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Interview - Ignacio Salazar- World Class Surfer visiting from Peru, Living the Dream, and how he got there with a little help from Mother Ocean.

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Every so often we’ll do an interview outside our normal perview of technology, science, and consciousness.  Join us as we explore with Ignacio the world of surfing, really big waves and what happens when they take you under, daring to live the dream in face of major obstacles, and one man’s personal relationship with the great mother ocean that makes it all so worthwhile..

L-R Sun Lundell (Mrs. Future), Ignacio Salazar, Allan Lundell (Dr. Future)


Future News - New Name for photographed famous Black Hole, Israel Building another Moon Lander, First complete 3D Heart printed, Thermographic Asteroid Defense 

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Some great triumphs this week, like the first picture of a black hole, now called “Powehi,” by many, but some losses as well, like the crash landing of Beeresheet, the Israeli Lunar Lander, or the falling of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy into the Ocean from the drone ship, due to heavy seas. We are also closer to spare body parts, made to order from your stem cells, with the first complete 3D printed heart with human tissue, and we are getting new life from an older satellite, in tracking Near Earth Objects, hopefully helping us avoid potential disasters from impacts on Earth. 

First 3D printed heart with human tissue


Interview - Dr. Dan Beilin, a pioneer of Integrative Medicine

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Dr. Dan Beilin is a global local Integrative medical practitioner who has studied with many of the pioneers of the human potential movement. We delve a bit into his experiences in the early days (1970’s) of holistic health research, including Dr. Thelma Moss’a Kirilian photography lab at UCLA and Marcel Vogel with the Rife microscopic technologies.

Today he is very much focused on being an Integrative medicine practioner and sees health as the unimpeded expression of our innate natural and vital force.Based out of Aptos, CA, Dr. Dan also has his own radio show on KSCO, Dr. Dan Beilin’s Medicine Cabinet.



Future News - Tasting the Impossible Burger, Israeli Moon probe about to land, Starlink goes into mass production, Japan bombs asteroid for science, DNA shredder tool announced 

Listen Now to Future News 4.09.2019

We finally get to try an Impossible Burger, not bad!  Getting excited about Starlink, a new way to access the Internet, independent of ISPs and country control, we have new and improved of slicing and dicing DNA, and Japan bombs an asteroid for science, a good week!


Interview - Riz Virk on his new book, The Simulation Hypothesis- An MIT Computer Scientist Shows Why AI, Quantum Physics and Eastern Mystics All Agree We Are In a Video Game

Listen Now to Riz Virk on The Simulation Hypothesis with Dr. Mrs. Future

Would you believe that life, the universe and everything in it is not real, but some sort of advanced beyond quantum computer simulation? Do you think information preceeds matter, that bits came before photons or molecules in origin of what is?  If so, does that mean we can hack it?

Riz Virk takes on these topics and more in a lively conversation about what’s real with Dr. Mrs. Future.  A warning before listening - when you tune in, your sense of space and time may be altered, most likely temporarily. Enjoy!