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Interview - Dr. Stephen Sideroff on Stress, Addiction, Cannabis, and The Path.

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Dr. Stephen Sideroff is an internationally recognized expert in resilience, optimal performance, addiction, Dr. Stephen Sideroffneurofeedback and alternative approaches to stress and mental health.  He is Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry & Biobehavioral Sciences at UCLA’s School of Medicine, as well as the Director of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Ethics.

In our interview Dr. Sideroff discusses stress, biofeedback, self-regulation, issues of addiction, cannabis, and his new model for creating a good experience as we navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of life. Enjoy!


Future News - Ground Hog Day Accuracies, Drones taken down by trained Eagles, Why Cats Hate being Wet, Hyperloop Transportation Expo, Alpha Go AI beats top human player, Species Memory 10x more than Previously Thought, Saturn Best Planet 

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Lots of animals in Future News this week, rodents predicting the end of winter, drones captured by Eagles, why cats hate water.  We have a new AI too, Alpha GO, Google’s Go playing AI that has successfully beaten the top Go player of Europe.  But all is not lost for humans this week - Apparently we have 10x more memory than previously thought, enough connections in our brains to be at about the same level of complexity as the entire World Wide Web! Wowie zowie, all we have to do now is figure out how to access all that memory, and just maybe we can get some respect from our evolving AI’s..

And beyond Earth, what’s your favorite planet? With a little help from The Atlantic, we make the case for Saturn!



Future News and Review - 90th Anniversary of TV, Remembering Marvin Minksy, El Nino, Drones and Citizen Scientists, Floating air plants, Planet Nine, Are Aliens Extinct?

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A fun show today with lots of good stories and callers.  We even started off with a continuing  politcal thread from the previous show on KSCO, with Charles Freedman.  For the second half of the show we had our quantum astronaut friend Christopher Altman check in for comments on several space and consciousness stories on our docket.  Look for the interesting juxtaposition between Chris and a caller, Celestine Star, a psychic intuitive from Marin..”The Psychic and the Astronaut.”  The radical differences in belief systems could have been confusing, but we thought it came off quite well!  The image below is an unusual cloud formation sent in by Celestine, who claims it is a stargate.’   Listen to her explanation and you decide wtf! Thanks, and enjoy!

Stargate in Cloud by Celestine Star


VR/AR Update from CES with Gregory Panos

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The massive Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year was awash with companies and technologies dedicated VR at CES photo - Richard Crayto the emerging worlds of Virtual and Augmented Reality. These technologies and their deployment will change the world as significantly as the Internet itself.  For an update on what’s hot from the front lines of the show we have Gregory Panos, technology visionary, resoureful author, VR Evangelist/educator and always…disturbingly evolutionary.  Enjoy!

Gregory Panos at CES 2016 photo - Richard Cray




Future News- Architects of New Paradigm Conference, Bobby Wilder on the Microbiome

Listen Now to Future News 1.19.16

Do you ever wonder what it might be like to have a gathering of folks who want to build a better world, from politics to energy, identity and spirituality?  Such was the Architects of a New Paradigm Conference in San Rafael last weekend, which we attended and now report on, at the top of the news. 

The show skewed towards a discussion of the human microbiome, however, when we mentioned companies that are making drugs from bacteria that live in the gut, and Bobby Wilder called in, a colleague in San Francisco who called to help clarify our understanding of the microbiome, and how some probiotics may help us fight various medical conditions.  Join us as we discuss such things as Primadophilus Reuteri,  Vitamin K2, VSL3, Natren, the gut microbes, and other creepy crawler wiggly tiny lifeforms that rule us all. Enjoy!