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Future News - Magic Leap Foward, Dark Matter Clues, Apple update with Taylor Barcroft, Electric Airplane,Enlightened Business Summit, Beyond LED Lighting, Ipad Ultrasound, Unpublished Asimov, The Hummingbird Effect  

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What? LEDs already on the way out? Noooo…..but close.. check out the new options.  Ever wanted to fly?A new Chinese two seater airplane runs only on electricity..Looks good, and adds a whole new twist to ‘range anxiety’ with only 45 minutes of flight time..Still..  only $1 of electricity for the ride!

Apple had their latest announcements this week, and we have our very own Apple tracker, Taylor Barcroft to update us on the latest and greatest from Cupertino.  Also KSCO station manager Michael Olsen shares his experience of test driving a Tesla Model S (Sweeet!) and KSCO’s Michael Zwerling tells us about the  brand spanking new transmitter being installed, and the new party deck with a stunning view of the KSCO Lagoon and ocean!

Oh yes, and there’s the latest from the startup world in entertainment, a product ecosystem called Magic Leap that will take us beyond our screens!  Lots to share this week..


Interview - Media Pioneer Michael Gosney on the Renaissance of Digital Multimedia

Before there was the Internet there were Mac SE’s, Amigas, Atari’s, and Mac II microcomputers.  They were revolutionizing the industries of book and magazine publication, photography, graphic arts, and music.  
To cover this revolution there was Verbum Magazine, founded by Michael Gosney, who later hosted the popular Digital Be-in parties, following the ever popular MacWorld Exhibition at Moscone Center in San Francisco.  
On today’s show Michael brings us back to these formative times, just before the rise of the internet and the whirlwind of evolution that happened then.  It was in these early times, the pre-Cambrian era of microcomputers, that today’s digital world was born, with artists collaborating, playing with techies and geeks to make it all happen Join us as we relive these magical times, their connection with the psychedelic 60’s, and setting the stage for today’s hyperlinked mobile world.

Future News - Eggs for Your Energy, Germs on the Plane, Faster Charging Please, X37B Landing,Deep Sleep for Martian Colonists, Netscape Navigator 20 years old, On Angela's Watch, Inflatable Space Habitat  

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It’s Dr. Future’s birthday today, so lots of fun stories, and those that aren’t so much fun are at least presented in the most illuminating light. It’s been 20 years since we started using a real web browser, Netscape Navigator!  Wow has that changed our world… and from our featured link,

Some interesting little nuggets from the release include: “optimized to run smoothly over 14.4 kilobit/second modems, “continuous document streaming, enabling users to interact with documents while they are still being downloaded”, “multiple, simultaneous network accesses, allowing several documents or images to be downloaded simultaneously” and – wait for it – “native support for the JPEG image format.””



Interview - Jonathan Quintin, Sacred Geometrist

In these days of seemingly endless stress, there are a few things that seem to help us relax and take time to smell the flowers.  One of these things is sacred geometry, the mathematical forms embedded in Nature and the universe around us.  To help understand these patterns more deeply, we have brought onto the show one of the world’s foremost experts on the topic, Jonathan Quintin, currently visiting Santa Cruz from his home country of New Zealand.
He has been working with sacred geometrical forms for most of his life and has taken the art form to a very amazing level of mastery.  Enjoy!

Future News - Your relationship to the Entire Universe, Amazing Solar Harvester, Exploring the Antikythera Shipwreck, Immersing in Interstellar, Alex Jones/John McAfee Reveal Secrets of the Fake Cell Towers, Poly vs Mono in Desert vs Rainforest People, New Study on Martian Life

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We have more info you on the mysterious cell towers that don’t offically belong to any of the cell phone company carriers, thanks to eccentric high tech millionaire John McAfee, in conversation with Infowars host, Alex Jones. It’s quite revealing and a bit scarey.  But fear not, as we bring you other news that  will make it all ok, well mostly…

And we are taking guesses, who will discover alien life first, Mono or polytheists?  If you are curious about this rather strange trajectory of inquiry, you’ll love our discussion of desert vs rainforest religion based on an anthropological investigation of such matters, followed by a story on what has been found inside a Martian meteorite found in the antarctic.