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Future News - Solar Roadway Update, One Web Challenges Musk/Bezos, SpaceShip Warranties, New Mexico Spaceport Opens, New Europa Mission, Woodstock 50 Documentary

Listen Now to Future News 8.20.2019

We are back from 3 weeks in Canada visiting friends and family, hope you are enjoying your summer as well! Lots of news this week, some good, some not so good, like our report on an experimental solar roadway in France..A promising idea, but…let’s just say there is nothing like a real world test of roads to see how well they hold up to the elements and human/machine use. This week we ask Alexa for helping to determine warranties on space ships, we look deeper into Elon’s Mars nuking project, NASA’s new probe to Europa, New Mexico’s new spaceport, and Netflix’s 50th anniversary documentary of the Woodstock Aquarian Exposition.  Enjoy!

The NEw Spaceport in New Mexico with Virgin Galactic



Special Report - Greg Panos & Richard Cray on Siggraph 2019

Listen Now to Richard and Greg on Siggraph 2019

We are out of the country for a bit, but our agents Greg Panos and Richard Cray report in from Siggraph 2019 in LA to our guest host, Michael Harrion. Their 10 minute report gives you a taste of their full report upon our return on August 20, 2019. Enjoy!


Dr. & Mrs. Future are currently traveling Internationally and will be back mid-August 2019 with much to report. Have a great summer! Til then!


Interview - Andrew Cameron Bailey & Connie Baxter Marlow on Consciousness, Climate, and Country!

Listen Now to Andrew and Connie 7.23.2019

Dynamic evolutionary intelligence agents on the road across the country, Andrew and Connie share with us their new books and memes for creating a better narrative for us all; from what it means to being an American, or a human on this planet at this time.

Our interview ranges from their latest book on the first 54 years of the Pilgrims of the Mayflower (The Mayflower Revelations) and their amazing relationship with the Native Americans with whom they interacted, to their tome on the Trust Frequency with the interactive living Universe, to a pragmatic community building design that is both a home to people and a factory for removing carbon dioxide from the air and converting it to useful compounds like cement.  We cover a lot a ground, enjoy!

Andrew and Connie on The Dr. Mrs. Future Show at KSCO




Future News - Chandrayaan-2: India launches second Moon mission, IONS Scientists Embrace The Force, Germans Win Hyperloop Competition, Washington Monument Becomes Saturn V rocket, Hydrogen powered Air Taxi competes with Electrics, New Gene Editing Tools  

Listen Now to Dr.Mrs. Future Show News 7.23.2019

A big week for Space X, with their latest Falcon 9 launch with Dragon to the ISS, Hyperloop contest, and Starhopper test in Texas.  Meanwhile, the Indians have launched a moon probe and celebrants of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing get to watch the Washington monument in D.C. transformed into a rocket! Our last news segment before we disappear into the wilds of Canada for vacation. Enjoy!

Washington Monument as Apollo 11 Saturn V moon rocket




From Derision and Conflict to Teamwork, Creativity and Choice Creation - Reframing How We Operate, with Jim Rough and Corrina McFarlane

Listen Now to Jim Rough and Corrina McFarlane

For all of this century and the decade before, Jim Rough has been pioneering ways to make things better for us all. How does he makes things better?  His life’s work revolves around a process he is calling “Dynamic Facilitation,” which, when implemented, creates UNITY around issues or problems we find in our homes, communities, towns, and countries.  

Corrina McFarlane has been applying Dynamic Facilitation processes to local issues in Santa Cruz County, such as what to do with our 32-mile long abandoned railway corridor, where some folks want a new train while others want to turn the track into a pedestrian/bike path. Seeming disparate positions on the corridor’s future, yet…

On this show we speak with Jim and Corrina about such means of creating unity on difficult issues or  situations, and we do our best to illuminate the paradigm shift that this group facilitation is creating. Enjoy!

L-R Jim Rough, Dr.Mrs.Future, Corrina McFarlane