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Interview - Dr. Bruce Damer on Fake News and Media Perpetrated Trauma in our Lives 

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Deviating from our usual conversations with Dr. Bruce on Origins of Life and Outer Space Explorations, we delve into the realms of fake news, media stimulation of trauma, and how we may be on a destructive path with the use of our mobile technologies.  What can we do to get back on course? What new metaphors might we use? Can we reboot in time? Enjoy!



Future News - Wonder Women Race, LA Hyperloop, New Probe to Mercury, Hubble Telescope Fixed, Planet Simulator now working, Earth's Core a Little Squishy, Artificial Moon to be Launched, Artistic AI Painter, Weighing in on Hawking's Last Book 

Listen Now to Future News 10.23.2018

Lots of great news this week and good callers as well.  Mrs. Future became Wonder Woman, along with a thousand others to run through San Jose, LA will soon have a working Hyperloop transpo system,  a new probe to Mercury, an AI takes up painting itself,  a Canadian planet simulator is now operational, and an artificial moon is being built in China for night time illumination. Oh yes, we do weigh in on Steven Hawking’s final big questions, regarding God, AI, and bioengineering humans.  Enjoy!

An artistic AI’s self portrait






Interview - Lars Ling on Nordic Impact Week

Listen to Lars Ling about Nordic Impact Week

Lars returns to our show to give his annual update on Nordic innovations, especially in the field of education and climate change technologies, as Nordic Impact Week festivities hit Silicon Valley.  We also delve a bit into new economic models and modern day immigration issues. Enjoy!

L-R Dr.Mrs. Future, Lars Ling in front of KSCO on Cocoran Lagoon



Future News - Remembering Paul Allen, Transtech Conference, Human Biome Chorus, 10 Trillion FPS Camera, Update of Opportunity on Mars, Picturing the World's Economy, Google's Chinese Search Engine 

Listen Now to Future News 10.16.2018

Very sad to lose Paul Allen, one of the grand old men of microcomputing, visionary and benefactor to many. He will be deeply missed.  And don’t lose hope in contacting ‘Oppy’, our 14 year-old rover on Mars, still hunkered down from a planetary wide dust storm. We are looking forward to the upcoming Transtech Conference in Palo Alto, where some of our favorite topics will be explored, including sentient Androids and communicating with our human biome.  And have you ever wondered what light looks like when slowed down? Now, with a new 10 trillion fps camera, we can begin to study photons in slow motion! And Google has found a way to censor the internet in just the way the Chinese like it, so that they can enter that Asian universe.  Oh boy, enjoy!


Future News - Stunning Falcon 9 Rocket Launch, New Googley Products including phone and better maps, Another Bouncey Robot on Ryugu, SC Voter Participation Festival, Hubble in Trouble, Cannabis in Space, Voyager 2 Leaves Solar System, Hologram Concerts, New Ag Bioweapon 

Listen Now to Future News 10.09.2018

Lots of Space News this week, auch as a stunning Falcon 9 Vandenberg launch, seen up and down the West Coas of California! There is now another robot on the asteroid Ryugu, now two robots bouncing around that space rock.  And our venerable Voyager 2 spacecraft is leaving the solar system, a 41 year journey that has taken it past all the outer planets.

Back on Earth, it’s election time in America, and to help get folks to the polls, we have a local party, the Voter Participation Festival, with speakers, musicians, and artists  dedicated to encouraging voter participation and turnout in a fun way. On the show today we have a producer and musician stop by (Linda Kimmel and Melaku), to give us a taste of the festival. Open to all parties, there are also chefs providing free food, so no excuse not to vote this year!  Enjoy.

Falcon 9 Launch seen on Rio Beach, 172 miles from launch site photo- Al Lundell