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Our NAB Report, 360 Vision, Higher Brain Living Interview, Download from Agent Nada on upcoming TEDx Santa Cruz

Listen Now to Dr. Future Show 4.21.2015

We got back from NAB with our minds full of amazing new tech and hearts enriched with all the cool folks we met.  Today we share a few stories with you from that trip.  For our interview, we chat  with Zach Polsfuss, Director of Expansion for Higher Brain Living, a new training program for activating higher brain function involving a form of theurapeutic touch and what some might think of as a kundalini awakening.  Zach construes it more as activating higher consciousness by sending energy into the neocortex part of the brain. They are coming to the Bay Area next week Check out one of their demo videos and decide for yourself.  

Also, we talk to Nada Miljkavic, who is producing TEDx Santa Cruz this year with an fantastic lineup of speakers and art performances this coming Friday.  It is a reunion for us, as she used to play “Agent Nada” during the first year of The Dr. Future Show.  Today she shares with us some of the highlights of this Friday’s sold out event at the Rio Theater. The theme this year is Radical Collaboration, and from we have heard so far, they are not kidding!



Looking for the Future at the National Association of Broadcasters in Las Vegas`

Listen Now to our live NAB show with Gregory Panos

This week we take our show on the road to The National Association of Broadcasters, in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada.  Well, mostly sunny.  We had a really bad dust storm that made the sun look like the moon for a few hours.  It was reminiscent of dusty days on the Playa, at Burning Man, also in the Nevada desert, just a little further north and out..

L-R Greg Panos, Al & Sun Lundell broadcasting the Dr. Future Show at NAB

To comment with us on the many interesting things we saw at NAB, we have Gregory Panos, a long time cohort and pundit in the evoling media world. He has been especially tracking the new wave of augmented and virtual reality that is currently sweeping the mediosphere.

We talk about 360 degree live VR rigs, BlackMagic’s new  breakthrough cinema cam, wooden cameras, and wishing for our favorite weathercaster from Maui, “Sue Nomi”.

The Drone Pavilion was chalk full of new flying robots from all over the world, with live demos all day. 

We had a lot of fun at the show and are looking forward to sharing with you what we gleaned from this big show.

The GoPro booth at NAB was a popular strange attractor for media pioneers



Interview - Susan McCrossin on her use of Muscle Testing and Acupressure in Treating ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia and related issues

Listen Now to Susan McCrossin

An Australian native, Susan has pioneered Crossinology, a unique non-pharma approach to common learning disabilities like ADD and ADHD. Having both computer programming and neuroscience training, she has designed a comprehensive neuropressure/muscle testing program that many claim has worked wonders.  Curious about such things and it’s potential in creating super powers for normal humans, we speak with Susan from her Colorado mountaintop training lair.


Future News - Streaming Video App Craze, Amazing Aluminum Batteries, Drone Hybrid, Brontosaurus Reboot, UnScruz Burning Man Regional Coming up!

Listen Now to Future News 4.07.2015

In a few weeks, Santa Cruz will be hosting both a major drone show and our Burning Man Regional party.  A perfect opportunity to test out these new apps, Periscope and Meerkat, for streaming live video to your friends and strangers from your iPhone or Android device.  To be fair we’ve had such capability with apps like Livestream and Ustream in the past, but it looks like now is the time for video streaming with big players like Twitter (Periscope) entering the game.  It’ll be interesting to see how it mutates the realms of video and live streaming!

And our first guests this week share with us some info about our local Burning Man regional party, scheduled to happen May 1-3, 2015 at Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds.  A three day party embracing many of the sensibilities of the Burning Man festival in Nevada.  If you’ve ever wanted to go to Burning Man or wish to feel the vibe of the event without the hassle of packing and driving long distances and paying a small fortune for you and your gang to attend, consider visiting our regional BM party, sponsored by  Art cars, firedancers, radical art, Burner fashion and creative comraderie galore.  We think you’ll enjoy hearing about the fest on today’s show, and hopefully we’ll see you out there!


Future News and special guest Richard Ely, Pantheistic Scientist, as we Explore the Intersection of Science and Shamanism

Listen now to Richard Ely

What do the topics of geology, paganism,  earthquakes, science fiction, wild women, psychedelics, and
the Grateful Dead have in common? None other than our guest Richard Ely, a modern day renaissance scientist who spans a wider range of life experience and belief systems than most humans on this planet. Join us as our merry crew explores these and related topics with each other and our live KSCO audience.  If you want to read some of Richard’s writing, they can be found at www.enlightenment  .com