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Future News - Sun Reviews VR Gem "Dear Angelica" while AL visits ISS, Dragon Delivers Science Experiments, Matrix Reboots, Buzz on Mars, A Radical Rethink of the Brain, Nanowire Retinal Implants, Russians, Lies, and Political Intrigue

Listen Now to Future News 3.21.2017

It’s Mrs. Future’s birthday today and we see “Hamilton” after the show! (which was fantastic). We also had a whirlwind trip to LA and back, where among other things we had a chance to check out some of the latest VR titles, including “Dear Angelica,” and a little tour of the International Space Station. This dovetails nicely with the reboot of the Matrix film and the just released Mars tour by astronaut Buzz Aldrin!

We also discuss the newest bioengineered retinal implant and look at a radical rethink of how the brain works, while fielding input from some of our favorite callers, delving more into Trump, Russians, alternative health, and beyond!  Enjoy..





Future News - VR Tips, Free Advice from Robot Lawyer, Hive Mind at UN Conference, Screen Addiction, Geologist Richard Ely on the Magic of Geological Time  

Listen Now Dr. Future Show 3.14.2017

We have a special guest this week, the magical and incomparable indy geologist and overall renaissance man Richard Ely, whose first spiritual experience was triggered by seeing and grokking a geological time spiral. What’s that you say?  Good question. In this show, Richard shares with us his perception and understanding of geological time, taking us on a journey through billions of years via radio, the “theater of the mind.” One geo time travel destination Richard discusses is the experience of being near the asteroid impact Chicxulub that extincted the dinosaurs. Enjoy!

(L-R)Richard Ely with Al & Sun Lundell (Dr. Mrs. Future)


Future News - Report and Recommendations from Cinequest VR Festival, Blue Origin's New Glenn Heavy Lifter, Billionaire Investing in Singularity, Breakthrough in Revivication, VR pioneer Jean Yves Chainon on Social VR, A Closer Look at the WikiLeaks CIA Release

Listen Now to Future News 3.07.2017

We had a lot of fun this weekend attending the Cinequest Film and VR Festival in Silicon Valley.  Actually, we just attended the VR Fest..not that we don’t like films, its just that there was so much cool stuff with VR that we just didn’t have time for anything else!  So, the first part of today’s show is all about what we saw at the festival, with our recommendations.  At the 45 min mark, we ask VR creator Jean Yves Chainon about the future of social VR and who is in that world.

We also spent a considerable amount of time exploring the Vault 7 Wikileaks releases on the CIA and their Year Zero exploits this week. What a treasure trove with lots of implications! Listener Col Terry called in to remind us how serious this breach is..What do you think?  Enjoy..


Future News - Brain Drone Race, More Robot Semi's, Solar Probing, Barbie's Hologram, Elmo's App, Miraculous H Metal Disappears!

Listen Now to Dr. Future Show 2.28.2017

March is upon us, the weather is still wintry here, but the future keeps rolling forward.  Thought-controlled drone racing?  Nice proof-of-concept event, but a long way to go..Autonomous trucks, however, are rolling out with yet another company in the fray, this one EMBARK, a startup by two Canadian 21-year-old entrepreneurs.  

On the space frontier, we are launching a way cool probe to our Sun, Solar Probe Plus, to orbit a mere 4 million miles from the flaming orb. Designed to withstand temperatures of 1500 degrees F, Solar Probe Plus will help us explore mysteries, like how the ‘surface’ of the sun is 11,000 degrees F, and the ‘atmosphere’ is 3500 MILLION degrees F! Why such a big temperature differential? No one really knows..and no one really knows what happened to the mysterious Hydrogen metal seen in recent Harvard experiments..

And this week, we look at some of the new high tech toys coming online..Catepillar coders, smart doll houses, Barbie holograms..  It’s getting fun now!


Update on Artificial Intelligence with AI researchers Drs. Eliot Handelman, Andie Sigler and Casey X

Listen Now to Dr. Future Show 2.21.2017

With all the talk these days about bringing jobs back to America, and Bill Gates talking about taxing robots, we catch up with our favorite Artificial Intelligence researchers from Canada. Drs. Eliot Handelman and Andie Sigler, with their Cartoon Network associate, Casey X, give us an update on their latest thinking about AI.  What do humans do if smart robots are doing all the work?  Eliot suggests our species become more focused on creativity, fostering the divine spark within us, something the robots cannot grasp or conceive of as yet. Andie suggests we see the rise of the machines as an extension rather than of foe of ourselves. The question of jobs and education is broached as well by Mrs. Future, who helps in the elucidatation of these topics with our erudite (and fun) guests. Enjoy!

L-R Casey X, Dr.Mrs. Future, Drs. Eliot Handelman, Andie Sigler