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Future News - Bitcoin sails past $10K, Senescent cells successfully targeted to slow aging, Earthworms work for Mars Soil, Bud on Mars, Redwood Habitat Winner for Mars Colony, Scientifically correct toilet tissue placement, Major Brookings Study on Jobs and Digitalization  

Listen Now to Future News 11.28.2017

Lots of Mars news this week, from earthworms to new habitats, wheels, and beer! Bitcoin continues to rise meteroically and jobs of all kinds are rapidly digitizing.  Plus the holidays have begun a proper ettiquette regarding toliet tissue placement has been scientifically revealed. Enjoy!

Every tree habitat in Redwood Forest will collect energy from the sun and use it to process and transport the water throughout the tree,


Future News - Earthlike planets found, Australian claims to have fathered Bitcoin, Ultrasound to the rescue for inside body cameras, New Hoverboard record, One Trillion Species on Earth, The Apple Watch Year One

Listen to Future News 5.03.2016

Wow, Earth-like planets found!  We kind of suspected they are out there, but to actually find one, that’s amazing! And only 40 light years away in the constellation of Aquarious.  I guess this is the dawning…:-)

Meanwhile back on Earth, we have discovered that there are over a trillion, count’em, a trillion types of species of biological life here. Admittedly  most of them are microscopic organisms, but hey, that’s a lot of types, way beyond previous estimates of 20 million or so species.

We also have an alleged new father of Bitcoin, the mysterious crypto-currency that seems to have rooted itself into our economic system. For the uninitiated, Bitcoin’s origin has always been surrounded in mystery, and now we have some more info on what may have happened to create this decentralized digital currency.

And this week marks the first anniversay of the Apple Watch! A proud owner, Dr. Future shares his thoughts on this wrist computer.. Enjoy!

An artist’s impression of life on planet near ultracool dwarf star. -ESO/M KOMMESSER



Future News - Bitcoin Arrests, Jade Lunar Rabbit in Trouble, Mac@30, Radioactive Cows, Dwarf Water Planet Nearby, Spermlike Swimming Biobots, Deep Mind Forms  

Listen Now to Dr. Future News 1.29.14

A Jam-packed week of arresting stories, from Bitcoin execs in trouble, to the Jade Rabbit freezing in the two week lunar night.  We particularly like the news that the Dwarf planet Ceres in the Asteroid Belt has more frozen water than all the oceans of the Earth..Hmmmm… We need water, but how would we get it from there to here? So close, and yet so far..well, it is close to Mars, so perhaps dropping some water there would be a good start.. 


Dr. Future News - Bitcoin goes Ballistic, 418 Celebrates 20 years, MAVEN heads for Mars

Dr. Future News 11.19.13

Boy, did Bitcoin capture our attention this show!  And speaking of shows, we had the lovely Laura Bishop show up to give us an update on the upcoming 418 Project Shindig, “Incandescence,” celebrating 20 years in Santa Cruz! Enjoy..


Dr. Future News - New Google Services, Bitcoin Evolution, Drones on my mind

Listen Now to Dr. Future Show News 8.20.13

Be prepared to be rewarded for surrendering your digital info to Google, with a host of new services on the way. Governments are starting to pay attention to Bitcoin in news ways, and Drones are coming home! Details in this show..