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The Futures with co-host Gabrielle Cianfrani and guest Daniel Kottke. Project Starlink, Cloning Grumpy Cat, Doggo open source robot, Great Organic Coffee, Volcanoes vs Humans in Climate Change, andDan Kottke on the next big thing (Web Things) and early Apple/Steve Jobs stories.  

Listen Now to The Future Show with Gaby and Dan 5.21.2019

Really fun show with “Jersey Girl” co-host Gabrielle Cianfrani and Daniel Kottke, Silicon Valley Apple pioneer. We Dan speaks of creating a smart house without having to connect to the big data collectors, like Google, Apple, and Amazon, using Mozilla’s latest architecture, and a plan with Steve Jobs to go to Antarctica before Apple was started.. We also talk about  volcanos and climate change and direct communication with Nature. Enjoy!



Interview - Dr. Bruce Damer on the latest in Asteroid Capture, Mining, and Origin of Life.

Listen Now to Dr. Bruce Damer 5.14.2019

One of our regular contributors to the show, Dr. Bruce Damer shares with us some of his latest explorations regarding Asteroids, especially regarding capture, analysis, mining, and origin of biological life as we know it. We also discuss Blue Origin and their interests in exploring the moon, how space mining will affect planetary economics, manufacturing materials in space, future protection from asteroids, and Bruce’s views of the rumored secret space program




Future News - A closer look at the Blue Moon Lander, the Ben Lomond Wallflower, a hummingbird robot, fuel from seawater, interview with founder of Maker Faire, Dale Doherty, a cellular speedometer, living cellular machines from Cornell, Sniper tracking earphones. 

We are a step closer to lunar exploration with Jeff Bezo’s announcement of the Blue Moon Lander last week, a resusable ship that will allow us to regularly visit the moon and bring cargo.  What’s next, an Amazon movie studio and hotel on the moon? We take a closer look..
And this week we have the pleasure of speaking with the founder of the Maker movement, Dale Dougherty, about this year’s Bay Area Maker Faire at the San Mateo County Fairgrounds this coming weekend. The Maker Movement is now international with local maker faires happening practically everywhere. Find out what’s hot this year. Enjoy!

Future News - New Hubble pic of Universe, Neutron Star Gobbled by Black Hole, Generating Electricity from Cold, Asteroid Strike Simulation Airburst Over New York City, Callers on Secret Space Program, New Disruptive Desalination Tech, Natural Solutions to Climate Change, Fungal Packaging, Magic Mushrooms on Ballot 

Listen Now to Future News 5.07.2019

A amazing new Hubble pic with over 265,000 galaxies depicted, gravity waves have possible revealed how a black hole gobbles up neutron stars, we can now generate energy from the profound coldness of space, we now have a simulation of an asteroid air burst over New York stuff! 

Closer to earth we look at some innovative solutions to climate change, a revolutionary way to desalinate water, biodegradable fungal packaging, and the potential decriminalization of magic mushrooms! Enjoy!

Asteroid impact over New York City


Interview - Annelise Schinzinger on her new book, The Art and Science of Caregiving- Stories of Inspiring Elders with an End-of-Life Guidebook 

Listen Now to Annelise Schinzinger

Annelise learned about the importance of competent and loving caregivers when she was recovering from a serious illness at 19. She applied what she had learned when her grandmother and mother were dying. At twenty-seven, her grandmother’s passage took her fear of death away because it was so peaceful. She found herself spending time with elders who showed her how to live, and how to die. Caring for her mother was so profound that she left the corporate world and became a hospice caregiver.

Twenty years later, she was telling a friend about the wise and remarkable elders she had the privilege of caring for. Her friend exclaimed, “You have to write these stories down!” Annelise eagerly started writing, and over the next seven years, her book expanded into a comprehensive guidebook. 

I think you’ll enjoy hearing Annelise share a few of her stories with us, and a few insights she has in the caring of elders in their final chapter. Enjoy.

Annelise Schinzinger between the Futures at KSCO