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Future News - Wild Flowers Now, Psychedelic Science 2017 Review, Free Autocar rides with Waymo, Uber's Flying Car Conference, Plastic Munching Catepillar, Puzzling Neg Mass Liquid, Boeing's Starliner, VR for Head Transplantees 

Listen Now to Future News 4.25.2017

If you are in NorCal, it’s a great time to get out and smell the flowers, as spring as sprung in these green hills! And if you live in Phoenix, AZ, you can now get free rides to the flower zones via Google’s Waymo autonomous car fleet of over 500 robot minivans. They are now in a beta test program, for those of you who feel brave!  Closer to home, we five our report of the MAPS conference, “Pychedelic Science 2017,” an amazing event, as such research comes out of the dark ages and into the light of scientific scrutiny.

We found a plastic munching catepillar most fascinating, and may solve one of our planet’s big problems, plastic pollution. And on the edge of reality itself, you’ll enjoy our discussion of the ‘silly putty’ nature of the aging process, and a new substance that comes towards you as it is pushed..just weird..enjoy!

Waymo begins free beta test taxi rides in Phoenix, AZ



Interview with Narayani Gaia and Chief Elk Man and the Starseed Visionary Conference

Listen now to Narayani Gaia and Chief Elk Man

In our ongoing explorations of the intersection of science and shamanism, we present you with our interview of planetary healers and tribal leaders, Narayani Gaia of Santa Cruz and Chief Elkman of the Lakota Sioux Nation.  A cross-cultural bond forged on 11/11 last year, they share with us their work, culminating in the upcoming “Starseed Visionary Conference, A UniverSol & Spiritual Gathering to benefit our collective future.” 

Happening this May 13 & 14th in Santa Cruz, CA, it brings together some wisdom teachings of the Lakota Sioux Nation, such as the White Buffalo Calf Woman with sacred music, art, sound healing, and ‘star knowledge transmissions.’  Should be a good cross-pollenation of traditional and new knowledge.

We had an inspired interview and we look forward to covering the actual event!  The extro music at the very end was performed by Angela Blessing and Yakshi Man. Enjoy..

Chief Elkman, Narayani Gaia, and Mrs. Future in Blessing Ceremony behind KSCO Studios after the show.



Future News - Our Review of TEDx Berkeley, Facebook's Developer's Conference, Col Terry's Christopher Reeves Story, Dr. Joe on Consciousness During Surgery

Listen Now to Future News 4.18.2017

We had an amazing experience at TEDx Berkeley this last weekend and shared a few of the highlights on today’s show.  Plus a little download on what’s happening at F8, Facebook’s annual Developer’s Conference, going on this week.  And most personably, we have some great stories from callers Col Terry and Dr. Joe. Col Terry shared a personal story with Christopher Reeves and Dr. Joe explains how an anesthesiologist understands levels of consciousness as a patient is being gassed.  We were kind of curious how many patients experience out of the body experiences while being put under for operations, but he really didn’t know about that. A nurse caller, however, told us that they hear about such stories before the docs do and she estimated that about 8-10% of surgery patients experience something unusual when they are being put under. Enjoy..

The TEDx Berkeley Team 2017


Future News - United Airlines Flap, Mysterious White Shark Neural Attack, Whale Cam Discoveries, Pink Moon, Martian Drones and Metal, Off Planet Oceans, Fantastical Jovian Northern Lights Alpha Go AI Rises to New Challenges  

Listen Now to Future News 4.11.2017

Lots of great news this week for us to share. And beaucoup calls and comments on the United Airlines flap this week, where  a doctor off a flight because he lost the seat lottery..great the dialog here!

We have an update on the great white that lost it’s mind at Pleasure Point this last week, and an upcoming NASA report on off planet oceans, a Jovian Northern Lights extravaganza, Martian drone tech and finding of metal in the Red Planet’s atomosphere. Meanwhile back home the AI Alpha Go reaches for New Horizons in playing the game, Go, and Whale Cams reveal new cetacean behaviors in the Antarctic. Enjoy!




Future News - Mysterious Blast in Space, SC City Council Divests, Pluto Huggers and Planet 9 Hunters, Graphene and Desal plants, Nighttime City Lights from Space reveal air pollution and GDPs of Countries, Goz's Psychedelic Salon, Hologram Phone Calls, The Joys of Microchiped Employees, Electromagnetic Therapy for Aggressive Brain Tumors, Making Tissue from Beating Heart Cells on Spinach Leaves 

Listen Now to Future News 4.03.2017

Lots of Future News to report this week, including local reports regarding Santa Cruz City Divesting from Big Oil and Capitola hearing on a proposed toliet water recycling plant..Not to mention an investigation into a very big blast in Space, equivalent of 50 billion stars exploding at once, but lasting only half a day..hmmm..

crossing plant and animal kingdoms that may lead to radical new tissue-engineering breakthroughsAlso fascinating is the ability our ability to analyse city lights from space, ascertaining all kinds of interesting info, like a country’s GDP, the kinds of pollution in the air, how much power is being generated, etc. etc. We also look at the latest in Pluto’s fate as a dwarf planet and the citizen scientist’s search for Planet 9. And then there is Goz’s Pyschedelic Salon in SF, Musk’s NeuraLink, Apple’s big OLED order, and the world’s first live Hologram call!

In the health arena, we discuss such breakthroughs as the use of electromagnetics for treating aggressive brain tumors, and growing intricate tiny vascular networks for artificially-grown organs using spinach leaves!  Enjoy..