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Our vacation continues - And Luigi lights up the boards with requests for computer help!

Listen Now to Luigi Oppido as he helps many with their computer issues

We are still way up North visiting friends and relatives, with our show in the capable hands of Luigi Oppido, once again helping many with their tech issues.  This week we learn about scare tactics from fake computer repair emails, Surface Pro sleep issues, safely using public wifi hotspots, using Windows 10 with a dialup modem, fixing modern sealed laptops, dealing with machines slowing down, scanner repair fakes, Faraday cage fashion, overheating encrypted USB sticks, increasing machine longevity, removing your hard drive when you get a new machine, wifi usb printing, and other scintillating topics, enjoy!


Dr.Mrs. Future on Vacation - Luigi Oppido from Pleasure Point Computers Guest Host

Listen Now to Luigi Oppido

We are off to Canada for the rest of the month, and we have one of our favoritie tech support people on this planet, hosting for us while we are gone.  Luigi helps you with any device that has an ON button, and he is very good at it.  Have a listen and learn about everything from Windows 10 issues to iPhone updates. Enjoy!


Interview - Dr. Ralph Abraham speaks of The Hip Santa Cruz Project 

Listen Now to Ralph Abraham

Why would a young mathematics professor with a post at prestigious Princeton University leave it to live in Santa Cruz, CA in the late 1960’s?  Why would the experiences of that time in his life be important enough for him to collect and to share with future generations now, half a century up the timeline? We explore these questions and more with the father of Chaos Theory, Dr. Ralph Abraham, and the Hip Santa Cruz Project, just as the first book of these efforts is being released this week. Enjoy!

Dr. Ralph Abraham speaking to us about the Hip Santa Cruz Project


Future News- Longevity with Parabiosis, Frankie Lee in Studio, Theranos Rises Again, Greg Panos on Siggraph VR

LIsten Now to Future News 8.02.2016

A modern take on an old tradition is in the news this week with what is known as Parabiosis, the process of using the blood of young persons to rejuvenate the lives of older individuals. There are a number of projects along these lines which explore to greater depths this week.  Also this week, Frankie Lee Slater as guest commentator and Gregory Panos returns with more from the Siggraph 2016 Computer Graphics and Animation event last week in Anaheim, CA.,.


Future News - Solar Planes in the News- both Human and Robotic, Singularity's Future Now, Live Report from Siggraph 2016

Listen Now to Future News 7.26.2016

Summertime and the Future’s Easy.  Two great reports this week on solar planes, one that made it around the world, and another that promises Internet access to parts of the planet not yet covered very well. Plus we have a live report from Gregory Panos and Richard Cray on Siggraph 2016, the birthplace of Virtual Reality back in the 90’s, and now a hotbed of all things involving computer graphics and animation, including VR and AR. It’s a fun and informative show, enjoy!

Time for Siggraph 2016 in Annaheim, CA photo - Richard Cray