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Future News - Blue Origin Gets into Space, ID TechEx explored, New qTeleportation Record Set, Cannabis bio-plastic created, MIT Time Capsule uncovered, Picture Phone almost changed everything, Particle Accelerator in a Shoebox, Biolab in a Breadbox

Listen Now to Future News 11.24.2015

Thanksgiving week is full of amazing future news, congrats to Jeff Bezos and the Blue Origin team for getting into space with their new craft!  We had a great tour of the high tech trade show IDTechEx and share our findings in a report this week.  

And least we forget the MIT time capsule from 1957 that was accidently found with a note in it, saying “Please Don’t Open til 2957.”  It had some very interesting contents, including an early invention that challenged the transistor itself..

Plus I can’t wait for my Amino kitchen BioLab, and soon, a particle accelerator in a shoebox from Stanford! It’s getting fun now, enjoy the show, and Happy Thanksgiving!



Interview - Ayman Sawaf on Emotional Literacy and Terrorism

Listen Now to Ayman Sawaf

From the Middle East and a pioneer in the worlds of Emotional Literacy and Sacred Commerce, Ayman helps us get a grip on what’s happening in the minds of the ISIS/ISIL terrorists that are commanding so much of our attention these days.  One of the key emotions to understand, according to Ayman, is shame and how it works, how it can numb the mind and other feelings, leading to the violence we are seeing.  Ayman also discusses how working on the inner worlds of one’s emotions can directly affect the way the outer world is experienced and lived.  So… are you at peace with your ‘inner terrorist’? If not, then we strongly recommend this show. And even if you are, you’ll enjoy the spirit that Ayman brings to this difficult issue. 


Future News - iPad Pro Launches, Google's Open Source AI, Programmable Matter, Faraday Future Electric Car Startup, The Original Electric vs Gas Tech Bubble, Meta1 Space glasses, Galen Brandt Writes and Sings new Song for Us on Birthday.  

Listen Now to Future News 11.10.2015

It’s an exciting week in tech with the release of the long awaited iPad Pro, and Google’s open source artifical intelligence system, Tensor Flow.  Nice name, but it doesn’t ‘flow’ like Siri.  Nontheless it is available for anyone to pick up and start developing, a great thing.  

Also of note is a new electric car company, Faraday Futures, based out of Gardena, CA, and considered by many as China’s answer to Tesla, as it is backed by Chinese tech billionaire, Jia Yueting, China’s 17th richest person. 

This week we take a speculative look and what is arguably the first tech bubble, the time electricity and electric companies were battling it out with gas suppliers, back in the 1870’s.  An interesting historical perspective on new markets and competition. 

Galen Brandt and husband Bruce DamerAnd beyond our planning for today’s show, we get a call from Nikki in Monterey, who is a Meta1 Space Glasses developer.  We learn a bit about the new Meta 1 Augmented Reality system from her, as well as AR in general.

Then a special visit to the KSCO studios by friend and Virtual Reality healing pioneer, Galen Brandt, on her birthday! She shares with us a new song, written on this day, in honor of us and her husband (and regular Dr. Future guest, Dr. Bruce Damer).   Sometimes, all it takes to make a good show is a few good friends. Enjoy!


Future News - Sonic Tractor Beam, Ultimate Battery Research, Largest Image of Milky Way, Patch BioSensor, China's Supercollider City, Virtual Reality for Mice 

Listen Now to Future News 2015.11.03

We really like the Sonic Tractor Beam, though I don’t think it’ll work in outer space, being based on sound waves traveling through air..Still, pretty amazing!  Equally amazing is the link to the largest image of the Milky Way ever, a 46 billion pixel image, compliments of Astronomers at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. Just keep on zooming in and around the Galaxy, get to know your back yard a bit. After all this is our local galaxy, with over a 100 Billion others out there!  That’s more galaxies than the number of humans that have ever walked the face of Earth, since the dawn of time.. Enjoy!

Milky Way Navigator - Cruise the Galaxy at hyperlight speeds


Interview - John Markoff on Machines of Loving Grace, The Search for Common Ground Between Humans and Robots

Listen Now to John Markoff

As senior science correspondent for the New York Times, John has had access to the top people and the latest research in many fields of scientific endeavor.  In pursuing his own interests, he has recently completed a book on the intersection of artificial intelligence and robotics called “Machines of Loving Grace, The Search for Common Ground Between Humans and Robots.”

We are a point in time where the evolution of robotics and artificial intelligence is extremely fertile, creating new advances poised to radically transform our lives.  Inventions like self-driving cars, elder care robots, personal flying machines, cybernetic soldiers and surgical assistants.  Will these advances help create a more exalted humanity or delegate our species to the dust bin of history? 

The Richard Brautigan poem from which the title of the book is based, envisions a world where cybernetics has advanced to a stage where it allows a return to the balance of nature and an elimination of the need for human labor. 

  I like to think
       (it has to be!)
   of a cybernetic ecology
   where we are free of our labors
   and joined back to nature,
   returned to our mammal
   brothers and sisters,
   and all watched over
   by machines of loving grace

Join us this week with John Markoff as we explore this most profound chapter in human evolution.