes for us, on her visit to KSCO studios during our show.  And another of our regular guests, Greg Panos, weighs in on the long-awaited Magic Leap One, a highly anticipated entree into the augmented reality arena.  Enjoy!


A Lively Debate on Orbital Space Art with Kit Galloway and Don Davis

Listen Now to Debate on Orbital Space Art

With the advent of cheap space flight we are poised with the opportunity to create amazing art in space that can be seen by millions of people. But will it be good art or schock? And who decides what is seen by millions fo people at the same time?

The latest project along these lines, simply known as “The Orbital Reflector,” is a reflective, inflatable sculpture affixed to a small satellite that, once ejected, will orbit the earth for several weeks before disintegrating upon re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere. The artistic vision of Orbital Reflector, according to their website, “encourages all of us to look up at the night sky with a renewed sense of wonder, to consider our place in the universe, and to reimagine how we live together on this planet.”

Or will this new art just create space junk, a showboating  stunt that could start a precedent  for invasive and uninvited intrusion into the celestial canopy of all the people of the world? To help us evaluate this new kind of art, we speak with Kit Galloway, early high tech artist, and co-founder of the orginal Electronic Cafe, and Don Davis, long time NASA space artist and animator.  We have quite a lively debate which we believe you will enjoy!