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Google plays with Cloud Gaming, $99 AI computer from Nvidia, Planet 9 is likely Huge, Star kicked out of our Galaxy, Behold the Interstellar Halo Drive, Future of Education report by the Nordic Northern Star Team, Sensing the Earth's Magnetic Field, Mind directly controls Android Tablet

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Big news in the gaming world, with Google launching Stadia, their high performance cloud gaming service, add AI and object recognition to your robots with Nvidia’s $99 board computer, and we must wonder why an entire solar system with star was kicked out of the Milky Way family..hmm…passing bad gas?  Once we have the new Halo interstellar drive we could do an upclose investigation, even though the star was ejected at a phenomenal speed of a million miles an hour!

Back on this planet, the mostlly female millenial Nordic group known at the Northern Star Team are researching the future of education in the Bay area and give us a report on their findings so far. Though their results are preliminary, it does appear that we can look forward to more fun and passion in the educational process..

Did you ever notice that dogs have a sense of North and South?  Observational research shows that they often poop on the North/South access (after circling around a couple of times).  And new research shows that some humans have this ability as well. Who knew and what can these folks do with this hidden superpower? Enjoy..


Dragon Makes it Home, Martian Hotel in Chinese Desert, Huge Solar Storm the Year Japan is Born, founders Tony and Celia Becker with Mr. Past discuss Celtic History and upcoming epic St. Paddy's Day Party in San Jose.

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Crew Dragon makes it back to Earth after successful trip to the International Space Station, an important milestone towards America once again  launching her own astronauts, yay! And if you want to have a taste of Mars without actually having to go there, consider the new Mars Hotel in China, a $20 million facility located way out in the arid city of Mang’ai in the Aaidam Basin, considered the most Mars-like environment on Earth.

In the second hour, we bring you closer to home with in studio guests Tony and Celia Becker, Celtic historians, producers of the website AmeriCeltic, and hosts to what promises to be a great St. Paddy’s Day party in San Jose this year. We also have the production manager of the event on the phone, none other than Mark Hager, otherwise known as “Mr. Past,” to Dr. Future fans of years gone by. He adds his quips to to our fast paced conversation on Celtic history and Sunday’s epic event. Enjoy!

The Futures with Tony and Celia Becker


Future News - Secret Cargo of the Israeli Lunar Lander, Crew Dragon now at ISS, Old Venusian Spaceship about to Crash on Earth, Bill Graff on Electric Car Battery Swapping, John Liu and Ellen Farmer on California Ecosystem Restoration Council, Night Vision with eyes only, Project Deep Squeek, Dinosaurs and Volcanoes 

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Lot of good stories this week, with two segments dedicated to ecosystem restoration, a topic close to our hearts, featuring global ecologist John Liu and Ellen Farmer, hosting the California Ecosystem Restoration Council, an open event coming up March 22-24.  

Changeable batteries for electric cars are a big topic this week as well, as are communications breakthroughs with other species, such as rodents in Project Deep Squeak, honeybees performing addition and subtraction, and new clues in the demise of the dinosaurs. Enjoy!



Future News - Virgin Galactic Takes First Passenger to Space, Israeli Lander On its Way to the Moon, Space X Dragon Capsule ready to head to ISS, Space Roasting Coffee, Dr. Bruce Damer on Japan's Hayabusa2 Asteroid Collection Mission, Turning CO2 back into Coal, SLV Citizen Scientist Students Report on Health of San Lorenzo River.  

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Some fun space news this week, as we have the first passenger to fly on Virgin Galactic. True, Beth Moses works for the company but still, she wasn’t a pilot or co-pilot, but as astronaut instructor, will be the guide for the first paying passengers about what to expect on their first flight out of the Earth’s atmosphere. We have Dr. Bruce Damer tell us what’s happening with Hayabusa2, the Japanese flight to an asteroid, and it’s efforts to capture some dust and bring it back to Earth for study.  Dr. Bruce tells us why this is exciting and important.

And we finish the show with San Lorenzo Valley Middle School science teacher Rachel Hager hosting a group of SLV students at our KSCO studios, where we discuss with them their efforts to test the San Lorenzo River for potential toxins and pollution.  Our young citizen scientists give us a great report and we look forward to sharing it with you! Enjoy.

Our crew of citizen scientists after delivering their report to us.


Future News - 2019 Supermoon, Virgin Galactic Tests Latest Spaceship, Israeli Moon Lander about to Launch, Visiting the Venetian Atmosphere,AI's Write Fake News and Generate Believable Fake Faces, Bobby Wilder on the Bacterial Connection to Alzheimers 

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This show is unique in that Mrs. Future is leading with stories and Dr. Future is responding with comments and queries, kind of the opposite of how the show usually plays.  Why? Because Dr. Future has a touch of laryngitis, and simply has to cut down on the verbiage to preserve his fragile voice.   

Lots of cool Future News this week, including the first Israeli Lunar Lander, AI creating amazing fakes, and Bobby Wilder on the latest in Alzheimer’s research.  Enjoy!

The Israeli Lunar Lander