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Firmware Spies, Electromagnetic Healing, Kathy Scogna on her new book, "Junk DNA-Unlocking the Hidden Secrets of DNA."

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Our guest Kathy Scogna came early this week, so we included her on our news commentary team for the first hour. She has some insightful things to say, especially about electromagnetics and healing.  Her husband, Joe Scogna, had been a brilliant scientist, with a unique and holistic approach to human health, many years ahead of his time.

After his unfortunate demise, Kathy took up the challenge of presenting his work in a comprehensive manner, more understandable by the lay person.  Nonetheless, this model of human health will turn you on your head. Her latest book is called, “Junk DNA - Unlocking the Hidden Secrets of DNA”

5 senses? How about 128 Sensory Channels; perceptions that helped Stone Age man survive, and could enhance our world today.  Auras, electromagnetic fields, radiational and gravitational forces, sounds, colors, energy centers, endocrine senses, magnetic reference for people and place, mathematics, spirits, God, solar system, sun, and beyond.  

Should you be interested in exploring this topic further after hearing her inteview with us, you can buy her book with a 20% discount by using the Discount Code, TPD838TB   from her website, (put in the code after you place the order).



Mystery on Mars, new Drone Rules, Viral Enigma Machine, Apple Car, Earth's Core Revealed 

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More great stories, as Dr. & Mrs. Future & almost famous artist John Monahan bring you the most interesting future news to discuss this week.  For example, it looks like Apple Computer is getting into the car business, hiring a thousand new people just for their automotive exploits.  Nevermind their poaching from Detroit, Tesla and Mercedes Benz.. And that strange plume on Mars discovered by amateur astronomers that doesn’t fit into any of our current theories of Mars or it’s atmosphere…Hmm… 




Future News - Apollo 11 Souvenirs, Scientist AI, Anthem Hack what to do, Anonymous ISIS Attack, Neucoin Tips, Vinyl preservation  

Another fine week of Future News for your consumption and digestion with Dr. and Mrs. Future and our almost famous artist and commentator, John Monahan.  Many of the stories are a bit, well, shall we say, complex, but we did our best to at least introduce you to the concept, like a scientist AI.  Our callers were good and all over the board, which was a little challenging, but hey, that’s what live talk radio is all about.  If you want to protect yourself from potential harm from the Anthem attack, follow the link on our links page for pragmatic things to do.  
We found it interesting that the hacker group Anonymous has targeted ISIS websites and twitter feeds. Perhaps if they delve a bit deeper, they will be able to tell us more about the origins of this disturbing movement.  While discussing this topic, we delved into the hacker mindset, as Dr. Future has history with some hackers, including certain curiousities that show a fascination for the bigger picture.  Enjoy the show! 

Guests- "What Is Erotic?" creators Laura Bishop and John Regal

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Guess what’s up in this hood this time of year? Yep, it’s time for “What is Erotic?’” an annual fundraiser for the ever popular 418 Project in Santa Cruz, CA.  For the last nine years “What is Erotic?” has taken the form of a variety show, featuring self-revealing witty whimsical portraits of erotic thought and deed by local Santa Cruz citizens.  Now, this rather engaging and fun social act of self reflection is expanding  to other towns as well (Portland, Oakland, San Francisco).  

And now, not only is WIE replicating, but it is has also given birth to a new format this year, debuting  for its home show in Santa Cruz this month.  Rather than a variety show, it is more like a play, with a full  story arc, with plot, complications, actors, music and everything that makes a good tale.  

To explain this  new twist of erotica to us we bring you Laura Bishop, who has been sheparding this annual community experience of WIE for ten years now.  We also have  the show’s music producer, John Ragell, to share with us his creative process in producing the live soundtrack of WIE.  

After this interview, we can’t wait to hear the fruits of their collaboration.!

(L-R) AL (Dr. Future), Laura Bishop, John Ragel, Sun Lundell (Mrs. Future), John Monahan (waving)


LED Superbowl, UK Designer Babies, Gates on AI, 3rd Arm for Cyberspacers, Robot Writers are here

Listen Now to Future News  02.03.2015

Boy, robot and AI stories seemed to dominate the news this week, with a statement from Bill Gates on his thinking about Artificial Intelligence, Uber and Google getting into the robo-car taxi business, and humans controlling a 3rd arm in cyberspaced bodies, not to mention caller thoughts on the AI robotic evolution. Lots to think about, which we do, of course, with our listener’s chiming in with scintillating input, such as the smartest AI’s today are about on the same intelligence level as a retarded cockroach.  The AP writer robot is now actually writing over 3,000 financial stories a quarter. Hmmm..imagine what jobs they would take over if they were just a bit smarter, like grasshopper or bumblebee. Maybe a new economic model?  In any event, please join us to exploring these things!